Friday, March 16, 2018


Hi guys!
I'm Ruby and I'm here to tell you all about the new system built into some of the WS furniture.

You know when you're in the throes of passion, and even past the throes!, how SL isn't quite the same as RL. In RL you have to change the sheets, or at least jump in the shower. But that's part of the fun isn't it -  getting into that sweet sticky mess.

Well now you can have that in your SL too!.

There's an awesome system on the market called It's not mine, that actually deposits that lovely sticky seed all over you. Mmmm just think of the fun you can have!

A lot of the WS furniture now has the system built in. So if you are wearing the It's not mine item and your partner has a cock that works with the system it automatically gives a menu as to where you want it to show. Yes that's right your partner can choose where to cum on you!

It's really simple to use.

 You wear the It's not mine object and if you are using  items scripted for the system, at the perfect moment, your partner gets a menu asking them where they would like to cum. There are often several choices which can include face, tits, pussy ass and even legs and arms though you'll need a  separate plug in for those.

The system is scripted for several  popular mesh bodies and cocks. Some cocks will need an extra script.

 Your partner  can choose places up to three times and even cum in more than one place so depending on their taste you can have a light spray or a full coating. Mmm delicious fun!

When you're all done and are ready to go out again , just like RL, you need to take a shower!.
Of course if you have RLV enabled you might need permission to clean up first - that's up to your partner!

The package comes with showers included - for you alone, or you and your partner together . You have to shower for at least 3 minutes and the time can be increased leaving you wet and soapy until you're ready for more! You can also clean up in SL water if you'd rather parade your dripping body on the beach.

So just imagine after a hot and steamy session, instead of just jumping off the furniture after a small particle display from your partner's cock, you have the visible evidence of just how naughty you've been and , for those partners who enjoy a little control, even be made to stay with the sticky seed all over and still dripping from you as long as they desire.

In the pictures you'll see me playing with the WS bondage cross, from the Dungeon Set and the WS Domination throne but there's lot of choice of  WS furniture with the system included.

I loved the realism of being able to see the evidence of our naughtiness. It made things much more intimate and gave my partner even more  sexy ideas than usual - which is always a bonus!

So , in short, if you want the visual of  luscious hot sticky cum over your body and dripping from you,you need to get down to WS Creations and take a look at the awesome furniture they have with this system installed!

It's Not Mine items  can be found HERE
WS Creations  items can be found HERE

Till next time,

Photos by Ruby Pearl

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


The wind blew across the forest, rustling the leaves on the trees before caressing across the exposed skin of the woman restrained on the hill.  She shook the chains, struggling just a bit to try and cover herself from the man's roaming eyes.

"Why did you come here?"  His voice was firm yet non-threatening.

"To seek forgiveness." The answer caught in her throat.  Her eyes never met his, never rose from his bare chest for fear of the condemnation she was sure to find.

"That was a bold move, for the unforgivable."  The distance between them closed quickly as he spoke. He took a hand full of her hair and pulled her to look at him.  He slapped her ass suddenly, causing her to jerk forward and give a sharp yelp of pain.  The sting on his hand softening as he rubbed it across her smooth cheeks.  The fear he saw there made his heart race in his chest.

"Not bold, desperate Sir."  She trembled as she spoke.

He kept her there by her hair.  The arch of her back forcing her breasts forward against the leather of her outfit.  She turned from him as he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, slowly bringing it down her neck and across her chest.  Once again the chains rattled as she fought against the restraint.

"Desperation can be a motivator."  His hand pushed against the leather over her breast and she bit her lip to keep quiet.  He could feel her shudder as his fingers traced between the straps of her outfit.  The guards had chosen this one well.  They dressed her for their master's pleasure in hopes he would be pleased him, and he was.

The leather pushed to side, exposing her nipple to his probing fingers as his other hand began to slide across her stomach.  Dipping down between her legs, pushing the leather against her sensitive mound.

"Oh God," She groaned as he gripped the leather straps and pulled them firmly upward.  dragging their rough surface across the sensitive nub of her clit.  He continued to toy with her nipples with his fingertips, watching her eyes as he slackened his grip on the leather before pulling again.  Her back arched as a loud moan escaped her lips.  Her face flushed red and she looked away in shame of her response.

He smiled as his fingers pushed under the leather, dipping into her nectar coated sex.  Leaning in, against her, he took in the scent of her hair.  A floral scent, sweet and subtle.  There was nothing subtle about her now.  The wind carried her moans away with soft leaves and cherry blossoms.  He pushed further.  Fingers slipping into her with ease as he watched her face with fascination.

In all honesty he didn't know why she was here or what she needed forgiveness for, and he didn't care.  She was his now, and he was never going to let her go.

Story By:  mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Models: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Bondage Torii

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Hey gang,

It's that time again for a WS Review.  The ::WS:: Bondage Torii was released recently and I gotta say I was excited.  I always had a love for the oriental flair and cultures.  Especially Japan.  Give me anything from Samurai to Hentai, I love it all.  So this was right up my alley.

The Torii looks great, well put together and a great size.  Was a bit worried it would be over sized for smaller spaced homes and homesteads, but the I think it will fit well in even the tightest spaces.  It comes with a color HUD as well if you don't like the base red.

The menu choices are broken down into Dominant and Submissive.  Doms can control the menu for the submissive.  There are a good selection of menu choices to keep the RPers happy. There is even a fun punishement menu for those head strong and bratty submissives.  The animations are fluid, which we have come to expect from WS items.  The cuffs are small and subtle which I appreciate.  Too many creators make cuffs that are large and bulky and clash with the outfits worn for RP.

The Torii is compatible with Xcite!, Aeros, Sensations, and It's Not Mine! cum system. 

If I had any complaints at all about the Torii it's that I had some issues with Rezzing it initially, though I think that was an issue with SL and not the Torii, and the chains often disappeared for me.  The Torii I received was pre-release, so any issues I did have were most likely addressed. 

So the time for judgement has arrived.  I give the ::WS:: Bondage Torii a solid 4 out of 5 cocks.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed the Torii as much as I did.

Mitch Silverfang

Thursday, February 15, 2018


He smiled as he looked at her.  Their glasses tinked together softly, a simple toast to the night they had been waiting for; Valentine's day and their first date.  He never put stock into Valentine's Day.  Just a marketing tool for chocolate and roses, but when he asked her out it was too close to the 14th to ignore.  Sipping his wine and watching her as she did the same, he was glad he had asked.  She turned to look out of the window and his eyes trailed down her neck and across her chest to the cleavage provided by her dress.

"It's so beautiful here."  Her voice was delicate and soft.  

"Is it?  I hadn't really noticed."  His lips turned into a small smile as she looked at him with a quizzical look.

"How could you not notice?  The city is beautiful from this far up."  Her hand motioned towards the window but his eyes never left hers.

"I doubt anything out there could compare to the beauty at the table." He set his glass down and brushed his fingers across the bare skin of her arm.

The color in her cheeks reddened as she smiled and looked from his gaze.  "Well aren't you the charmer tonight."

"I know what I want and I don't get distracted when I find it."  He watched her, the swell of her chest with each breath, the way she shyly glanced at him but didn't pull away.  It was time to take his chance.

"And what is it you think you found?"  She bit her lip and looked up at him with timid smile.

He stood, taking her hand and pulling her up to her feet.  "I found you."   His arms wrapped around her, holding her body against his firmly.  "And I think you found me as well."  His lips brushed hers and her breath caught in her chest.  Nipping her lip and sliding a hand to the back of her neck cause a soft moan to escape her lips.  It was all the encouragement he needed.

Kissing to her neck, he brought a hand to her breast to cup it and brush a finger across her nipple through the thin fabric.  It's swell at his touch and the return of her breathing urged him on as he sucked at her pulse.  Each moan from her lips was followed by his fingers teasing her nipple in firm tugs.  The fabric of her dress making his fingers slide across that hard nub as he teased her and kissed up to her ear.

Biting and sucking at that lobe, he whispered his needs to her, his every desire to have her here and now.  Her protests were faint, panting between gasps that someone might walk in.  He grasped her by the back of the neck and turned her to look in his eyes, "If they do they will know you are mine."  His kiss was sudden and deep as he pulled her to him.  Her whimper turned into a hunger of her own as he felt her fingers moving to his pants.

"Oh God I am.  I am."  She fell onto her chair, hand reaching in his pants to pull him out.  Her eyes looking up into his as she stroked him and felt the throbbing strength of his cock.  Leaning in and teasing him with her tongue, she began the slow worship of that strength that would consume her.

His body trembled and his back arched.  The feeling of her lips on him pushed him further as he took her hair in hand, guiding her to service him.  He looked down at her there, looking back at him with need in those eyes.  She was his. 

He pulled her to her feet, turning her over the table.  His hands lifting her dress, exposing her to the room.  The curve of her ass teased at him and he give it a squeeze.  She laid her had on the table and lifted her bottom by arching her back.  Offering herself to him.  "Please," was all she said.

He moved to kiss her neck as he pressed into her.  A soft moan escaped her lips as she took him in and he wondered to himself if there wasn't something to Valentine's Day after all.

Story by:  MysterMitch Resident
Models Used:  MysterMitch Resident
Hmmmph Stenvaag
Furniture used:  ::WS:: Valentine's Table

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


He took in her scent as she rested against him; lavender and something he couldn’t quite identify.  His fingers traced along her skin and he smiled to himself as she tensed and relaxed in response to his touch.  Her warmth melded to his body and he sighed. 

She had been his now for only a few weeks, but she had learned the subtle cues he gave.  Her hand moved to the back of his neck as he kissed gently at her pulse.  His own hand gripped her arm, firm enough to give no doubt of his strength and control.  

He pulled her, dragging her around to face him go give greater access to her neck.  She turned her head, offering him greater access.  The pulse in her neck quickened as he rapped his lips around her flesh and sucked hard, pulling the blood to the surface.  It didn't take long for the weight of her body against him to inspire a firm bulge in his slacks.

His hands roamed her body, cupping and teasing her breast through her bra as he whispered his every desire in her ear.  The way he would tease her for hours, or how he would make her beg for release upon his cock.  Without warning, those same fingers slid down to trace the soft lips of her sex through her wet panties.

Her gasp filled his ear as she nuzzled into his neck and spread her legs for him.  The lace of her panties was all that separated his fingers from her sex.  Her breath returned to her in slow moan as he caressed her mound.  Tracing those soft lips with his fingers through the thin fabric.  Her cheeks moved against his aching bulge, sending jolts of pleasure through his spine.  She tighten her grip on his jacket, the tremble of her body and the shortening of her breaths told how close she was to her own orgasm.

He stood her, hearing the whimper in her voice as he did, "Sir, please don't stop, I was so close."  His teeth nipped at her neck, giving her the only warning she would get to do as she was directed.  Her whimpering stopped and she took a deep breath to calm her heart.  His hands caressed along her legs, gently roaming the curve of her hips before moving to cup her ass.  Fingers kneading those soft orbs as he returned to sucking at the bend of her neck.  Her moans were soft as he teased her, urging her down onto his knee.

She pressed herself down on his leg, knee firmly pressed against her mound as she began to rock her hips.  The wet mound of her panties pushed against his slack covered leg, dragging back and forth as he kissed her.  Teasing her fleshy cheeks, kneading them, pulling her to speed up the grinds against his thigh.  

"That's it girl, work yourself on my thigh." he said quietly but firmly.  She moaned again, holding onto his coat as she steadied herself.  Her eyes locked in his, as she pleaded silently for her release.

He leaned back, watching her work herself against his leg as her hands dropped to his bulge.  Tracing it's length with her fingers, then back up to his belt.  Trembling as she pulled at the leather in hopes he would not stop her.  She watched his eyes, ready to pull back but she didn't have to.  The belt pulled free and she deftly popped his button and pulled down his zipper.  She smiled to herself triumphantly as her fingers snaked into the waist of his boxers and pulled out his throbbing member. 

His back arched as she dropped to the floor.  All focus on her own needs forgotten as she moved to swirl her tongue across the tip of his cock.  He knew then that he had her, and hoped she didn't realize just how much she had him in return.

Story by:  MysterMitch
Photos by: MysterMitch
Models:  MysterMitch
Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Cuckold Armchair

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Hey gang.  Time for another review.  Sorry this one is later than I wanted but RL has a way of kicking us when we least expect it.  But you don't want to know about that right?  You want to know about the awesome new stuff from WS.

This time I have to say I really think they have made a winner.  The new WS Cuckold Living Room set.  I primarily utilized the couch for this review, but all together the set is beautiful.

The texture huds allow you to change the look of the furniture, changing the cushions, frame, seat, and legs of the chair sofa, and the lamp and coffee table can be altered as well, to fit any room.  The textures are very well done and the HUD is direct and simple to use.  There was some difficulty on the suade choices in the HUD, but otherwise everything worked beautifully.

There are plenty of animations in this set of furniture.  Plenty to keep you happy and coming back for more.  The furniture can even be used solo, couple, or threesome.  The interactions allow wife/bull, wife/cuck, bull/cuck, and all three together.  The animations range from sweet and loving to full on forced fun.  

And some of these animations are the hottest I've seen around.

The furniture is completely integrated with the NOT MINE body cum system and Aeros cocks.  All set and ready for your naughty pleasure.

Had a lot of fun trying out the poses on this set.  I am sure you will too.  This has got to be the best WS Creations furniture piece I have tried out so far.  Other than the problem with the HUD, everything else was truly spectacular.

I give the WS Cuckold Living Room 4.5 Cocks Up.

Thanks again everyone,  See you next time.

Mitch Silverfang.

Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Cuckold Living Room
Models Used:  MysterMitch Resident
Moonie Mouse

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


He clicked off the T.V. as the ball ended its descent marking the beginning of 2018.  The year was young, and so was his night.  Taking a drink of his champagne and crossing to the woman tied to the post, he let his eyes roam her curves in anticipation.  Tilting her head up for a kiss, enjoying her soft moan as his lips meet hers and he shares the taste of the beverage from his tongue.

“Happy New Year my Sweet.”

“Happy New Year, Sir.”

Her eyes sparkle as the kiss breaks, and he caresses her neck to feel her pulse racing.  Staying close enough to take in her scent as his finger tease along her body.  His lips move to her ear, sucking gently at her lobe making her back arch against the wooden post.  Each movement of her body only spurred him on as his teeth nipped at that soft flesh and his fingers cupped her breast.  His fingers teasing across the nipple through her thin top, enjoying how they hardened at his touch.

“The night is young.  I think I am going to practice patience in this new year.”  His words are whispers in her ear.  Breath warm as it touches her skin.  The whimper she breathes in return makes him pull back and kiss her lips again.  With a slow grind he proved to her his excitement as his bulge pressed against her soft covered mound.

Her body responded, shifting against the post making the chains rattle and her thighs press around his leg trying to pull him closer.  Pressing his weight against her as his hands moved up to undo the chains, he released her arms and caught her as she relaxed.  Stepping back and taking her hand as he moved to sit in the chair by the window. 

She looked like an angel in the light pouring in, but he wanted anything but a angel tonight.  He pulled her onto his lap and caressed the curves of her body as she began to kiss his neck.  Turning his neck to give her more space, he allowed her to tease his pulse with soft kisses and darting licks with her tongue.  The growing bulge was beginning to ache beneath her weight as he grasped the end of the champagne bottle close by and pushed her back.

“We need to celebrate the new year.”  She responded to his words knowingly.  Arching her back and pushing out her breasts as he poured the bubbly liquid onto her flesh.  It ran down across the tops of her breasts and into her cleavage as she giggled and bit her lip in anticipation.

Her moan was audible as his tongue traced the path of that liquid.  Tasting it mixed with the salty sweat of her flesh making his cock ache under the weight of her body.  His hands on her back, holding her close as she arched further and pushed her breasts against his face.   Those thin fingers in his hair, urging him to take more of her as he pleased.  Sucking at the flesh of her breasts, cleaning the liquid with his tongue as it dried into a sticky sweet film for his pleasure.  Finding her nipple through her top and tugging it with his lips as she writhed and groaned on top of him.

“Please Sir,” her words came out half moan and half plea, “you promised me I could be your pleasure after the ball dropped.”  Her hands moved to his bulge, caressing it through his slacks.  He pulled away from her breast, leaving the fabric wet and her nipple hard and clearly visible. 

“Yes, I did.” 

She slid off his lap with a smile.  Her fingers worked nimbly at his belt and buttons as she kept her eyes on his.  He had made several promises for the new year, but this is the one he was going to enjoy the most.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Phots by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Bondage Post
::WS:: Master's Chair