Wednesday, January 22, 2020


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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


With the end of the year here again, I take a moment to look a back on the year and wonder where has the time gone.  It's been a packed year, full of hard times and wildly good ones.  Though many things fell apart and friends were lost, many new ones took their place and life has moved on.  

Life always does though, doesn't it?  It's a mixed bag of shit and roses, but the one constant is that life will move on.  It's not always an easy thing to get through.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that life is just fun, or that SL is just for fun.  It is so much more than a simple game.  It's mixed lives, mixed souls.  What could be easy or simple in a place where you are purely feelings and thoughts.

It's living in SL and realizing that all we have to give is a part of our true selves that scares so many into acting like complete ass holes.  How much easier is it to shove that false front in everyone's faces?  It's so much easier than letting yourself shine through, taking the chance of being open and risking pain and hurt.  But ... with risk comes reward as well.

I've loved and I've lost.  Sometimes feeling a lot more loss than love, but when you stay open and keep yourself true.. great things can happen.  Love will find you, it always does.  So in the new year, make it a promise to yourself and others to live open.  Don't hide behind fear, don't run from good and never feel ashamed for wanting something that seems out of your reach.

I will never run again.  

I will believe in myself.

I will go for what I want.

And I will always be there for you.  My Friends, My Love, and My Self.

Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019



He walked into the room with a wide smile on his face.  The smell of the fireplace and pine needles filled the room, reminding him that it was Christmas time.  He set down his briefcase and hung his coat by the door.  Mitch had noticed her there, waiting for him, but he did not acknowledge her yet.  She was his gift to himself this year and he would savor it slowly.

Her skin reflected the fire with a golden hue.  It was so easy to see that she spent ample time on the beach.  Her body was that of a swimmers, long and lean.  And the tan lines that showed she preferred thongs over the more covered style of bikini.  So she liked to show off.  Well that was a good thing. 

Locking eyes with her at last, Mitch's smile narrowed.  His fingers reaching out to brush along her skin.  She let a soft moan escape her lucious lips as he pressed his rough hands along the curves of her body.  Her flesh was supple and smooth, and he enjoyed his exploration.  Cupping those large breasts, rolling the nipples through her top until they became hard as little pebbles.  Her whimpers only encouraged him more.  Leaning in, he brushed his lips across hers only to be met with a hungry kiss in return.

Pulling away, Mitch pulled her hair in a warning.  "Slow down."  He said in a firm tone.  Turning hear around to face the post, the ran his hands up her long arms then down slowly, caressing her body while leaning in to suck at her neck.  The trembles through her body made his cock swell in his pants.  Pressing it to her round cheeks making her press back into him in need.  His hands moved around her, gripping her breasts.  His strong hands digging into those perfect orbs, squeezing hard as he sucked at her pulse.

Ripping her top down, he continued to work her fleshy mounds between his fingers, pinching and pulling at her nipples as he moved to kiss and suck at her ear.  Mitch's breath was hot now, tickling against her flesh.  Her body responded by grinding back more, pushing against his raging hard on.  He rocked with her, shoving it along her bare cheeks, their passion growing steadily into a burning flame.

Spinning her around, Mitch kissed along her flesh, biting at the tops of her breasts before sucking one hard nipple into his mouth.  Her mound muffled his groans but nothing stopped her moaning from ripping from her lungs.  His teeth dug into the soft flesh surrounding her nipple as his tongue lashed across that hard tip.  

She pulled at the chains and pushed her breast into his mouth with an arch of her back.  Mitch gripped the other breast, pinching the nipple between his finger and thumb, rolling and tugging at it.  Her pleasured moans filled the room as her body came alive with heated lust.

Moving back, their eyes meeting with the same flames of desire.  Mitch's hand raising and coming down across her breast, the sting sudden in his palm as her head falls back.  "Ahhh shit!" she cries out, but he pays no mind.  Slapping her breast again and again, watching it turn red with multiple hand prints.  His cock raging in his pants, swollen and pushing against the fabric of his suit, wanting to find it's place deep inside this girls dripping sex.

Her head falls forward, chest heaving and gasping to catch her breath.  His hand caresses her breast, the warmth of her swelling skin matching the flesh of his palm.  The need in her eyes now pure submissive lust as she raises her head to look at him.

"More Sir, please.." is all she says.

Mitch moves to the Christmas tree, removing one long gift that he had planned on having her unwrap in the morning, but deciding he could not wait.  Ripping away the wrapping paper to show her the flogger that he had gotten her, the soft strands still smelling strong of new leather.  Her eyes widened and she pressed her thighs together, grinding them in anticipation.

"Merry Christmas pet."  Mitch spoke softly as he brushed the strands across her skin.  Watching her squirm and tremble the bite her lip to muffle the moan that would give way her complete desire.

"Merry Christmas Sir" she replied, tensing her body in anticipation as he rose the flogger, preparing his first strike.

STORY BY: mystermitch resident
PHOTOS BY: mystermitch resident
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