Thursday, July 17, 2014

One fine touch - Lady Tiann Sakura

Classy, gentle but still firm as a Mistress should be, Lady Tiann Sakura describes herself as "olde guard", a traditionalist, keeper of the classic ways of BDSM.
She came across WS Creations while searching for new toys for her dungeon, and in the pictures that follow you will be able to see some of her findings.
It doesn't take long to notice her kind and respectful nature, but you wouldn't take her for granted: I myself could see the atmosphere that surrounds her. As much as she's nice she will make sure you know what is her place in this world.

Viara Jewell: In a nutshell, why did you choose WS Creations?
Lady Tiann Sakura: Oh that is easy, I am very picky and appreciate quality in build, design and animations. The prim count is most acceptable, the design most appealing to Me. The animations well thought out and in need of very little adjustment. She even thought of after care poses in the dungeon equipment. Four stars in My book.

VJ: And as a downside, what took the fifth star from Viara's creations?
LT: Myself would like a bit more variety in the 2 and 3 slaves sitting with category. I know to many is a small thing they rarely use. I however always have at least 2 girls with me. I am impressed with what is offered. Is well done. As any Mistress though... I do crave and demand more.

VJ: ... or you wouldn't be a Mistress (laughs)
LT: In all honesty, yours is the best I have found: wonderful textures, excellent animations and the size is appropriate, which for me is a bonus. I hate feeling like a kid in an adults chair or using adults toys.

VJ: And how was the reception among your subs with the new toys? Sometimes people can feel unfamiliar with menus or pose names, and get a bit "defensive"...
LT: Oh they love them. In fact My head girl mentioned how nice it was to see a cross with after care in it. Oh have tried so many pieces for My dungeon... they either look... plastic or have one so high off the floor. As well not many offer interactive animations that... well seem made for who I am.

VJ: Do you think there is any item that I make that is really missing in the collection?
LT: Well, I do wish the slave post had option to hold two. Looking at the collection though, I would not add anything more. It has a perfect balance as it is. The post is large enough and the rings are set so could hold one in front or one to each side. As for the living room furniture. Only thing missing to me. Is a suspension chandelier. *smiles*

VJ: I like the way you think :)
I have for some time now considered suspension toys, but I often bump into realism, Do you think that it is acceptable finding some not very feasible poses? How much does realism matter to you?
LT: Oh realism is an issue. However this is SL, so that is flexible as well. I believe the suspensions in the P&P ring would be appropriate in most cases.

VJ: Do you think that WS is in the right track to compete with other furniture makers you find on the market?
LT: Most definitely, in fact for Me, WS is far superior to others at this point. However I am a D/s Olde Guard Mistress... I do not really like rape scenes etc built into things. Many here do, I do know though there is a crowd who appreciates quality and the idea of ordinary or classy furnishings that serve more than one purpose. So I do feel WS will do quite well in this market.

VJ: But doesn't it make them more vulnerable for a somewhat hardcore public? Or is it a completely different market?
LT: There are those who want hardcore, and those of us who appreciate more subtle and what allows us to express ourselves. Truly I believe one will find more of the second than the first. WS is on track I feel to make a huge impression upon the second.

At the end of this interview, Lady Tiann gracefully wished us good luck with this new publication. I hope all the readers enjoyed it as much as I did. I leave you now with more pictures of Her beautiful private dungeon. Until next week! :)

Exploring her sub using the WS Bondage Bench

Isn't she so dedicated to pleasing her Mistress?
Time for inspection
Mistress calls. She's here to serve
Complete devotion to Lady Tiann

Pictures by Ash (ashratum Resident)

Furniture used