Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bringing Fantasies Your Way via WS Creations

WS Creations wants to introduce you to YOUR fantasy in a classy, exciting, sensual environment at our new location on the I Am Happy Sim.

Discover how far your fantasies can take you by having a unique experience with the furniture made at WS Creations.
As you walk inside your are met immediately by the subtle nuances of space, art and design.

If you've not experienced WS Creations lately, you haven't seen true quality, amazing textures, smooth animations and always low prim.

Our beautifully designed items feature the best poses found in Second Life with variety, sensuality and all the passion you look for. 

Everything  found easily in our spacious, individual themed rooms. 

You can find bedroom & living room sets, along with thrones, chairs, dungeon devices and some very unique specialty items.

Interview with  Viara Jewell

How did you meet the staff?
First of all I'd like to say it's an honor to be the head of such a brilliant team. Each and everyone have a very important function in our company, and performs it very well, making WS Creations what it is now, a reference for quality in adult entertainment for Second Life.
Kushi, my business partner and great friend is our texturer. We met while exploring, years before WS even existed. Dani, my loving wife and WS official photographer was a great finding when I was in great need of her services. Who would have thought things would turn out like that. Abi and Dea, the ones in charge of all the marketing strategy came to me as customers, and now are an important part of our structure, as well as my life as a whole, as I treasure them like very good friends. Last but not least, Christee appeared as a pleasant surprise, brought by her sister Dea, and quickly found her place in the WS family.
I don't have enough words to thank them for being so awesome!

Where do you take your inspiration from?
Every day I thank God for not giving people the power of reading minds, mine is a very obscure place full of places you don't really want to go into lol
One thing I can tell you is that whenever great minds get together something good always comes up, and in this case good means sexy, romantic or twisted in some kind of way that will appeal to our customers, who in turn are also a wonderful source of ideas. I keep our communication channels constantly open in order to listen to their feedback, and this is not rare for you to find improvements made out of comments they bring to me.

How do you see the market today?
The Second Life adult market competitive like it has always been, but now, more than ever, new technologies made customers more and more demanding. Linden Labs has done their homework and kept the system stable enough for us creators to invest more in them, and create fabulous meshes to bring realism to the virtual world. New features like SL Experiences really make it special in my opinion, allowing people to spend less time clicking on windows that will divert their attention from what is really important.

What plans do you have for the future?
Right now we intend to focus on bringing variety to our brand without sacrificing quality. Customers are constantly hungry for more, and we intend to feed them and their fantasies. We've been growing steadily ever since we were born, and the more we grow, the more smiles we want to see in our customers' faces. Isn't that what a creator aims for? The appreciation of those who like their creations? So yes, we intend to keep on establishing ourselves and our brand in the market as a solid business that is synonym for quality and good service.

How do you see your vision?
WS Creations was born when I was looking for so long for items that would be able to provide the level of entertainment I was expecting from Second Life, but at least one of these would happen: the furniture is overpriced, poorly looking, bad or dodgy poses or when I needed assistance from the creators they would simply ignore me.
My vision for WS Creations is to provide all what I wanted from a furniture creator, and make sure it is affordable, user friendly and accessible to the whole Second Life community. It is not acceptable that you have to spend a small fortune for poorly finished items that contain just a handful of poses. We believe that people are in SL for fun, and we intend to keep making it possible for them.


Viara Jewell    Builder, Scripter

Kushi Vyper   Texturer

Abi Absent   Consultant

Danelle Windlow  Photographer

Deavne    Marketing Manager/Chief Blog Editor

Christee Lutrova   Associate Blog Editor/Artist

Grab the new landmark and check us out, or visit us on the SL Market Place.

WS Creations.....We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova