Monday, February 25, 2019


She lay there in the dark, the metal restraints fastened securely around the metal pipe as her body trembled in the cold, damp air.  Time had lost meaning, she wasn't sure if she'd been there for hours or days.  Each sound brought a rush of color to her cheeks and then the disappointment when he didn't come through the door.  Was this the path she wanted?  Was it going to make her happy?

The light flooded into the room for a moment and she strained her eyes to see the outline of the figure before the door closed behind it again.  She allowed her eyes to adjust slowly and listened to him move around her, inspecting her in the dim light.

His hand pulled her up to her knees, the metal cuffs dinked against the sturdy pipe as she rested her had down on her forearms.  Those rough hands caressed her legs and thighs, then up to her back.  He took his time exploring her body and she felt the embarrassment give way to a growing need.  Goosebumps formed across her body as he traced his hands across her flesh.  Her outfit had been meant to entice the men at the club, so it hid little in this bent over position. 

She let out a loud screech of surprise when his hand slapped across the round cheek of her ass.  It was followed by several others, turning the pale white flesh pink and warm.  She bit her lip to stifle the moans that would have escaped but she knew he could see the dampness of her panties and her face flushed as red as her sore ass cheek.

"I can't believe how lucky I was.  You know I almost left that club a few minutes before you arrived?"  His voice was strong and deep.  As he spoke his fingers ran down her legs, pushing them apart so her musky pussy could feel the air cooling across her dampened panties.  "One more drink is all it took to change both of our worlds."

She trembled, her back arching as his fingertips traced the length of her slit through the lace thong.  It wouldn't hide anything from his gaze.  He leaned in and bit the cheek of her ass and this time she didn't contain her moan.

"My my."  His fingers worked her lips apart through the fabric, finding her clit and grinding in it in short, teasing strokes.  "Someone seems happy we met as well."

"Yes Sir."  Her cheeks flushed again but she knew she found something that she had been looking for.  Something those normal club boys just couldn't even come close to.

He toyed with her for a bit longer.  Pushing the panties to the side and running his fingers through the nectar he found coating her sweet sex.  He took a small lick off one finger then offered the other to her.  "I was right, you are delicious."  She sucked in those fingers eagerly.  The taste of her arousal was a familiar treat.  It was one of those tastes she enjoyed with lovers or on her own.  Her tongue swirled over his digits and he stood. 

Taking his hand away as she finished the last of his sample, leaving her licking her lips and looking up at him.  She twisted and sat down on the hard brick floor.  Her eyes widening as he unzipped his zipper and freed himself for her inspection.   He took her hair and pulled her until her arms pulled hard against the cuffs.   Pushing almost half of himself into her mouth as they locked eyes.  The gagging sensation overtook her, but she didn't pull away.  Not that she could have with his hand firmly on the back of her head. 

The tears fell down her face as he began to use her there.  He would think the were tears from being choked by his aching member being forced deeper, but she knew those tears were happy tears at finding her place at last.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Deviant Pipe

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


 His fingers moved over the smooth flesh of her body happily.  He had been waiting a long time to have his girl to himself, and he hated to be kept waiting.  The contrast between the delicateness of her skin and his rough palm mirrored the differences between the two of them perfectly.  Even the way her body responded to his touch was elegant.  Small trembles, light moans, goosebumps that would rise and fall like armies of tiny worshipers all offering themselves to his service.

Such a contrast to his dark needs.  He checked the binds that secured her to the bed.  It's thick wood and reinforced frame built specifically for his needs.  The chains always told the story of desire when they chimed out with the motions of his woman.   His eyes danced with fire when he lit the candle.  Letting it heat the was as he brushed the cool end along her inner thighs.  She bit her lip, stifling what would have been the first true unlady like moan to escape her lips all night.

The first heated drops of wax dripped down into a trail moving up her thigh.  Gasps escaped her clenched teeth and her back rose from the bed in a perfect arch.  THe chains pulled tight, their clinking filling the room as she struggled against them. He let a few more heated drops fall into the crease of the thigh, a breath from her thinly covered mound.  He could already see the moisture gathering there, turning the fabric dark where her lips pushed against it.

 The other leg went very much the same way.  Her body glowed in the light of the candle and he felt his cock firm with every sound the wax drew from those luscious lips.  They called to him and he lowered himself, slipping his tongue across them as her breath warmed his lips.  He pulled back as her own tongue pushed out to meet his.  Teasing her, not giving her that satisfaction just yet.

Setting the candle on the bedside, his fingers began exploring her again.  Kneading the flesh of her legs, tickling her sides in light caress, igniting her nerves as he rolled her covered nipples beneath his thumbs to feel them harden.  Her eyes caught sight of his growing bulge and she licked her lips.  Blushing bright red when she realized he had seen her.

He cupped her breast a bit more firmly now, fingers trapping her nipple between them as he held her still and brushed his fingers lightly along her covered lips.  The fabric was damp and warm, clinging to her every fold now as he teased his fingertips up and down their soft surface.  The clink of the chains spoke again as she pulled and groaned.

Their eyes met and locked together.  Both reflected the other's desire as he continued to explore her through the thin, wet silk of her teddy.  She dug her heels into the bed and pushed up, spreading farther for him, giving him access to her body. 

He found her hardening little button.  Her eyes closed, head whipped back as the sounds erupting from her throat made his cock swell and ache in his briefs.  That swollen bundle of nerves pushed back up against his fingers as he ground the back and forth across the wet silk covering.  Her breathing quickened with every tease, heart raced in response to every grind.

He brushed the hair from her face, stroking her cheek as he toyed with her.  He knew it was close.

Pushing the thin fabric to the side at last, he pushed his fingers along those damp inner folds until they were wrapped in warm, wet flesh that squeezed them tight like a vice.  She screamed out in ecstasy, calling out his name, wanting him not to stop, to give her more, faster, harder, whatever he wanted.

He bent down, kissing her neck as he worked his fingers against her inner walls.  Feeling them spasm around his digits and flood the bed with the first earned nectar of the night.  He held her, feeling her tremble and pant against him as she fought to regain her composure, just so he could ruin it again.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used:  ::WS:: BDSM Bed