Saturday, September 30, 2017


Hey gang.  It's product review time and we are hitting the way way back machine.  Or are we?  WS has revisited their first ever release with an upgrade to their sex crates.  I was really excited to get my hands on this one, so what are we waiting for?  Let's give it a go.

Well upon rezzing the crates it is easy to see that WS has stuck to offering beautifully crafted items, even with just making crates that you could find in any alley or warehouse.  And honestly, that is exactly what I think they would be best suited for.  RP is big in SL and these crates would fit in any alley or industrial setting beautifully.

There are a few poses for singles, mostly waiting standing by the crates.  Not a lot, but who needs the standing poses?  That isn't where the fun is!

You aren't going to get a large selection of poses with the crates, but he poses you do get are top notch.  I particularly enjoyed the oral poses most of all.  Nothing says fun like a good old fashioned back ally bj.

The poses are strictly male/female, and with a definite domination feel to them.  They are smooth, the faces animate wonderfully, and the action is hot.  I would say I never missed having a huge selection when the animations are quality.  And these truly are.

The advertisement states that the crates are xcite compatible, though I wasn't able to test this out. 

Though the selection of animations is limited, over all the Sex Crates are really well done and would be an asset to any RP SIM or industrial sex setting in SL.  The animations are well done, the crates themselves are beautifully textured, and the over all experience was really enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend adding the sex crates to your inventory of naughty items.

So for the Sex Crates.. I give them 4 cocks up.

Thanks everyone.  See you again next time.  And remember, let your freak flags fly!!

Review by: mystermitch
Photos by: mystermitch
Items Reviewed:  WS Sex Crates

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Hi gang.  This week I went to a new SIM opening up on the grid.  Sugar Bush Ranch.  It's a place to hang out, meet people, dance, explore, and swing.  That's right.  I said it.  Swing.  It's open sex and open fun.  So let's hear from the owners themselves about this great new SIM.

I spoke directly to the owners, Med and Saph who were kind enough to show me the highlights of the SIM.

Mitch: So what is Sugar Bush?

Med: Sugar Bush Ranch is a place for swingers and like minded people who enjoy adult fun in a public setting.

Saph: We are not just a sex sim.  We encourage people to come and join us for music and other events, ride horseback on our trails, watch movies in our outdoor theater and take pictures as well.

Mitch: What inspired you to start the SIM?

Saph: The sim idea was started by our love of sharing with other people and wanted something people could enjoy but in a comfortable setting with no pressures or pre existing expectations having to do with sex.

Med: We wanted something different however, a lot of swinger and public places are in a beach setting and we both love the country so Sugar Bush Ranch came into being.

Mitch: What can people do on the ranch?

Saph: The better question here is what people can't do LOL. People are welcome here to have sex, swing, go walking or horse back riding, bike riding, enjoy a bonfire with friends or music and dancing or just take beautiful pictures. We also encourage people to share their photos on the Sugar Bush Ranch flickr group as well.

Mitch: What are you finding the most exciting part of Sugar Bush so far?

Med: So far...... the people that we have met. I love hearing peoples reactions to the sim and hearing idea's and feed back.

Mitch: Do you plan to have sister SIMs or partnerships?

Med: Currently we have what you may call a sister sim with Swing Away another Swingers sim which is a fabulous community with amazing members.

Saph: We are also partnering with WS Creations who have provided some spectacular items for our members to play on and we can not wait to see what they come out with next.

Mitch: What do you want people to take way from Sugar Bush?

Saph: A sense of family. We want the people who come here to enjoy the sim and its benefits in a way that compliments their personal relationships and play styles. Our biggest rule here is Respect. Respect your personal rules, other people and our rules.

Mitch:  Do you have any social media pages?

Med: We have a Flickr group under the name Sugar Bush Ranch and yes we will be creating further social media sites.

Mitch:  Any plans for the future?

Saph:  We have SO many plans. We are going to be expanding our trails for further riding and playing experiences so stay tuned and come to the Ranch!!!

I want to thank Med and Saph for having me over and letting me get a good look at this exciting new SIM and all the possibilities it holds.  The community there seems to be growing fast and the energy is undeniable.  If you like hanging out, music, fun, sex, swinging, or just lovely scenery, Sugar Bush is for you.

Interview by: MysterMitch Resident
Photos by: Serenitee.Bliss

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


She looked at him there, kneeling down and taking his time to make each stroke of the brush perfect.  His attention to detail so sharp and yet delicate.  Her heart swelled in her chest but she pushed it down and stayed still.  He wouldn’t like it if she moved just now.  It took every ounce of her will, but she did just as he wanted and sat there, in the chair dressed in clothes he picked out, while he painted her nails the color of his desire.  Never had she known a man like him, but she would give him anything just to see him happy.

                He stood, finished at last and stepping back to admire her.  She could feel his eyes on her body even as she blushed and looked away.  His gaze often made her feel so vulnerable, even when fully dressed.  Here before him now, she knew she would fall into that gaze in full surrender.      His fingers brushed her cheek and tilted her head up to look him in the eye.  Those dark eyes that danced with hunger she hoped she had inspired. 
                “Don’t look away.  There is beauty in your eyes.”  His smile warmed her even as his eyes sucked away the last bits of her resistance.  Her breathing deepening as he ran his fingers along her shoulder and arm.  The simple touch done so carefully it made the hairs stand on end.
                Taking her hand, he helped her up.   Guiding her to the bed and laying her down. His fingers on her skin, tracing her curves of her body as she watched those wicked eyes.  Her back arching, fingers gripping the sheets at the lightness of his caress along her sides and hips.  How she longed for him.  How she needed him. 

                She watched as he rolled onto his back.  Leaning up beside him, her newly polished nails raking along his skin now.  Taking the same time and care as he had.  Tracing his chest and shoulders, noting the strength in them as she felt herself tremble in anticipation.  She knew he wouldn’t kiss her yet.  That reward came later, but for now she enjoyed the simple pleasure of awakening his body.  Making him want her as much as she wanted him.

                Her breath caught in her chest as he pushed her over.  Taking her arms and pinning them above her head.  His strength always making her swell with desire.  He didn’t ask.  He never asked.  He moved her like a doll.  Hands on her thighs, pushing them apart, lips at her ear, whispering his desires.  Her eyes closing, letting her focus on his touch as he brushed his fingertips along her flesh.   Moans now filling the room as his touch finally reaches the soft wet mound of her panties.  She wanted him to rip them off, but it wasn’t time yet.  She knew he would make her wait.  Make her beg.  Struggling was pointless.  His grip on her wrists was firm, and if she did pull away he would stop and deny her more.  His fingers teased her. toyed with her lips through the thin fabric.  Brushed her clit in soft circles that made her back arch and her toes curl into the sheets. 

                She was his toy after all.  He pulled her up, resting her down upon his thigh.  The rough jeans contrasting the silk panties, making the sensation almost unbearable as she began to grind.  She stretched her arms, now released from his grip.  One moving between her legs to stabilize herself there, the other on his thigh moving ever closer to his prominent bulge.  He took hold of her wrists, stopping her hand’s ascent.  She whimpered but understood.  Nothing was hers until given to her by him.  She turned, looking into his eyes as she moved along his leg.  Pushing and grinding against him as her breath rasped and mingled with deep moans of pleasure.  She edged closer to her release, hoping he would grant it to her, and knowing if he didn’t, she would beg.  She always did.

Story by:  MysterMitch Resident

Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Hardwood Bed
::WS:: Pamper Chair

Models:  MysterMitch Resident