Friday, March 25, 2016

Take me where?

Porn…SL Porn….Really?  Well, yes there is such a thing and it’s growing in popularity, in leaps and bounds.

I asked Thorgal how he heard of WS Creations. He responded by saying,

“I was looking for a nice F/m chair/throne kinda item for this movie I had in my mind. Since I didn’t own a chair like that myself I asked around. Several friends from the adult-movie-groups offered me theirs to borrow and one of them suggested I contact WS Creations. She showed me her throne (the type I ended up using in the movie) and I was immediately impressed by it.  Looked great and then I saw the animations on a friend’s item. It fitted the idea for my movie. “

When asked to tell us a little about his life and what brought him to SL his response was an interesting one.

“I came to SL a long time ago. Talked into it by a long distance relation... all in all I found SL to be a very cool place where I could try some dj-ing, photography, machinima and a whole lot of other naughty stuff...I had no expectations, besides having fun. That's still my main requirement on here. It's all fun and pixels - when that stops I'm out of here... “

This reporter then went on to ask, “How did you get into Machinima?”

“Me and a SL friends explored and ended up at the set of an SL porn movie (read all about this on: When we saw the result I decided I could do better then that.... so I went and found out what was needed and just started. “

Still captivated I went on to ask, “Tell us what goes into making these movies?”

“The basic process is pretty simple... think of a concept or story, build a set and get a few avatars together. Then remember to turn off all your huds , UI and start shooting footage using some software called FRAPS. Make sure you shoot plenty and then edit it all together in movie producing software, Transitions, soundtracks, effect, text... wrap it all up - create the movie-file and upload it for the world to enjoy :) “

Can you tell us about "Take me to Church"?  What was your reason to use the WS Creations Domination Throne for the movie? 

“Well like a lot of my shorter movies - I liked the song and it put these domination images in my head. Listening to the lyrics it had to be a female Domme. I originally wanted to shoot months ago at the church on Retroville with another model but I got delayed because of some RL stuff. When I did find time Retroville disappeared and the model wasn't online when I was. So I put together my own church set and put out a call/notice for a new model. I asked around for a good F/m chair and a friend told me WS creations had some great stuff... and they had :)”

Take me to Church...  a story of faith, religion, domination, submission and worship and a soundtrack that effing rocks this world! 

Take me to Church

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WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Domination Throne - F/m

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By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reverie in Green

I am exhausted. As I look around, I see a great big mess and I sigh. It's only my second week on the job, and tonight was absolutely insane. They warned me, of course, that the St Paddy's day celebrations in an Irish pub could get a little messy, but I never, ever expected something like this. The small pub was crammed with dancing and laughing and chatting and mainly drunk people. The atmosphere was great, and as I pushed my way through the crowd with pints of Guinness I was applauded and hugged. 
The first light of the morning streams through the windows now, and I remember the last girl being dragged out the door by her boyfriend. I'm fairly sure that the green pump I see left between the mess of barstools is hers, and I remind myself to keep it safe behind the bar - I'm sure she'll come and ask for it. 

I feel a pair of eyes on me as I scrub the biggest stains on the floor and I look up, smiling at Gemma. She's been at this for a while now, and did a fabulous job behind the bar tonight. Right now, though, she's gotten off her feet for the moment and I can't blame her. Her high heeled boots look insanely good, hugging her shapely legs and leaving just a strip of tanned skin between the top of them and the hem of her dress. I stretch out a little, arching my back and wiggling my bum. Gemma is the sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life, with her dark hair and bright eyes, and if I get a chance to flirt a little, I will definitely take it. 

Shadows move and I look up, straight into Gemma's face. "Brigit," she says softly, as she gets down on one knee in front of me. I feel myself blushing and quickly look down, focusing on scrubbing the floor. She chuckles throatily and her hand closes over mine, taking the brush from my hand and tossing it into the bucket of water at my side. She guides my arms behind my back and lifts my chin up. She is so close I can see every fleck of colour in her eyes, see her nostrils flare with each breath, before her hand closes around my chin a little tighter and the tension is broken.

Wordlessly, she pulls me away from the bucket and I follow, on hands and knees, to the bit of floor I scrubbed earlier. All I see are those fantastic leather boots, those legs, the gentle swaying of her round arse under her dress. Her foot between my shoulder blades brings me out of my reverie and I lay my chest on the floor, bottom up. I can almost hear the amusement in her voice as she speaks again. "Is the floor clean, love? Did you scrub it well, Brigit, or is there some work left to do?"
I hear myself grunt, shaking my head. I have never been so taken aback in my life, and that's saying something. "Couldn't be cleaner," I manage to mumble to the tip of her black boot. 

Her warm, strong hands help me get up from the floor and she holds my hand, pulling me through the small pub, into the office behind. She presses me up against the crates, and I hear a bag of coffee beans fall over as they move ever so slightly. The light bulb overhead casts harsh shadows on her kind face.
"You did very well," Gemma whispers in my ear in a thick, lustful voice, and before I can reply her lips crush down on mine, bruising them, claiming my mouth. Her hands run smoothly over my body as I wrap an arm around her waist. One of her leather-clad knees presses between my thighs and I part my legs willingly for her. 

"Lovely," she purrs in my ear before nipping at my neck. Her hands, so strong just earlier, easily cup my breast with surprising gentleness. She massages the soft flesh, her finger and thumb closing over the fabric covering my nipple, as she kisses me deeply, roughly and needily. I feel her other hand on my hip, pulling me flush against her, and I groan at the feel of her soft curves against mine. She pulls back a little, and I gasp as cold leather connects with my moist panties, pressing up against me. With a smirk, she steps back, leaving me weak-kneed and shivering with anticipation. She turns away from me and is at the door in a few steps, closing it. 

It seems like the world is all inside this office, with it's boxes and crates. Gemma's hands are on me again, unzipping my dress and slipping it off easily. With a sly grin, she reaches down and runs her fingertips up my thigh, to my hip, tracing the fabric of my panties. "I don't believe you'll need these." Her fingertips hook under the fabric and my green panties join my dress on the floor. I can feel the blush creeping up my chest, as she looks at my exposed flesh. My hands, holding onto the crates tightly, keep me upright - the long night and arousal finally catching up with me. 
"Get on the floor love. You've done so well today, and you deserve a little reward," Gemma's voice rings out, and not a moment too soon as I sink to the floor. She parts my legs easily and I Iay back on the floor, tense with anticipation. At the first touch of her hot tongue to my swollen flesh, though, everything is forgotten and all that exists is the spot she is licking, sucking, nibbling. The little strength I thought I had left proves to be enough as the most intense orgasm ripples through my body, leaving my muscles twitchy and utterly relaxed. With a grin on my lips, I lay my head back. 

"Hey, Brigit, if you're too tired it's totally OK. I can come in early tomorrow and we can finish up cleaning together."
I open my eyes and look at Gemma. She's no longer on the barstool, but standing at the bar, a stack of empty ashtrays in her hand. 
"Sorry?" I ask, disoriented for a moment.
"I said, if you're going to nod off sitting there with that brush, you may as well stop scrubbing and go home, love. Tomorrow's another day, you know."
I grin apologetically, tossing the brush in the bucket of water. 
"Yeah, perhaps that's for the best," I answer, getting up slowly, and checking to see whether I still have my panties on...

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: ForeignThoughts Resident & Voice Restless

WS Furniture used: 
::WS:: Bucket n Rag - F/f
::WS:: Femdom Chair
::WS Sex Crates::
::WS:: Stiletto Tip Jar

Monday, March 7, 2016

Imagine the Dreamer

You can look into someone’s eyes and think you know their story. Here’s one of those stories, which has put this writer in awe, as told by Riddick. 

As everyone already knows it is extremely hard to find a good variety of FemDom furniture that combines both visual quality and realistic animation variety. I went on an hours long search through the entire grid teleporting from store to store desperately trying to find good furniture to decorate my home for my owner, back when I was a submissive. That is how I came across WS Creations, I heard rumors from friends that the products there were of good quality so I decided to check for myself, and I am immensely glad that I did. WS has quickly become my favorite lifestyle furniture store.  

I was highly impressed by the quality of the builds and instantly started purchasing all of their FemDom products and have not regretted a moment of it. I used them extensively and have had very few problems. I have since purchased their Maledom items as well and enjoy them just as much. Any problem I did have was taken care of usually within a day or less. The animations are fluid, the items look good in any situation and are customizable to suit any need. There is not another store that I can find in the whole grid that offers top quality animations, extensive animation variety, customizable products, and instant customer service all in one package.   

I can’t honestly remember if I rated any WS Products, I normally purchase everything I need in world, especially furniture. I never buy furniture on Marketplace without testing the Demo in world first. However If I did happen to purchase and rate it then I am 100% sure I gave it 5 stars. The quality of WS products reflects the amount of work and care that went into the creations. A lot of stores you go to you can look at a piece of furniture and see by the texture quality and haphazard animation menu that it was thrown together in a hurry to get it on the sales floor. That is not the case with WS and that’s one of the things I like about them. You can look at their product and just know that you purchased something worth having.  

Originally I came to SL more out of curiosity than anything. I have always been an old fashion kinda guy and enjoyed life as it came. Before my injuries I was very physical, going out camping, shooting, partying and hanging with friends. I was never home and always on the move, certainly not interested in anything online. I never even visited my first website until sometime in late 2007, Due to certain things I was forced to stay at home more than was normal for me so I purchased a computer took to the internet that I had been hearing so much about. I played in various online role-play places. One day someone told me about SL so I decided to create an avi and see what it was about. The first 5 minutes I was in SL I was following the tutorial and suddenly I was FLYING. Well that was it, I thought I was a superhero then, I was hooked. Been in SL ever since and never looked back and have met many very dear friends here. 

I thought maybe I would visit this new game called Second Life and it would be like all the others. People sitting around typing with static avatars stuck in single poses. Most 3D chats on the Internet are little more than glorified chat boxes. Second Life was the first one I experienced that chat was secondary to game quality. You could move around in an open world that was amazing to me. Joining Second Life I thought it would be just a few hours of fun when I’m bored and I would move on. I never once expected to meet so many wonderful people and build such strong friendships.  

Orson Scott Card once said, "Changing the world is good for those who want their names in books. But being happy, that is for those who write their names in the lives of others, and hold the hearts of others as their treasures most dear," These words resonated with me when I first read them because it is how I choose to live. I do many things in SL but an ideal day to me is being close to the people I care about. Spending time with people I have grown to love and cherish here. Whether we go shopping, dancing, exploring, or simply relaxing on our private land that is what makes me the happiest, being with them and creating new memories. Anyone who says it’s impossible to love someone through SL that you have never seen or met RL is fooling themselves and fooling others. Some of the people you meet here will be with you for the rest of your life.  

I have limited skills in a few different areas pertaining to SL. I am an amateur mesh creator using outside 3D programs. I have created many quality textures and pictures for SL. I have dabbed a little at scripting but didn't find it was my cup of tea. I have tried my hand at being a dancer, a stripper, a businessman, a Dominant, a submissive, and many many other things. I prefer to spend my time outside my SL family creating things but I am moderate at best. Robert Greene said it best "I'm a Jack of all trades but a Master of none.    

Finding ones passion is not easy; sometimes it can be a long road with many pitfalls. It can be tough and take a lot out of a person chasing their passion sometimes to the point of obsession. Some things that people view as a strength can be their biggest weakness. Take for example the fact that some people like myself like to stand on their own two feet, fight for what they want, so when they achieve their goal they can stand proudly and say "I did this, I fought for this, I made this happen" But the flaw in that is the fact that often they stand alone when they finally find their way. They try so hard to do it on their own that that’s exactly where they end up. That is my biggest fear, that I am to stubborn to allow someone else to help me with my passions and try to hard to do it on my own and end up without anyone. What good is winning and reaching the apex of ones passion if nobody is there with you to share it with. 

As some of the WS Staff can attest, I am a complete and utter perv. I enjoy many aspects of the lifestyle I choose. Sometimes I am a Dominant, sometimes a submissive, other times just a kinkster among many. My private home is a place for my family and I to indulge in all the naughty, kinky, deprave acts that would leave us red faced and shamed in public sims. So any home that I have is always well endowed with various furniture and items to help us meet those ends. And I have to say that no matter what house I live in there is always WS Creations somewhere in the mix. Having a home without WS products adorning our fun rooms is like having an Italian restaurant without noodles. I’m sure it can be done but seriously, what’s the point.

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: BDSM Bed
::WS:: Bondage Cross
::WS:: Sybian Machine
::WS:: Bucket n Rag rag
::WS:: Interrogation chair

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By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova