Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A night to remember

I never really knew how we ended up in the back alley.It started at the bar.It had been a long day and a blazing row  had made it longer.

 I'd downed a few shots- well more than a few  to be honest. I saw him as he walked in and  watched with interest as he took a seat near me.
Dark hair, chiselled features, sensual lips. I imagined myself kissing them, hard, passionately. My gaze must have lingered a little too long as I suddenly found herself staring into two intense brown eyes.Blushing I looked away , downed another shot and buried myself in studying the table closely.
A hand on my shoulder made me jump . I could feel the warmth of his body behind me as he leaned over and spoke, his lips brushing my ear.

 " I took the liberty of getting you another drink.". He slid into the seat beside me,pushing a glass across the table, his eyes raking my body, his lips curled in a small, confident smile .

"Oh gods. His voice matches his looks " I looked up, muttering thanks. I'd probably had enough already, my head was spinning, but I wasn't going to turn this down!

 " Bad day?" he asked sympathetically. I nodded, numbly, my fingers tightly grasping the glass." Drink up" he said " perhaps we can make your evening better ".

That's when things got hazy for a while. I remember stumbling against him.laughing and strong arms around me steadying me,sending shivers through my body, as they caressed my neck and shoulders,  and flicked back my long brown hair. We were outside now. In the alley behind the bar.

With a swift movement , he lifted  me onto a pile of crates against the wall and my mouth met his, hungrily, as I clasped my hands behind his head to steady myself. He spread my legs enough for him to move in closer to me, his hand teased my swollen nipple through the silk of my dress and  then he slid the fabric up  my legs exposing my lace panties.

I moaned as his fingers traced my mound through the lace,holding tight to him as he ripped the scrap of fabric away from my body, the cool night air  drifting across  my  thighs and my moist mound exposed for his pleasure.Fumbling at his belt, I slowly unbuckled it, only to have him brush my hands away. He kissed me hard on the lips, his hands caressing  my body. " Not here" he smiled " Let's go somewhere more comfortable "

" But my panties are ruined" I protested , looking at the small scrap of lace in the gutter.

 He replied by hitching my skirt up higher  at the back and lodging under  it the chain belt. I could feel the cool air on my ass cheeks and blushed as I realized he meant me to walk with him exposed to everyone.
He smirked a little. " Scared?" he asked?

" Of course not" I blustered wondering just where I was going. The alcohol still had  me hazy but I was feeling curious enough to find out.

We walked to his car - Well he walked and I stumbled alongside on my 5" heels getting more and more flushed at the comments and catcalls I heard on the way. He held my arm and made sure I didn't fall guiding me closer to those who called loudest.A small smile played on his lips. He opened the car door for me and I sank gratefully into a dark brown leather seat, cool and pliant against my ass. I groaned. I adored  the feel of leather. This was only going to make me worse.

As we set off he reached over and pulled my dress up at the front. " Just a quick peek while I am driving " he grinned.I didn't like to say no and besides the leather against my skin was making me so hot.

We drew up outside his house- well it was more of a mansion.  The car had swept up the gravel drive and stopped outside a formidable front door.He got out and came round to open the door for me. I got out gingerly , trying to pull my dress down a little. He smirked again and looked pointedly at the wet patch on the car seat.

" You enjoyed my car then " he asked bluntly.

I nodded mutely and blushed. He laughed and took me inside , steadying me as we went.

The drawing room was full of exquisite furniture, paintings and expensive ornaments. I stopped to admire one or two and when I turned he was holding a drink out to me." You've been perfect tonight " he whispered, nuzzling at my neck and stroking my hair. "Drink up, I have something to ask of you"

I drank - and he refilled my glass.Guiding me by my elbow he steered me toward another room.

" Few get to see this " he said " But you - you will be perfect"

We entered his study. I was a little lightheaded by now and the leather had really aroused me.He added a little more to my glass from a bottle on the table and pushed the glass to my lips.Obediently I sipped , feeling a warmth run down my throat. It tasted divine.

Looking around I saw a wooden object against the wall. My brow furrowed as I tried to work out what it was.

" Ah you've spotted my toy" he laughed " Will you try it for me?"

I looked at him and then at the wooden posts. Finally I nodded. I was very aroused by now and if standing by the posts made him touch me then I was going to stand by them!Gently removing my dress and leaving my chain belt in place,he placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles laughing that he didn't want me to fall off

.I moaned slightly, wanting to feel his body on mine. He slipped chains through the cuffs and attached them to the posts spreading my legs and arms until I was spreadeagled between them.

He smiled and slid a hand down my shivering body. I gasped as he caressed and stroked my hard nipples, pinching and teasing them. He poured his drink down my breast and licked it off with long lapping movements, sucking on my nipples, squeezing my breasts hard and driving me wild .

Kneeling in front of me, he ran his tongue up my inner thigh. I gasped at the feel of his hot breath on my lips and writhed in the chains.
Flipping my thighs over his shoulders  his tongue neared my juicy folds, as I hung in heady delight.

Savoring  each slow lick, barely touching my skin, he lapped at my moist sex, nibbling at the lips until the juice flowed freely down my thighs and his chin.

I moaned and writhed in my chains, trying desperately to move closer and  feel that hard tongue tip sliding into me

With a small smile he stood again. I pulled against the chains begging him to release me and let me pleasure him.

" But you are already pleasuring me"  he said laughingUnzipping his pants slowly , watching me hold my breath, he pulled himself out and moved closer.

" Is this what you want?" he asked sharply.

" I nodded, afraid to speak "

He moved swiftly between my legs rubbing the tip on my swollen lips and I groaned as waves of pleasure ran through me." Please" My voice was husky and breaking with desire.

" Later maybe if you're a good girl" he said with a smirk and, doing up his pants again turned towards the door.

"No! " my voice burst from me as I realized he was leaving. " You cant leave me like this! God no! "

He turned and smiled dragging a large mirror into place in front of me
 " You've been very good so far . Let's see how good you are when I return"

He left and I heard quick footsteps and the front door closing behind him.
I looked into the mirror and saw myself hanging there, flushed,  nipples standing proud, my moist sex dripping and leaving juice trails down my legs. I tried desperately to  rub my thighs together to give me just a little relief from this aching desire I felt but the chains wouldn't move.

Moaning I stopped struggling and  tried to settle down to wait for his return.

What happened on his return? That's another story.

Items used: WS Sex Crates :
                  WS  Bondage Rack :

Friday, March 16, 2018


Hi guys!
I'm Ruby and I'm here to tell you all about the new system built into some of the WS furniture.

You know when you're in the throes of passion, and even past the throes!, how SL isn't quite the same as RL. In RL you have to change the sheets, or at least jump in the shower. But that's part of the fun isn't it -  getting into that sweet sticky mess.

Well now you can have that in your SL too!.

There's an awesome system on the market called It's not mine, that actually deposits that lovely sticky seed all over you. Mmmm just think of the fun you can have!

A lot of the WS furniture now has the system built in. So if you are wearing the It's not mine item and your partner has a cock that works with the system it automatically gives a menu as to where you want it to show. Yes that's right your partner can choose where to cum on you!

It's really simple to use.

 You wear the It's not mine object and if you are using  items scripted for the system, at the perfect moment, your partner gets a menu asking them where they would like to cum. There are often several choices which can include face, tits, pussy ass and even legs and arms though you'll need a  separate plug in for those.

The system is scripted for several  popular mesh bodies and cocks. Some cocks will need an extra script.

 Your partner  can choose places up to three times and even cum in more than one place so depending on their taste you can have a light spray or a full coating. Mmm delicious fun!

When you're all done and are ready to go out again , just like RL, you need to take a shower!.
Of course if you have RLV enabled you might need permission to clean up first - that's up to your partner!

The package comes with showers included - for you alone, or you and your partner together . You have to shower for at least 3 minutes and the time can be increased leaving you wet and soapy until you're ready for more! You can also clean up in SL water if you'd rather parade your dripping body on the beach.

So just imagine after a hot and steamy session, instead of just jumping off the furniture after a small particle display from your partner's cock, you have the visible evidence of just how naughty you've been and , for those partners who enjoy a little control, even be made to stay with the sticky seed all over and still dripping from you as long as they desire.

In the pictures you'll see me playing with the WS bondage cross, from the Dungeon Set and the WS Domination throne but there's lot of choice of  WS furniture with the system included.

I loved the realism of being able to see the evidence of our naughtiness. It made things much more intimate and gave my partner even more  sexy ideas than usual - which is always a bonus!

So , in short, if you want the visual of  luscious hot sticky cum over your body and dripping from you,you need to get down to WS Creations and take a look at the awesome furniture they have with this system installed!

It's Not Mine items  can be found HERE
WS Creations  items can be found HERE

Till next time,

Photos by Ruby Pearl