Friday, August 26, 2016

Sweet Humiliation

Femininity-“girlishness, womanliness or womanhood; is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women. Femininity is made up of both social and biologically created factors as such both males and females can exhibit feminine traits”……And if they don’t I’m sure our next interviewee will make sure they do, especially if you are a male. Points to the word “male”, and grins. Without further ado, I introduce Mistress Vixen, a Goddess of humiliation and co-owner (along with Gabi), of the FemDom Sim called “Femininity”. This is her story:

She starts off by telling this reporter how she discovered WS Creations furniture. “I was searching on the marketplace for Femdom furniture when we opened Femininity.  I loved the look of the chairs, fit for a Queen and I thought they would look good at Femininity. “

“Femininity is a privately owned Femdom Sim, with scenery that is pleasing to the feminine eye but also lets a woman explore her darkest fetishes. Femininity was started after me and Gabi had left the Femdom Sim we were both apart of, I told her I was going to start my own Femdom Sim and she said that she would like to be a part of it, the rest is history. There are often ongoing scenes of humiliation, feminization, sex, kidnapping, sadism, and many other acts. We have D/s discussions almost weekly that focus on topics that are at the foundation of Femdom.”


“I came to SL to extend my RL relationship with my slave husband Ember, we live a 24/7 TPE Lifestyle. She is my feminized sissy slave, and she does all the domestic duties, while I live the life of leisure. I’m a Sadist; I really enjoy causing her pain and humiliation, and enjoy extreme fetishes like knife and breathe play.”

“ I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I always thought it would improve my RL with my slave and that I would meet some like minded people, that's when I met Gabi.”

Mistress Vixen’s ideal day would be, “Spending time at Femininity and scening with Gabi and the submissives that come to the Sim and having discussions about D/s.”

“I like to think I am good at humiliation and sissification, I am good at getting into boy's heads and making them act like the girl they really are and humiliating them every step of the way.”

Fans myself as I remember I am doing an interview. Then goes about asking my final question of the day.
Can you tell the readers how WS Creations Adult furniture and Dungeon devices fits into your life style?

“The Femdom furniture is wonderful for spending time with my slave and the toys come in handy for the whole Sim and our guests.”

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Domination Throne
:::WS:: Livingroom Chair
::WS:: Objectification Pedestal
::WS::  Bondage Bench
 ::WS:: Suspension Crane
 ::WS:: Bondage Cross
 ::WS:: Short Cross
 ::WS:: Massage Table

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident

Photography by Pacesoftly Resident

Sunday, August 14, 2016


“ I love writing, and always have.  I also enjoy assuming a different personality depending on what the situation is.  Imagination is such an intoxicating thing, and when it is fed, is almost narcotic in nature.  I love meeting new people, of all walks of lives and proclivities.  I suppose I just love to immerse myself in all the wide variety that SL proffers. “, She responded. Diving head first into this intriguing persona, which goes by the name Suzannemaria. This is her story:

“I am a single mom, divorced after a very rough marriage.  I was an old text chat RPer back in the days, and I was looking for a new way to interact with people, and to further explore my love of all things erotic.”

“I honestly had no idea.  After my first few days, I was ready to leave forever, until someone took me by the hand and made it more manageable, and less intimidating.  I never set out to be an Online Domme, although I have always tended to have a dominant personality. 


 In the end, I have learned so much about myself, the lifestyle, and the intense nature of such a shared experience. It is beyond what I ever imagined.”

“I was searching for BDSM related items, which catered to a LezDom nature, and I scoured through the Firestorm search engine.  When I found your store(WS Creations), I swear I hopped on every item on the floor.  I am sure I was quite a sight to see as I moved from Domme to submissive poses, just dying to have someone on the other side.“
“WS Creations is one of the few shops that specifically create for the F/f dynamic.  That being said, they are not just run of the mill animations.  The items are beautiful, and the animations lend themselves to very creative play. .  I have never been unhappy with a WS product, and my partners have loved being restrained in them! “

She then went on to tell this reporter what her ideal day would look like.
“ In SL, a day spent totally spoiling a loving partner, dancing in our finery, sailing on the ocean.  And as daylight comes to an end, to have her kneeling at my feet, telling me how much she enjoyed the day, and was looking forward to whatever the night may hold. “

I then flipped the question to see what her deepest fears would be. Her reply, I think, would hit home to many of us.
“ I fear the total surrender of myself to the moment.  I have been hurt before, and that wall is such a comfort, and a prison.  When it starts to crumble, I can be terrified. “

We end this interview with a lovely sentiment by our interviewee.
“I consider myself stylish, refined, and more than a little "kinky" for lack of a better word.  WS products are gorgeous in any decor and provide spark and enchantment to any encounter.  They fit my personality, my proclivities, and are beautiful as well.  There is no better creator of F/f furniture in all of Second Life.”

WS Furniture Used :

 ::WS:: Mistress Couch Premium
::WS:: Room Chair Conway (Mistress)
::WS:: Wall stock
::WS:: Bondage Cross - F/f
::WS:: Bondage bench F/f
::WS:: Domination Throne - F/f
::WS:: Throne Platinum Edition - Mistress version
::WS:: Wisdom Chair - Mistress version
::WS:: Beach Lounge
::WS:: Happy Ending Massage Table

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident

Photography by Voice Restless

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Seaside Satisfaction

Sometimes, work frustrates me. It is a beautiful day, absolutely lovely, and the little cottage on the beach were we're spending the holiday is filled with sunshine. Last night, though, a phone call from work spoiled our fun. I could see the disappointment in Dinah's eyes when I told her I really had to pick this one up, but she nodded bravely and went to the beach for a night time swim.
Of course I could also see the slight pout this morning, when she told me she was going to go to the beach and read a bit, at our usual spot. It's almost noon now, and I am just finishing up.
The sand is already warm under my feet and I walk up to her. She looks adorable, reading on the bench. The sound of the waves and the seagulls makes me feel giddy. I take her hand, help her up and pull her on my lap. She giggles, and I know she hasn't let the interruption affect her too much.
"I am proud of you, girl," I tell her.
She blushes, kissing my cheek. "Sunbathe with me, Sir?"
I shake my head.
"No, girl, I have something different in mind."

I guide her over the big, comfy lounge chairs. "Sit, Dinah."
She sits down immediately, and I go and sit behind her. "Have you put on lotion yet?"
As she shakes her head, I can imagine her biting her bottom lip, realizing that would fall under not taking proper care of herself - of my property. I take the bottle from my pocket, and pour some on her shoulders. As I massage the lotion into her skin, I can feel her relaxing. My thumbs press into her soft flesh, and she yields, easily and naturally.
"I noticed yesterday, girl. Don't think I didn't notice that you were upset. You were a very, very good girl about it."
She mumbles a soft "Thank you Sir" under her breath. I slide my hands down over her arms and chest, making sure she won't burn under the scorching sun.
"Remember though," I tell her, "that service isn't always about doing things you like to do."
I squeeze some lotion on her thighs, and spread it out, my chest pressed against her back. "Sometimes, suffering isn't fun. Pain isn't always whips and chains, girl."
"I know, Sir," she answers quietly.
"Good, that will make this a lot easier."

She looks back at me over her shoulder, surprised.
"Get up, Dinah."
As quick as she can, she gets up, her toes in the sand, looking at me with anticipation.
"Kneel, girl. Hands on your knees. Do not move unless I tell you to."
Oh, she knows the position full well, and kneels next to me, her gaze downcast. She is beautiful like this, more beautiful than I have ever seen her. The sun has made little freckles appear on her sweet face, her body wrapped in her pink bathing suit. Yes, she is headstrong and defiant and clever, but also obedient and submissive and mine. I cannot stop looking at her face as tiny beads of sweat begin to appear. Her bottom lip quivers slightly, I know how challenging this pose is for her. It's already been 10 minutes.
"You suffer beautifully," I whisper in her ear as I brush a lock of hair from her face. My eyes roam over her body, her luscious curves, her soft belly and breasts. I see her breathing slow down as she sinks deeper into herself.
"Focus on me, girl. You please me so when you are obedient. Just a little longer, now. I enjoy watching you."
The muscles of her legs must be starting to hurt now, and I see the tiniest movement of her thigh. 15 minutes now, and I think it is about as much as she can handle with the sun burning on her skin, the sand biting into her flesh. When I look up at her face, a single tear rolls down her cheek. She is suffering for me. Not in a way she loves - whips and chains and intimacy - but all alone, in the sand, my eyes on her. Her strength amazes me, and I want to devour her.

I get up, running my fingers through her hair as I stand next to her. Reaching down, I wrap my arms around her waist.
"Good girl, Dinah. Up you go, now."
She takes a deep breath and I help her stand, seeing her wobble on unsteady legs. My arms still around her, I set her down in the lounge chair. She lays down, her eyes soft and far away, a small smile on her lips. She takes another deep, shivery breath as I begin to massage her leg, easing the strained muscles. I talk to her softly, hypnotically, keeping her in this state of mind, this state of being. She rests on her arms, looking at me like a little girl, full of wonder and awe. I smile, my hands now moving to her other leg.
"You did so well, girl," I tell her, while my fingers knead her flesh, "So very well. Do you think you've deserved a reward, now?"
She tilts her head slightly, and there it is - she bites her bottom lip and I love it, I love how it makes her looks young and innocent, and I love knowing she's thinking about it carefully as best she can with her clouded mind. Very slowly, the words spill from her lips.
"That... that is not for me to decide, Sir."

In a heartbeat, I lay down on the lounge, pulling her on top of me. I laugh at her pained expression as she is on her knees again, even though I rubbed most of the soreness from her muscles.
"I think you deserve a reward, if you work for it a little, sweetheart. You're allowed to take your pleasure, if you have the strength left."
Reaching between us, I push my swimming trunks down just enough to expose myself. I'm hard as a rock, I always seem to be when Dinah is around, and even more so when she's sitting on top of me, looking at me expectantly. My fingers pull the crotch of her bathing suit aside, feeling how moist she is.
"Good girl, a very good girl you are," I mutter as I guide myself into her. She groan deeply as she lowers herself on me, wrapped around me tight as a glove, warm and wet and heavenly. My hands cup her bum, and I urge her to move.
"You'd better move, girl, before I help you."
The warning seems to have done the trick, as she rolls her hips against me, again and again. She matches her rhythm to the waved rolling onto the beach, and I smile at her, nodding my approval. Her thighs quiver from the exertion, her face tense with need and concentration. My hands move to her hips and I push up into her, pulling her down on me at the same time. Her little mews are cute and helpless and needy, and they make me even harder. I'm close, but the girl needs to cum, first. She's deserved it, and she's working hard enough for it as it is.
I hear her breathing change, and drive myself into her soft warmth, again and again, growling, "Cum for me girl, cum for me."
And as she falls forward, her hands on my chest, clamping down on me as spasms tear through her body, I close my eyes and feel myself explode inside her.

Panting, sweaty and spent, I pull my girl off me, and into my arms. She settles back against me, breathing hard.
"Thank you, Sir," she manages, and I caress her hair.
And I whisper in her ear, "I am proud of you, sweetheart."
With a giggle, she looks up at me. "We're all dirty now, Sir. We may need to go for a swim.
I close my thigh against her sides, and hold her tightly. "You will do no such thing for the next half hour. Give an old man a moment, girl. We'll see after that."
Utterly content, I close my eyes, feeling her giggling against my chest.
Yes, this is a great holiday, indeed.

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Summer bench
::WS:: Beach Lounge

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident