Thursday, April 26, 2018


Hey gang, just to let you know that there is an event on the last Friday of the month at WS.

Taking this straight from the notice WS Sent out, so you get the right information directly from us.

*·.·.❤.·`»<DJ  Exx >
*·.·.❤.·`» HOST <Jade>
*·.·.❤.·`» TIME <6-8 pm >
*·.·.❤.·`» WHAT:<Spring  Forward W/ WS Creations >
*·.·.❤.·`» < Ws Creations Event Area  !! >
Get Shiny , Come Show off the Star that  you are, While you listen to an amazing mix of Tunes, Maybe win a Gift card :-}

Look forward to seeing everyone there!!



Hey gang, it's review time again and this time around I am gonna open up the flood gates and let my Dom freak out to play.  We are gonna be looking at the ::WS:: Impaler, so sit back and relax and give this unique RP piece a chance.  
The basic idea of the Impaler is that the sub stands in place as the Dom controls the Impaler, wor
king the handle to slowly crank the dildo in and out of her under her clothing or in the open in front of everyone.

The Impaler looks nice.  The textures are well done, the design is unique, and the texture HUD makes it easy to fit into your home or dungeon. 

Many of the animations are really great, the only complaint I have is that the model in the sub positions did not move at all through some of the animations such  as the flogging and spanking.  This may have been due to the newer mash body compatibility.  The animations for the Dom worked perfectly and the extra items rezzed in hand, such as the paddle, brush, and drink trays, etc.  I found the selection of animations to be refreshing and different than many of the past items.  No simple sex since the insertion is done by he toy, but there are punishment, foreplay, and humiliation menus to choose from.  There are also menu's for male and female dominants.

The Impaler is compatible with Xcite, Aeros, It's Not Mine Cum System, RLV, and Sensations.  

I think that the Impaler is perfect for the RP Dom who is looking for something unique and special, especially if into humiliation or pain.  It could be used in any dungeon or even at a special event where the sub could be serving guests.  The tray included several choices, drinks, condoms, toys, or fruit.  Guests or the Dom can even turn the handle to make the dildo move up and down to play with the sub while working.
Well it's that time again, time to see how the Impaler stacked up to our rigorous review.  Drum roll please!!

I give the Impaler 3.5 cocks.

Thanks again for joining me, and remember to keep your freak flags flying.

Mitch Silverfang

Furniture Used:  :: WS:: Impaler
Models Used:  mystermitch, Tatiana.Easterwood
Photos by:  mystermitch

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Night Stroll

Terrance walked her down the street, the strength of his arm around her shoulders the only thing keeping her trembling body from turning back the way they came.  The dinner had been succulent, a four star restaurant that cost more than his father had made in a month.  The dress was a gift, desig
ner label.  Probably made on the backs of poorly paid labor and marked up in price until those who made it could never aspire to wear it.  He lavished her in gifts of this nature until she was convinced of his influence and power, and that is what he needed to prove now.
The dark of night was setting in and the stink of garbage and filth wafted on the night breeze.  Her eyes darted from boarded up windows and overturned trash cans.  Lifting up her dress at any puddle she couldn't identify as water.  He pulled her along, confident and calm.

 "I don't like this, T."  Her voice was soft and quiet.  As if whatever monsters lurked behind the nailed shut doors would burst out after them if they heard the squeaking of her mouse like whining.

Pushing her against the lamp post, he brought his body close to hers.  His fingers moving along her neck, wrapping around the back to twist her until she was looking into his dark blue eyes.  She trembled, but relaxed against him when is other arm moved around her.  The soft brush of his lips across hers made her breath catch in her throat and any thoughts of getting away were forgotten.

"You trust me don't you?"  His lips brushed hers again, keeping each kiss as light as a butterfly.  The softness of her hair slipped through her fingers as he gripped near her skull and pulled to arch her head back.  Her soft moan and the way she gripped his coat to pull him closer made a small smile cross his lips before they sucked down at the pulse that rushed through her veins.

"Yesss."  She hissed her reply and then bit down on her lip to stifle further moans.  Her hands sliding over his chest and around his shoulders.
His hand slid along her body, rough palms pressed against the smooth silk fabric covering her breast.  Cupping that orb, brushing his thumb across her nipple in a few slow strokes.  The moans came now, no longer held back as they flooded the shadows of the night.  The hardened tip pressed out against its covered prison, finding his fingers ready for it.  Trapping it, tugging and rolling it between their thick pads.

"T.  Take me home plea... Oh God..."  Her words became a whimper as he bit down on the other nipple through the thin dress.  Sucking it, tongue making the silk wet with his saliva while teasing the her in rough strokes across the sensitive tip.  Her hand moved to his head, fingers in his hair as she pulled him into her breast.  The weight of him pressing her against the lamp.  It's light highlighting his aggressive mauling of her breasts while hiding everything else in the night's growing darkness.

His cock raged in his pants now.  Pulling her back against him, letting her feel his growing need pressed against her cheeks.  Taking her breast in hand, squeezing it while holding her body firmly against his chest.  The slit of the dress opening easily for his probing fingers as he searched out the truth of her arousal.

"You are too wet to make it home."  Terrance whispered in her ear.  Her groan and the small nod of her head was all he needed.  Thick fingers pushed at her panties, grinding long her mound where her panties had already become soaked with her own excitement.  He pressed his fingers harder against her, moving in long strokes as he twisted her head around to kiss him again.  Their tongues sliding against each other as the passion pushed away the fear of the night. 

 Her hips buck, working her sweet sex against his fingers.   Her hand moved across his thigh.  Nails raking the smooth fabric along their path upward.  Stopping as they wrapped around his bulge, trying feel its girth through the cloth.

"Take it out."  He stated, calm and firm as his fingers continued their torturous tease.

Her hand trembled as she gripped the zipper, pulling it down the teeth slowly in case they got caught against his flesh.  Reaching in, wrapping her small hand around his shaft and pulling it out.  The sudden freedom brought a tremble along his spine.  Looking down at her fingers around his shaft, their warm grip traveling his length.

Terrance turned her around roughly, kissing her with a growing hunger.  Startled, she worked to keep her heart calm, as she continued to her please his rigid member.  His hands move to her shoulders, pushing her down to her knees before him.  She looked up into his eyes, her dress dragging on the dirty sidewalk as her tongue slips out to taste the reward of her labor. 

His back arched as she took him into her mouth.  Terrance's groan of pleasure came from deep down in his body.  The first of many that would echo out into the shadows of the night.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Models: mystermitch resident
Abby Sinclair
Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Limelight Lamp Post

Monday, April 9, 2018


I don't know how long I hung there. It was quite some time before I heard him open the front door and walk into the hallway outside.

He smiled when he came in and I felt my breathing quicken as he came towards me. I drew a  sharp breath when he  ran a hand over my nipple, pinching slightly and  then let it drift down my body to my crotch where he laughed at my wetness.  I flushed, embarrassed, unsure of my reaction . He leaned close to my ear
  " You'll be amazing" he whispered. 

I longed for his touch but to my disappointment he unchained me and told me to go and shower

We passed through an opulent bedroom  and as I headed to the shower my thoughts turned to the magnificent bed and the thought of his hands running over me. I shivered with delight .

 On re-entering the room however he motioned to the silk negligee he had laid out. "Get dressed and then get some rest" he demanded. He turned and left leaving me very puzzled . I did as I was told and curled up on the bed  dreaming about his scent and the thought of him touching me.

A gentle touch on my arm roused me from slumber and he placed a tray of coffee and toast beside the bed. He sat and watched me eat and drink, his  eyes never leaving me. After I had finished he bid me get ready - motioning to some lacy underwear and another silk negligee laid out on a chair as he carried the tray out of the room.

I was very ready. I sat on the bed with my heart beating wildly and deliciously naughty thoughts running through my mind.

When he returned he was carrying a scrap of black silk. With a swift movment he caught my hair in his hand , moving it out of the way and tied the silk around my eyes.

" Perfect" he announced as he led me downstairs. I was a little scared by now, but his strong arm guided me and feeling him close aroused me more than ever.

" A new toy" he whispered seductively , pressing me against a cold wooden surface as he chained my arms and legs  wide apart.

Without sight I felt vulnerable, exposed . His hands began to circle around my already hardened nipples.

His breath was warm on my ear as he whispered " You don't know where and when I am going to touch you " ,running a hand down my body and under the silk I making me tremble .

He stroked my hair and  bent his head to nip  my neck. His hands began kneading my breasts causing me  to groan with desire. " Please.." I began. 

He laid a finger across my lips. "No talking " he instructed. Skilfully he  taunted and stroked me until I was half crazy with desire. Slight moans escaped from my throat and it was all I could do not to beg him for more.

"  Ready for more?" he asked. I nodded vigorously. Ready?  I was desperate. I shivered, waiting for him to  unchain me and take me to the bedroom.

Instead he untied my blindfold. The sudden light blinded me and I blinked to clear my vision. Turning  my head , I looked at my surroundings. My body was chained to a cross in a window with beautiful gold curtains . He slowly began to knead my flesh with his hand , making me moan . 

He grinned at my reaction. " I love to expose  " he murmured" Especially when others can watch".

He moved out of my line of sight and I gasped with embarrassment as I realised a group of workmen sat eating their lunch right outside the window.

He  reached round and ran a hand over my lace panties, laughing at my discomfort. " Shall we show them a little more?" he asked, smirking.

He produced some scissors and cut the straps on my negligee, dragging it down my body to the floor. A cheer went up from outside and I flushed as  saw the leering faces taking in every detail of my lacy undies and what lay beneath.

Pinching my breasts until I gasped ,my nipples straining against their lace confines, he cut through the front of my bra and removed it, to more whistles and cheers from the men outside, letting my full, firm breasts fall loose and proud.

Standing to one side to give a clear view, he moved my panties to the side and I flushed from head to toe as some of the men came closer for a better view.

" You like it" he whispered " Don't you. Being exposed to all these men and letting them watch you being played with and aroused. You know they want you and cant have you and it makes you hot  doesnt it" 

He pulled my  panties to the side again and I could hear a groan or two from outside. I flushed. He was right. It was embarrassing and yet so very hot. I nodded weakly and reddened even more.

Moving to the window he closed  the curtains to disppointed protests outside. " Time for bed" he said, unchaining me and  smiling.
This was a night I was going to remember.

Story by:  Ruby Pearl

 Furniture used: