Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Mrs. Pearl moved to the desk and smacked the ruler down hard, the loud crack filling the room and waking him up from his impromptu nap.  He jumped and looked around the room, dazed.  The others were gone?  How long had he been asleep?   His eyes landed on the teacher at last... looking her up and down before his brain could tell him to stop.

"Was I boring you?"  Her arms crossed as she looked down at him over the rim of her glasses.  Her eyes burned with anger that made him shift in his seat.

"No, I just..." his eyes avoided her, instead fixing his gaze on the hem of her pencil dress and shapely legs.

"Save it!"  She set the ruler on the desk and circled him, he swore he could feel the touch of her nails across the back of his shirt.  "You are already failing this, and it's an adult learner night class.  I wouldn't care, but you failing makes me look bad and I hate looking bad."

"Sorry.. but advanced female studies isn't really what I thought it would be."  Man had it been a surprise to find out that the class was not just learning the female body, which was one of his favorite topics.  He had pictured hot models, close up inspections, and some unexpected hook ups.

"Well I can tell the 'study' part isn't your strong suit."  Her eyes were still on him and he shifted more.

"Yeah, I guess they aren't."  He started to stand but she shoved him back down into the chair.  

"You need a little discipline."  She moved to the desk and ran her fingers through his hair, gripping tight at the scalp and jerking his head back as her other hand raked her nails along his jaw down to his neck.  "I know this class is part of your employment condition.  You fail it, you end up out of a job."  

He looked quickly into her eyes, he didn't like the look he could see there, but still he felt his cock stiffening in his jeans.  "Yes.  I've got to pass."

She ran her thumb over his lips, biting her own and then pulling him up to his feet.  "Then we will have to whip you into shape.  Do as I say and maybe you will keep that job of yours."  She turned him and dragged his head down by his hair until he was bent over with his hands gripping his chair.

"What are you doing?"  His heart raced as he gripped the chair, his head hurt from the pulling at his hair but he didn't move from where she put him.  His body trembled unexpectedly at the treatment.