Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Waking up about an hour later, disoriented, not remembering where I was, or why I was naked and lying in a strange bed. Then it hit me “Oh my! I can’t believe I did that.  I just danced for a total stranger, and then stripped for him.”  OHHHH---memories of what happened next flooded my mind. I get up from the bed and found the bathroom. Once finished I leave and see a note on the side table.

“Good Job Sweets.  Here’s Key 2”
I take the second key and add it to my bracelet with the other key. I realize that my dress is missing. “Hmmmm…well now what?”  I take the sheet from the bed and wrap it around me, I leave the room. Entering the hallway once more, I go from where I am standing and just amble down the hall looking at the doors. I pick another door and tried my new key; it did not work.  I moved to another and it opened.

I stepped inside, and like before it closes behind me. I stand at the threshold to gain my bearings in the low light. Suddenly hands grab my arms and my hands are wrapped in a silk ribbon, a blindfold is wrapped around my eyes, and I can feel my body being lifted and carried thru the room.  I start struggling, kicking, writhing in the hands.
“Calm down, Girl.”
I can’t breathe, I am panicking. Tears are falling.

“Shhhh, Girl. You are ok, and you can call your Safe Word.”
I can feel hands rubbing my arms, holding my body and whispering in my ear. “You are ok. Girl. Just a tad bit of fun, like the last room.”

The strong arms keep holding me until I stop fighting, calming down. My breathing returns to normal as I can feel the panic easing.  I nod that I understand, and I am lowered to the floor. He kneels behind me and holds me just a little longer. He can sense I am responding to his comfort. 

“Are you ready, Girl?”

I nod, “Yes”

While still being held, another set of hands take my wrists and unbinds them, yet not completely.  My right wrist is wrapped with the ribbons and is pulled out to the side.  I can feel it being attached to something that I unable to move from whatever I am attached to. My left wrist is done in the same manner as my right wrist.

“You will need to stand now, Girl. You can do this.”

Standing, I can feel the sheet being removed from my body. Footsteps surrounding me.  A leather riding crop tip is running up and down my body, tracing me. Moaning softly from the touches, not wanting to, but I cannot help myself, it is teasing me. Touching my breasts, lifting each one and teasing underneath, it moves down my tummy, to my waist, dragging it lower. It teases my pelvis, dragging the tip through the hair at my crotch. Suddenly I can feel a second tip on my body, this one on my back.  Starting at my shoulders and zigzagging slowly down my body, these sensations are driving me crazy.  The first tip still at my crotch has now moved down my leg on the outside, then moving to the inside of my leg.  Soon the tips are working in tandem, all moving to one spot. One tip is in the crack of my backside, while the second tip has found its way to the opening of my pussy.  As it teases me, moving it slowly on the outside, the second tip is removed from my bum and a swat is given to my backside.  I cry out in shock, but not pain. 

The first tip continues to tease my pussy lips, while the second one swats me again, this time a little harder. I whimper, but the first tip is really teasing me, so much that I cannot focus on the swats. Suddenly there is another set of footsteps that join the circling, and lips are on my breast sucking. Another swat to my backside, this time harder, but I cannot even whimper because of the sensations flooding my body as my breast is being suckled, and the crop has been replaced by a tongue.  As the tongue continues to work inside of my pussy, and the mouth continues to suck and tease my breasts, another swat is given to my backside. I find my body grinding on the mysterious tongue, and the second crop gives me another swat, the hardest I have received yet.  I cry in pain, no matter the pleasure I am receiving. 

Hands are on my backside, rubbing it to soothe it, suddenly lips are on my bum kissing each place the riding crop had marked me. Then I can feel a finger moving up and down my crack, moving inside, joining the tongue that was already sucking my clit.

Working together the hands on my breasts, the lips sucking, tongue teasing my nipples, with the next set of hands on my waist with lips kissing my pussy, and tongue moving in and out and then sucking me with the third set of hands working me to a fever pitch by teasing my anus and moving in and out of my pussy.

Knowing I cannot hold my focus much longer, my breathing becoming ragged, my moaning becomes louder. I know I am going to cum, wanting to, the lips and hands keep working me to that cumulation.  I stop focusing, stop controlling myself and give into the pleasure that is happening.  I cry out to the purest feeling of ecstasy, the waves of orgasm washing over me. I cum and cum and cum, all over the faces that are below me. The lips on my breasts stop sucking, the two who were kneeling below me move, allowing the third to clean me, licking me. I am so sensitive at this moment, his gentle kisses and sucking, I find myself cumming once more for him.

The room goes dark, as I find myself going limp, spent.

Story By: quickers1970

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Waking up from the most wonderful restful sleep I have had in a long time, I stretch feeling the sun’s rays creeping up my body.  Memories of the past two weeks flood my mind, and I begin to smile. Who knew meeting this man at the gala would have changed my life the way it had? I mean here I was with one of the most attractive men in all of town, the “most eligible bachelor” the papers and magazines call him, and he wants me to be part of his life. I must be dreaming. Between the phone calls, the texts and the notes that have been left, these last fourteen days have been exciting, thrilling and leaving me wanting more. I sit up to leave the sanctuary of this bed, stretching one more time, I start humming as I make my way to the bathroom.

Leaving the bathroom wrapped in my towel, hair drying, I notice the bouquet of roses on the night table.  A card is sitting there, “Sweets” is written on the front, smiling I pick it up. I can smell his aftershave on the card, I open the envelop, a single key falls out of the card. A card is there. I open it and read.

 “A car will take you to a special place.  It is time for us to begin our journey. You are commencing a test so to speak.  You will have 6 doors to walk through to get to me.  You will have a choice after each room to keep going or not, you will always be my “Sweets” no matter what you chose to do. Know this one thing, I am falling for you, and will wait for you.”

I read the card once more, laying it on the bed next to the key, I move to the closet to get dressed.  Entering the closet to pick out my outfit, I begin to think, what should I wear?   Laughing softly, I gather my undergarments, and figured I could at least start with that part of my outfit. I hear my phone’s notification; I have a text message. “Wear the black dress” it says. I laughed, he knows me, doesn’t he? I go back to the closet and find the black dress he is talking about.

I finish getting ready and finally lightly spray my body with the perfume I know he loves.  I slip the black dress over my body. I slip the deep red heels onto my feet and walk to the bed. I picked up the key and my phone, slipping the key around my wrist, I walk out the door to the waiting car.

The car pulled out of the driveway and we head to the address.

The car pulls up at a building that can only be described as a mansion. It is surrounded with lights; the sun is setting so the lighting makes it look surreal. The door is open, a hand extends into the cab to help me out of the car. The gentleman assists me up the stairs, and into the foyer of the mansion.  He tells me to wait here, someone will be back to take me.  He takes my jacket and my phone.  I am left in this gorgeous room; I begin to walk the circular room the vases filled with roses, baby breaths and other flowers I have no idea what they are. There are candles lit around the room. There are statues here and there in alcoves one is of a woman, it looks as if she is wearing nothing, holding her arms up as if she is offering someone a gift.  There is another this one she is kneeling, and this time it looks as if her wrists are tied and still out stretched.  A third statue has a woman in some kind of X formation, at least that is all I can think that it looks like to me.
I hear footsteps on the travertine floor coming to me, “Ah, Alliease, you have arrived,” the gentleman states the obvious. I turn to face him, nodding in agreement to his statement. “Please, follow me,” and with that he turned and walked to a small office. Ushering me into his office, there was a table, and a single chair. On the table there was a single piece of paper with a sleek pen resting on top. “Please take a seat.”   As I took my seat, he asked me to read over what was in front of me. “You are agreeing to participate in a test of yourself. You are agreeing to submit to different activities and experiences. You are giving up control for the time you are here.  You are agreeing to demonstrate a level of submission. If at any time you wish to leave, you may call RED and you will be taken immediately home. Please take your time and consider each of these requests, when you are sure you are ready, please sign.” He leaves the room for me to have to think. I look over it and I can feel a sense of fear, concern and yet a bit of excitement starts bubbling.  The question that wasn’t asked that needed to be, “Do I love him enough to trust him?”

I signed the paper and wait.

The man returns, picks up the signed document, and asks if I have my key.  I nod yes and show it to him. He takes my hand and leads me out of the office. He leads me to a hallway with 7 doors. He stands me on a mark.  “Now, Alliease. Your key. It will open one of these door, I do not know what one and until you try, neither will you.  When you have completed the task inside that door, you will receive another key. It will take you to another room and another task.  You will only be able to open the last door with all 6 keys.  Do you understand?”  I nod, “Yes Sir, I do.”  “When ever you are ready, you may go choose a door,” with that statement, he turned and walked out of the room and shut the door.

I stood there for a moment, thinking, my hands trembling. I walked to each door looking at them, until I found the door that had six locks on it. It was the center one, with all the other doors lining the hall. I turned and went back down the hall and decided to try a door.  I slipped the key into the lock and turned it. I heard the click…it was so loud, I jumped. I tried the door knob and it opened. I stepped into the doorway and the door closed behind me.  I stood there for a moment. My heart picking up speed, my hands shaking. Eyes adjusting to the low light. I could see someone sitting in a chair.  I went to speak---but his hand went up as if to silence me.  I went to move forward, when I was told that was far enough.  “Dance for me, Girl.”

Suddenly music could be heard in the room. I didn’t understand at first, but he snapped his fingers and said, “I’m waiting, Girl.”

I close my eyes and begin to sway to the music. Moving in time to the rhythm

“Take your dress off, Girl.”

I freeze.

“I know you heard me, Girl. Take off your dress.”

My hands start to shake, I look for the zipper on the side, and slide it down.  I turn in time to the music and my back is to the Man sitting in the chair. The dress slides to the floor and I step out of the puddle of fabric. I continue to move slowly to the song, forgetting for a moment where I was, what I was doing…until…

“Remove all of your clothing, Girl, and don’t hesitate this time.”

My hands move up to undo my bra, but they are trembling so badly I am not sure I will be able to unhook the binding strap.
“Breathe, Girl. You know you may stop at any time. But you will not receive a key.”

I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and unhook the bra. It falls to the ground on top of my dress. I slide my panties off, and I remain facing the wall dancing.

“Turn around Girl.”

I slowly turn to dance for the Man, closing my eyes and focusing on the words, the sounds and what my goal is.

“Touch yourself Girl.”

My hands had already begun doing this, it felt natural. Starting with my neck, my chest, moving to my breasts. Fondling each of them, finding the nipples and teasing them.

“Keep going, Girl.”

I continue to touch myself, my hands sliding down my body. My tummy, my hips, until I find my pussy. My fingers play in the hair on body. My hands move lower, finding my slit, my fingers move in and explore my pussy. Going in and out. Nice and slow.

“Come Girl.”

The Man was standing in front of me, and took my hand, taking my hand in his, he lifted it to his mouth and sucked my fingers.

“Mmmmm, you taste delicious Girl.”

Keeping my hand, he led me the bed that was there.  Laying me on the bed, he took my hand and put it back inside me and guided me in playing more.  Laying next to me, whispering, “Keep going, Girl.” I nodded and kept playing. Going in and out, with his hand I was going in further and further.  Then I heard a noise, a toy had been turned on, and it was on my body. First at my breasts, my nipples, then my pussy.

I went to remove my hand, but he wouldn’t let me. He kept it there and adding the toy. My body went wild with all the stimulation, the vibrator was low, but it went inside and found another place that I had not been able to reach. Parting my legs for better access, The Man smiled at me, and took my hand out and sucked each finger once again.  All while keeping the toy moving in and out and then finally placing it on the now swollen, hard and oh so sensitive clit. He kept it there, moaning, squirming, my body did not know what to do, he kept playing, teasing me, taking me to the brink of no return. He kept going, taking me over the edge. I could no longer control myself, “Keep going, Girl,” He whispered. I continued to enjoy His teasing, the in and out of my and the toy until I could no longer hold it, the waves of pleasure that flooding was washing over me, the explosion between my legs was like a fountain bubbling out of me.  He didn’t stop, he kept going, the toy moved further inside of my pussy, finding that sweet spot. Sending more waves washing me, I ended up orgasming again, and again and again.

He smiled down at my spent body. He stood up and left the room. I drifted off to sleep.

Story by: quickers1970
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Pamper Chair