Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Mitch stirred restlessly in the chair.  He tried to find a comfortable way to sit, one that didn't show his excitement so clearly.  He straightened his tie, brushed the legs of his pants, and moved his arms into a hundred different positions as he fidgeted in the chair.

"I can hear you out there." her voice had the hint of humor.  He knew she was smiling, and that brought a smile to him as well.

"You didn't hear anything."  He shifted again, wishing he had taken that drink she had offered when they had arrived.  He wasn't particularly thirsty, but it would give his idle hands something to do.

"Good things come to those who wait."  She rounded the corner and eyed him playfully.  Her dress clung to her perfect curves in a way that made him reluctant to remove it.  He wanted to experience them through it, smooth it over her body with his rough hands.

She crossed to him and ran her hands along his legs, nails raking across the material as she rested back on her heels and looked up into his eyes.  The mischief danced in them like sparkles in the night sky.  He didn't even need to see her mouth to know she was smiling.  Was she happy, or was it the joy a cat find when it has just cornered a mouse?

His hand brushed up her bare arm and took her by the back of the neck.  Leaning down he brushed his lips across hers, tasting her breath and taking in the scent of her hair.  "You are so beautiful."  He felt his pulse quicken as the words fell from his lips.  Her tongue darted out and flicked over his lips as she giggled.

"And you, Sir, look very handsome tonight."  Her fingers traced his chest up to his tie.  She pretended to fix in and then pulled him down into a deep kiss.  Their tongues battled for positions against each other in a wrestling match for dominance.  Dominance was his norm, but she was playful and seductive and he had not had the discussion of his desires before she had asked him up to her apartment.

She pulled back, resting her head on his lap and looking up at him.  Her ass pressed out just enough to tease him with that incredibly low back.  How he had watched her when he saw her at the bar.  That bit of her ass peeking out of the dress.  Taunting every man in the room.  He knew he wanted her, then and there.

"I take it you don't usually do this."  Her smile curled at the corners of her lips while her fingertips worked along his slacks.  She found his bulge and traced it's outline with such a gentle touch he felt his shaft stretch and strain to reach out for more.  "A fine dressed man, picking up a woman at a bar."

"It isn't my first time."  He slid his fingers along her jaw, then up along her cheek and across her lips.  She nipped at his finger, then flicked it with her tongue.  "But I normally have a very particular type of woman I am interested in."

"Oh," she cocked her head to the side and pressed her palm against his aching bulge.  "And what kind of woman is that?"

His groan barely escaped his lips before the breath caught in his throat.  "Women less forward, more...." His mind searched for the right word but few came to him at the moment.  She had all the blood in his body moving away from his brain.  "... submissive."

She climbed up and straddled his lap, slowly rolling her hips in a way that brought her soft mound into contact with his restrained cock.  His hands moved to her thighs, digging into that smooth flesh as he leaned in and pressed his lips to the exposed flesh of her chest.

"So you want me meek and mild?"  her nails raked along his jacket, as she pushed against his chest and rolled her hips a bit more.  It suddenly occurred to him that she had removed her panties while out of his sight.  The way she bit her lip and the glassy look to her eyes let him know she was working herself up as she teased against his raging need.

"No.  I want you just as you are."  His hand moved to cup her ass, pulling her more firmly against his body as he leaned forward and sucked at her neck.  His teeth raked her skin before his tongue traced down to her pulse, feeling it quicken under his ministrations.

She leaned in and whispered softly in his ear, her breath tickling his flesh so the hairs on his neck rose with each word.  "I saw you watching me at the bar.  Watching my ass in my dress."

"To be honest," he smiled and spoke in whispered retort, "I was watching the part of your ass not in your dress."

She giggled and stood, spinning around and placing her hands on his knees as she slowly gyrated her hips to sway that perfect ass back and forth across his lap.  "This bit of my ass?"  She looked back over her shoulder with a playful grin.

He gripped her hips as she moved, then worked her dress up, exposing the hidden part of her ass just as the clock in the other room began to chime.  Her motion rocked in time with the clock, her hands slowly moving up his thighs as he leaned to her and kissed along her spine.  Witch each deep gong she moved her fingers until the traced his cock again.  Moving quickly at last, she gripped the zipper and pulled it down, reaching the bottom just as the last gong struck declaring it midnight.

"Merry Christmas," she smiled and finished unwrapping her present that would keep her up well into the holiday night.

Story By: mystermitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Wisdom Chair

Thursday, December 20, 2018


How long had she been sitting here?  An hour, maybe more?  The look in his eyes hadn't changed at all.  The sadness there was deep, like an abyss that threatened to take her into it as well.  Her fingers fumbled at the edge of her skirt and she chewed her bottom lip to keep from speaking.  This was so unlike him.  He never kept her waiting like this.  He hated the kneeling at his feet, and she knew that.  She knelt for that very reason.  She wanted him to react.  

He shifted in his chair and she glanced up at him, their eyes met for a moment then he looked away again.  The pity in her stomach burned to to rage in a instant.  She came here to please him, why wouldn't he use her to kill that sadness?

"She wasn't worthy of you, Sir."  She barely choked out the last bit of the sentence before their eyes met.

He moved to the floor, suddenly and she looked away and braced for punishment she expected.  Her hands went behind her, fully submitting to it instead of protecting herself.  She was his.

"She was..." his fingers rested under her chin, tilting her to look into his eyes again.  They were fierce with emotion, raw and angry.  "She was more worthy than I deserved."  His hand moved to her hair,  pulling to twist her head back as his fingers traced her lips.  Those lips trembled beneath his touch, then she kissed his fingertips softly, feeling her breath grow warm just from the proximity of his body to hers.

"If she was worthy,"  her tongue traced the tip of his index finger, "Sir would still have her."

"Is that so?"  His hand moved down to her neck, fingers gripping around that smooth flesh.  Her pulse jumped into a quick gallop that she knew he could feel.  "If I wanted her, I would have her?"

She nodded, afraid to speak as she slowly took in each breath as if he would rob her of another.

Instead he reached for her arms and pulled them up above her head.  She knew this position.  Her back straightened out of reflex as his hands began to roam across her chest and arms.  She mewed softly and closed her eyes, enjoying the slow exploration as his rough palms worked along her shoulders and down along her sides.

"Sir can have anyone.  Sir has me."  Her breath caught in her chest as his hands cupped her breasts.  His thumbs circled her nipples through the thin material.  Their diamond hard tips protruding out now, making themselves visible through the silk as it conformed to their shape.

"Yes I do have you."  His fingers trapped her nipples between them, tugging and teasing at their sensitive tips as he continued to speak in a soft but firm tone.  "You are beautiful, loyal, and obedient.  The perfect sub for any Dom."

"No, Sir."  She shook her head slowly.  "I am only meant for you, Sir."  Her eyes pleaded for him to accept that, to be enough to chase the mournful look in his eyes away.

"She wasn't my sub."  He looked away again.  His eyes went glassy as if wet.  She never knew he had anything other than subs.  Realizing just what he was feeling, she knew not to speak about it again.

He rested back in the chair, resting his head back and sighing.  She bit her lip again.  She'd said all she could say for now, but she didn't need to speak to be what he needed.  

She rose from her knees, turning and sitting down in her Sir's lap.  He never protested her affection for him.  He was a kind man, rough in sex, but tender in heart.  She laid her forehead against his and brushed his cheek with her fingertips.  No words were needed, she wouldn't try to make him talk.  The warmth between them was enough if that is all he required of her for this night.

They stayed that way for a long time, the only change was when she shifted to lay her head on his shoulder, so close she could smell him and occasionally brush her lips against his neck.  They had been together so long she knew there would be time again for playing, but taking care of her Sir was more than just a physical expectation.  They were there for each other in a deeper way as well.

When she grew tired he stroked her back.  Her eyes closed and her breathing lengthened.  He turned and kissed her head in a tender moment that made her smile even in her half awake state.

"You should get some sleep."  He squeezed her softly to him as he spoke.

"Sir."  She raised herself up and looked him in the eyes.  "My place is by your side, if you will let me."

All he did was nod, but it was all she needed.  She slid down to the floor once more, resting her weary head on his thigh.  This was the lifestyle she had chosen, to be his, to see to his needs, to be by his side.  This is where she belonged. 

Story by: mystermitch resident
Phots by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used:  ::WS:: Domination Throne

Monday, November 26, 2018


He looked at her, searching her eyes for any sign of what she was thinking.  They had been filled with such sadness when he saw her earlier in the day.  She had tried to hide it when he approached her, but soon enough they returned.  It could have been the holidays, goodness knows the holidays make so many sad.  It could have been the man whose name kept coming up in the conversation.  Or it could have just been loneliness.  No matter what the reason, those eyes had caught him and they drew him to her like a moth to the open flame.

They must have talked an hour or more before he gave her his number.  Another hour after that before he finally left to head home.  She was smiling now, so much of the sadness replaced by amused light.  Maybe some hope.  There was a longing there, something she was seeking and he didn't know what that was until his phone rang that night.  She had asked to come over in a whisper he barely heard.  He didn't know what to expect, but he said yes.  

It was frigid outside, so he thought nothing of her long coat until she dropped it from her shoulders.  She wore nothing but lingerie underneath.  Sheer, seductive, perfect for her body.  He saw the tremble and felt it was less the cold outside than the need that was burning inside her.  She moved to him, kissing him softly at first, but as his arms went around her waist she deepened the kiss.  Her fingers opened is shirt, baring his chest to the chill of the night air.  He didn't care.  The night couldn't cool the heat they were building.  He dared it to try.

Taking her hand, he lead her to the bedroom, laying down and pulling her close, they kissed again.  Their hands roamed and played across exposed flesh.  Her breasts flattened against his chest while his fingers teased along her back and down to cup the round flesh of her ass.

She pushed herself up and looked him in the eyes.  Her fingers traced across his chest as she caught her breath.

"Am I pushing to quickly here?"  The pink of her cheeks deepened as she watched him.  "I have felt so stuck for so long.  Today, in the cafe, I felt something and for the first time in a long while I wanted to go after it.  To be free to have what I wanted."

He brushed the hair from her face and smiled softly.  "There is nothing wrong with going after your happiness.  It's your life to live."

She nodded, slowly, looking away as she thought about what he said.  He knew the trap of letting her think too much.  Rising, he helped her lay on her stomach and he lay beside her.  Tracing his fingers across her skin, he slowly began exploring her body.  The tenderness of his touch was joined by butterfly light kisses along her smooth flesh.  He took his time, paying attention to the way her body moved if he brushed a sensitive spot or a moan from her lips in response to his as they found the hidden buttons of pleasure.

Her moans increases and her back arched, pushing her ass up into his palm.  She arched more when his fingers slide between her legs and found the damp lace that covered her mound.  He traced them lightly, and bent to bite the soft flesh of her cheeks.  It pleased him when she gripped the sheets and pushed herself up into the bite.

Knowing what she wanted now, he pulled her to her knees.  Cupping her covered breast with his strong hands.  He dug them into her flesh, squeezing as she turned to kiss him.  Her hand covered his as he continued to work his fingers across her mound.  He parted them, tracing the lace and pressing against her clit.  She groaned into the kiss, their tongues sliding across the other in a twisted dance of growing need.

"Tell me what you want."  He pushed her down, slapping her ass and rubbing the warm pink flesh.  His other hand holding her down by pressing at the small of her back.

Her cry broke her silence as she gripped the sheets until her knuckles became white.  Through clenched teeth she whispered, "I don't know... I just don't want to think about it anymore."  She released the sheets and  he could feel her relaxing again with a quiver of her body.

His caress moved between her legs again, enjoying the way she moved against his teasing.  Pushing her pantie clad sex up to meet his touch.  

"Please," she softly groaned into the bed, muffling her words, "don't make me think, don't make me wait.  Make me yours."

He pulled her arms behind her back, gripping her wrists as his hand raised up and fell with a hard smack against her bare cheek.  She cried out again and buried her face in the pillow.  The second smack made is hand sting so he rubbed it slowly over the warm, tender, flesh of her ass.  

"Tonight, your only thought will be of me."  He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck as his hand slid between her thighs once more.  "Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."  She looked back at him, eyes dark and weary.  She had come here to escape something, to lose herself to someone.  He would give that to her for one night, but in the early morning light he would make her see her own beauty once again.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Hardwood Bed

Sunday, November 18, 2018


The fire warmed her and cast its dancing orange glow over the room.  A tremble ran across her body, not from the chill of the room, but from the apprehension she felt when she looked at the man sitting in the chair.  Why had she agreed to come here?  Did she even want to be here?  Her stomach churned as she chewed her lip.  Her man encouraged her to come.  It was his fantasy, but was this her fantasy as well?  

He turned his head to look at her, those eyes roaming her body with a desire she knew to well.  She felt her skin warming and wished she could say it was the fire that caused it.

"Are you cold?" He smiled as his eyes met her own.  She shook her head and moved her arms to cover herself.  The teddy was a gift he had given her when she arrived at his door.  Seeing it had almost sent her running for the door, but she tried it on and had to compliment his taste.

"Wont you come over and sit?"  He turned back and she brushed her hands along the thin fabric.  Clenching her fists and swallowing hard for some courage before moving to the front of his chair.  The room was empty, other than this chair, a lamp, and the rug on the floor.  It was a strange set up for a den.  Warm and still clearly made for purely himself.

He moved slightly in his chair and she jumped a bit, settling herself to the rug and looking down to the floor.  Her heart raced in her chest and her mind raced.  She should go.  Now.  This was a mistake.

She opened her mouth to speak but the words caught in her throat as his hand touched her chin and he turned her to look up at him.  A playful light danced in his eyes as he smiled and drifted his fingers along her neck and shoulder.

"So, tell me, why did you come here?  For you, or for him?"  His words were soft, but straight to he point.

"I'm not sure."  She arched her back as his fingers tickled her skin.  They were warm, and surprisingly gentle as they roamed along.  Their path has no purpose or course, just drifted across her body awakening her nerves.

"I believe you.  But that is something you should decide before anything happens."  She relaxed at his words.  Knowing he didn't expect anything, even with her sitting here in the lingerie he bought, made it easier somehow.

"Thank you.  I was worried I'd disappoint you if I said no."  a small smile crossed her lips and he traced it with his fingertip.

"That isn't the man I am."  His fingers brushed down her neck and across her chest and she felt her breath catch.  "You knew that or you wouldn't be here at all."  His hand took her arm and lifted her up to sit on his lap.  His arm around her, keeping her steady and secure.  Always secure.

He was right.  She knew from the moment they met that he wouldn't push her.  They chatted, laughed, and connected and it was nice.  Her thoughts had surprised her when she had imagined him kissing her.  She was a dedicated wife.  The kind of woman who only wanted one man to love and cherish.  Never had she considered anyone but her love, and still she found herself thinking of him and smiling.

"I know.  It surprised me when I told my husband that I had fantasies about you.  Surprised me even more when he wanted me to come here and fulfill them.  He never fucked me like that before."  her eyes softened as she thought of sex with her husband that night.  It was primal, animalistic almost.  His normal tender nature gave in to a lust she had never seen in him.  All from her desire to be with another man. 

"Probably the same fantasies I had for you."  His hand caressed her leg, the rough palm moving along her smooth skin brought a sigh to her lips.  

"Me?  I am nothing special.  Nothing like the women you know."  Her eyes looked into his, trying to see what he saw in her.

"Of course you are special.  Not being able to see it is half your charm."  His hand rested on her hip and pulled her closer.  "Don't try and hide what you are."

"And what is that?"  Her words were a whisper now.  The distance between them was gone, his lips were brushing hers as they spoke.  The heat between her legs grew and moistened betraying the confused part of her brain.

"Alive.  Sexual.  Aroused."  He pressed his lips to hers at last, kissing her and parting them and she responded in turn.  Everything she'd been hiding since they met flooded out of her into that kiss.  Her hand moved into his hair, pulling him in.   She turned into his body, weight shifting on his lap letting her feel his growing enjoyment as it pressed against her ass.  The small space of the chair became to constricted as the explored each other after weeks of flirting and hinted comments.

He lowered her to the floor and moved behind her.  Kissing her still, tongues battling as his body pressed to her.  Her back arched to push her breast into his hand.  His fingers digging into that soft flesh as the nipple hardened against his palm.  They fought to breath between the kiss.  His lips finally relenting and moving to her neck allowing her to moan out loud as his fingers trapped her nipple and teased it through the thin fabric.

"Have you decided yet?"  His free hand gripped her hip and held her back against his swollen bulge.  Each throb of it echoed with the tingling of her clit.   Her hand drifted there as she looked into his eyes.  Her body trembled again, but this time not from apprehension, but need and anticipation.  

"Me.. oh God I am here for me."  She leaned in and kissed him again to muffle the moan as her fingers began to work against the slick fabric of her panties.

They stayed that way, kissing, exploring.  His hand would replace hers, then she would take over again when his hand moved away.  She in tern traced the length of his shaft through his pants, gripping it and stroking it to hear his groans shift to growls of need.  At some point her teddy had been ripped away, a casualty of lust.

As he leaned back, she reached for his belt.  Looking up into his eyes as she freed his aching cock at last.  Her thoughts drifted back to her husband again.  Back to the night he fucked her so hard when she confessed the need for another man.  And as she leaned down now, taking this other man's cock into her mouth, she wondered just how hard he would take her after this.

Story by:  mystermitch
Phots by:  mystermitch
Furniture used:  ::WS:: Master's Armchair
Sold as part of the Master's Livingroom Set

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Vy woke slowly.  The world seemed hazy as she blinked and moved her head from side to side to get a look around.  Images veiled by the thinning wall of fog swirled just beyond the captive.  With the scent of death in the air, the need to have her senses cleared became more and more obvious.  Vy fought to regain her composure, almost losing that battle when the large spider came into her view.

"What the fu..."  Vy's words caught in her throat.

"Her name is Xxlyll."  The figure stepped from the shadows and Vy clenched her fists.  Vy tried to pull away but couldn't move.  Her wrists were bound to the large webbing behind her.  Though it looked to be a large spider web, Vy could feel the energies rippling off the conjured threads.  Straining, Vy was able to twist enough to see the frame of this trap was a large skeleton hand that been picked clean by time and other animals.

"Who the fuck are you and where am I?"  Vy balled her fist up and tried hard to pull off of the strands.  

Vy's back arched and a groan escaped her lips as the she raked her nails across Vy's stomach.  The faint smell of blood began to overwhelm her.  Each move of the woman's body against hers made Vy want to scream out, the nerves of her skin were alive and ready.

The spider Queen took Vy by the hair and forced Vy into a rough kiss.  Vy struggled back, her body responding to the  Queen's touch.   

"Get off of me.."  Vy tried to pry even one arm or leg away from the webbing, but it was too late.  The Queen sucked at Vy's neck, the pulse throbbing in her veins.  The silvery hands, of the Queen, caressed her body.  Fingertips arcing little shocks of power into her skin.  The tingling awoke the nerves in Vy's body everywhere they went.  The purple fire flared in Vy's eyes, need growing as the skilled hands took their time to explore her trapped body.

The soft moans filled the air as Vy realized just how quiet the place had been.  No other animals or  birds made a sound.  The woods were still, not even a breeze.  

"Am I dead?"  Vy looked down at the white haired patron as she leaned in and kissed her stomach just below the belly button.

"Far from it."  The Queen smiled, and it struck Vy just how beautiful her captor was.  Those dark eyes looked up at Vy, the dark flames jumping as they pondered her with fascination.  The Queen's  tongue traced around Vy's belly button, sucking in the flesh of it and biting playfully until her body trembled.

The Queen kissed her way up Vy's stomach to her chest.  Her tongue and lips toyed with Vy's breast.  Her breath caught in her throat as they followed from one nipple to the other then back again.  The flame burned in her mind.  When their lips met, the two women exchanged their power freely.  Dark flames danced with violet as the heat intensified.

Vy groaned out loud as the Queen grabbed her hair, pulling sharply as her fingers invaded lower.  The women exchanged heated glances as Vy rolled her hips, laying back and enjoying the teasing.  Sweat began to form over Vy's flesh as the flames burned away her pants once more.  her hips rolled and bucked against the Queen's fingers.  Dark energy flowed between the two women as they played.

Tongues met each other,  Bodies pressed together, sliding across the slick, sweat covered flesh as Vy began to shudder and spasm.  Her legs went weak and with a few spoken words the Queen lowed Vy's spent body to the ground and wrapped her in warm embrace.

"And now you are mine."  The Queen smiled, bringing Vy's nectar to her lips.  Sucking the coating from them as if enjoying the sweetest lolly pop.

"Yes, I think you are right."  Vy's hand caressed the cheek of the Queen.  Her Queen.  Taking in her beauty as her hands slowly wrapped around the Queen's throat.  Vy smiled softly as the panic flooded across the Queen's eyes.  Gasping and trying to push Vy's body off of her unsuccessfully.  "I am yours." were the last words the Queen ever heard as the dark flames faded out of her eyes.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Skeletal Cross


Vy raked her heel down the warlock's chest, digging a small red line across his flesh as she watched him grimace.  Her path ended  at the mans's growing bulge.  She presssed the toe of her boot down against his crotch until he groaned out loud.  

He had been busy when Vy approached, it had worked in her advantage.  She had overcome him easily and secured him to his own rack.  Vy slide her fingers along the man's chest, tracing over the red path left by her heel. 

"It always amazes me just how easily you witches fall."  Vy moved closer, her breath warming the smooth flesh of his neck.  His veins flared and pulsed in his neck as his heart raced.

"Fuck you bitch!"  His words spat from his lips.  

"Oh, is that what you want?"  Vy's fingers gripped his wrist, the other hand taking his face and tilting it up so she could look into the raging torrent of fire in his eyes.  "Maybe you will get what you want."

Vy squeezed his throat, cutting off his air.  The light burned in his eyes, trying to resist even now.  With a wicked grin, Vy released his wrist and reached for his raging cock.  Wrapping her fingers around it's covered length, she squeezed as the warlock fought to get air to protest.  

"You are going to show me the way to your Matron's lair."  her lips brushed across his, her own fire now flaring in her eyes.  

"Not a chance, Bitch."  His eyes became a torrent of power as is lips began to spew words of power.  The air became thick with the taste of ozone and brimstone as the binding ripped from his wrists.  The ripples of magic flowed through Vy's body, setting her nerves on fire.  The gem in her sword glowed white hot, dampening most of it, but unable to take it all.  Gods what power he wielded.  She had underestimated him.

"You will NOT defeat me so easily."  Vy's eyes lit with the fire of purple flames.  They ripped through the air and flowed over Vy's body, disintegrating the fabric of her pants in a flash of violet light.

The warlock grabbed at Vy, trying to force her back.  His voice dropping low as the incantation began to form on his lips.  Vy cut it short as her knee connected to his chest in a hard dull crash.  Her hand gripping his hair, jerking his air back and pushing his face firmly against her soft pelvis.

"No.. you can't do this..."  His voice was in a panic now, realizing the losing battle as the light in his eyes began to slowly fade.  The musk of her sex filling his senses as his lips met her skin.  He tried to bite her flesh, teeth scraping her as his panic battled the growing need to taste her nectar.

"You will give it all to me."  Vy reached between her legs, collecting her juices on her fingers as her body began to tremble.  Her hand gripping the warlock's hair, as her fingers met his lips.  He turned and twisted to keep her fingers from his mouth, clamping his jaw in desperation.  Vy's heel found his crotch, her weight on his balls forcing a whimpered groan to erupt that got cut short when her fingers filled his mouth.

Vy's eyes flashed with the flames of desire as the warlock groaned and conceeded  to the hunter's command.

 The warlock moaned, hands gripping Vy's ass in lustful abandon.  His tongue met her lips, teasing them open to take in more of her power.  Vy groaned, biting her lip and working her hips to press herself down on his eager tongue.  Her body trembled, moving faster, the waves of need sweeping over her as she tried suddenly realized the shifting of power. 

The warlock pressed harder against Vy's dripping sex, his eyes lighting again, taking control of the balance of power as he felt her release nearing in every shudder of her body.

"What are you doing toooo... goddssss.... yesssssss..."  The words turned to loud cries of pleasure as Vy lost herself into the force of his passion.  Her body shook and weakened as he lowered her to the ground at last.  The world turned and blurred as her Vy's heart raced in her chest.  The last thing she saw was the smug smile on the warlock's before the world went black.

To be continued.

Story By: mystermitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Wall Stock

Friday, October 26, 2018


Vy looked the witch over with disgust.  The darkness flooded off of her in waves of energy that tickled her skin in an annoying itch that she could never scratch away.  White light flooded from the end of her sword, Veldynne, doing its best to cancel out the waves of sinister magic that tried to suck Vy into the depths of depravity.    

"Where are the others, Witch?" Vy's eyes flashed with purple fire as she glared into the defiant eyes of the wicked woman.

"Fuck you."  she struggled, but the rune etched binds held her wrists tight to the wooden post.

Vy grabbed the throat of the witch and forced her to head up.  The tremble through the young woman's body brought a smile to the edges of her lips.  The took the knife from her boot and dragged the smooth metal across the witch's chest.  Fear crept into the girl's eyes as she tried to push back against the rough post, desperately wanting distance between herself and the blade.  Vy squeezed the girl's neck harder to hold her in place before turning the knife and slicing down the front of the witch's dress.  Cutting away the fabric until the girl was left only in the red lace underclothes.

"Well, such fine lingerie for a simple night out.  Did I interrupt your plans?"  Vy stabbed the blade into the wood and let her fingers trace along the witch's arm.  Nails raking flesh as she leaned in close enough to tickle her breath across the witch's skin.

"Like I would tell you anything!"  the young witch had spirit, that was for certain.

"You will tell me everything.  They always do."  Vy dug her nails into the soft flesh of the witch's side as they roamed lower.  Light red trails followed them and the young witch arched her back and looked away from her captor's eyes.  Vy grabbed her chin, turning her to look into gaze as she spoke in soft tones.  "I was taken by witches at a young age, raised by them in their central den.  I've seen what goes on in the belly of darkness.  The lust that fuels rituals, the nectar that harnesses the pure power of desire.  Sex was a constant in that den, and I learned the arts from the best they had."  

Vy leaned in close to the witch's ear as she whispered, her warm breath tickling the flesh of her victim.  "I know what power is."  Vy leaned back and slapped across the witch's breast before cupping it and squeezing until the girl whimpered out a moan she had hoped to hide.

Through her fingers, Vy could feel the struggle of the young witch.  The internal fight to keep her focus against the teasing from the experienced witch hunter.  The lavender flames in Vy's eyes flared, waves of soft energy flowed to her fingertips, arching in sparks that woke the nerves in the girl's skin.  This was the power of the Vyolet.  

"Goddess.. what are you doing to me?"  The witch arched her back and pushed her breast into Vy's hand, eyes rolling as goosebumps appeared along the trails of Vy's fingertips.  

"Claiming you."  Vy bent lower, kissing the witch's neck, sucking at her pulse as it raced beneath her lips.

"No.. no you can't.  I can't be yours.. please."  The witch struggled then bit her lip to stifle the protests as Vy kissed lower.  Butterfly soft brushes of her lips across the young witch's chest as her fingertips moved to caress the sides of the girl's breasts.  The energy flowing across her skin, increasing every touch ten fold.

"You will be."  Vy's teeth trapped the girl's nipple through the fabric of her top, tugging and teasing it as she looked up and caught the gaze of the young witch.  The girl began to cry, but still pushed her breast into Vy's mouth, overwhelmed with the need that was burning inside her now.  The internal battle over resistance being lost to the lust that was taking over her body.

Vy waved a hand over the binding cuffs, their runes glowing as the twisted the girl around and brought her to her knees.  Those cheeks now pushed out behind her as she leaned her chest and face against the rough wood.  Raising her hand and bringing it down in a wide arc, Vy slapped the girl's ass until the sting in her hand felt like it was warming at a fire.  The girl yelped out with each smack against her flesh, whimpering and digging her nails into the bark of the post as if clinging on for support.  The witch's cheek was red, warm, ready.  Vy raked her nails along the skin before moving her fingertips down across the covered lips of her captive.

"ooooooooo fuck..." the girl moaned and reflexively spread her legs making space for Vy's fingers.  She smiled as she caressed the girl's soaked crotch.  A witch's power came from harnessing pure emotions, happiness, hate, fear, lust... it made them strong, but it was also one of their greatest weaknesses.  

Vy worked the bindings again.  The glow returned as they slid upward, standing the girl in front of her now.  Her fingertips played along the girl's abused ass, caressing it softly then lower.  Nails raking down the witch's thighs then up again.  She didn't need to tease the girl more, she was ready, but Vy always enjoy this part of the claiming.  Seeing the girl's resolve destroyed by lust and need.  The girl trembled and moaned, her back arching and thighs spreading as she offered herself to Vy.

"Anything Lady... anything... please..." The girl's words made Vy smile.  This one was going to stay hers for a long while.

Vy pushed the moistened panties to the side at last, fingers teasing the soft folds of the witch's core.  The nectar flowed down her thighs and coated Vy's hand as she toyed with the girl, exploring her in this last moment.  This was the true claiming, Vy brought her coated fingers to her lips, tongue licking their length before sucking them into her mouth.  She groaned at the taste and power of the witch's juices, feeling her eyes glow brightly as the purple flames flowed from her eyes and into the eyes of the witch. The girl's head whipped back and she let out a loud moan of ecstasy as the claiming finished.

"Anything?"  Vy stood behind the girl.

She twisted to look into the eyes of Lady Vyolet, "Anything for you My Lady."

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Halloween Post

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Bella dragged her nails across the smooth flesh of Ashlynn's plump round cheeks.  A small smile crept to the corners of her lips as Ashlynn sucked in her breath and pressed her head against the cross.  The chains rattled as Ashlynn pulled against the cuffs secured tight around her wrists.  

"Ohhh fuck.  More please, Miss."  Ashlynn whispered.  The flesh of her ass rippled when Bella's hand slapped hard against Ashlynn's wiggling bum.  

"I didn't hear that girl."  Bella's voice was firm as she raked those nails across Ashlynn's ass again.  This time leaving red trails in their wake.  Ashlynn groaned and shifted again, tilting her head back on Bella's shoulder and looking over into the red head's piercing eyes.

"Please Miss, I need more."  Ashlynn's eyes were clouded with lust.  Bella knew that look well.  She crossed to the cabinet and pulled out the large wooden paddle.  The grip was covered for her comfort, but the flat head held no such protection.  

"You are a needy one.  Beg me for it."  Bella ran her tongue across the top of the head before dragging the smooth surface across Ashlynn's flesh.

"Please.  Please make it hurt, Miss.  Please make me your slut."  Ashlynn pressed her ass back against the paddle as if the mere motion of it would for it into action.

With her fingers moving into Ashlynn's hair, Bella pulled her arm back, raising the paddle up high.  She jerked the girl's hair to arch her back before bringing the paddle down in a wide arc.  The crack of it across those waiting cheeks filled the room followed with the yelp of pain from Ashlynn's throat.  Her body jerked and pushed her covered nipples against the rough wood of the cross.  "Ahhhh fuck Miss.."  

The redness was already spreading across the cheek before she pulled back and delivered the second hit on the opposite side.  Ashlynn groaned out loud and worked herself against the cross.  Pulling the chains to lift her body, preparing for the next hit if it came.

Bella set the paddle aside and ran her delicate fingers along the swollen red flesh.  The warmth crossed to her palm as it massaged the sore skin.  Soothing the girl, Bella leaned in close and sucked at Ashlynn's neck.  Her teeth raked the flesh and her tongue teased the length of the vein as the pulse raced.

Bella's fingers dipped lower, teasing between Ashlynn's thighs from behind.  The soft fingertips tracing along the lips through the girl's wet silk panties.  Ashlynn's moans became soft little pants as her body shifted to push herself against the invading digits.

"That is so good, Miss."  The words were hardly a whisper but her body spoke volumes as it trembled.  Ashlynn's legs went weak, thankful for the cuffs around her wrists.  All she knew was the feeling of Bella's fingertips moving through each wave of pleasure.  The more those fingers moved, the faster the waves flowed up her back.  Goosebumps rose across Ashlynn's skin and her breath quickened as those waves broke and flooded out and onto Bella's magical fingers.

Bella pressed her weight against the girl, holding her as she shuddered.  Reaching up to release the cuffs, lowering Ashlynn down to the floor.  Standing, Bella watched the girl pant and rest her head on the floor.  Taking her toe and pushing Ashlynn's head up to look into her eyes.

"Do you think you are done, girl?"  Bella's arms stayed crossed as she waited the response.

"No, Miss."  Ashlynn shook her head weakly as the last of her spasms calmed.

Ashlynn rose to her knees, trying to calm her pulse.   Bella circled the girl as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, holding it and releasing slowly.  Her body jumped again when the toe of Bella's pointed toe pushed up between Ashlynn's swollen cheeks.

Bella slipped down to the floor, wrapping her arms around Ashlynn's chest and nuzzling her nose into the girl's hair.  Her hand moving along the soft skin, her lips teasing your along Ashlynn's neck.  The heat of Ashlynn's body against hers making Bella feel alive, but she needed more than that heat.  

Story by: mystermitch
Photos by: mystermitch
Furniture used: ::WS:: Bondage Cross

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Luther sat at the pool, sipping his drink and waiting for her to come out of the dressing room.  He had waited for this all week.  He looked around the decorated pool room as his fingers traced across the fine fabric of the bench.  It had cost a small fortune to join this club, but he was glad he did.  The service was excellent, the room was rarely crowded, and it always impressed his girl.

He took another sip of his drink as she appeared from the dressing room.  Her skin covered in intricate tattoos that Luther knew he would spend hours tracing with his lips and tongue. The curves she usually hid under her work clothes stood out now.  Her bikini was a pale yellow that contrasted the tan of her skin perfectly.  Everything brought his attention to her flesh, her curves, her ink, her thin clothing.  She crossed the distance and sat next to him without a word.  Her posture as perfect as those eyes of ocean blue.

"Are you cold?"  His hand moved over to hers.  Covering it and wrapping his fingers between her own.

"A little."  She smiled and arched her back, pushing the hard buttons of her nipples against the thin material of her bikini.  "But I don't plan to be for long."

She leaned to him, her breasts swaying as she kissed his shoulder, then his color bone.  Her lips moved across his skin so very gently until they reached his neck.  Sucking at his throat, the teasing of her tongue along his neck, making his heart race and his need grown in the pit of his stomach.  Rolling to lay down on the bench.  Her eyes staring up at his when she lays her head on his thigh.

"I think I can help you with that."  Luther traced his fingers along her stomach, then down her side.  Looping around her hip then across to the other, making a light trail to awaken her nerves.  Moving back up again, he stopped just below her breast.  Looking in those eyes showed him the lust churning inside her gut.  His fingers gripped her breast, digging in through her top as his began to swell.  Her soft moan encouraged him to continue.  Tugging her hardened tip between his thumb and forefinger, Luther stretched her nipple, gripping tight through the thin fabric of her bikini top.

Pulling her up to her feet, Luther wrapped her in his arms and leaned in to bite her neck.  Sucking at her flesh with a dull groan that was muffled by the smooth skin of her body.  His hand gripped her breast again, digging his fingers in and holding her to his chest while grinding his aching cock against her soft round cheeks.  He smiled to himself as she pushed back against that bulge.  Luther groaned and thrust against her ass.  His fingers moving down her stomach, pushing her back, holding her there as his hips roll to work that raging need between her cheeks.  

Turning her to him at last, gripping her hair and kissing her with the hunger fueled passion that she had inspired.  Luther moved his fingers down her back as his tongue invaded her lips.  They groaned together as their tongues played and slid in torrid movements.  Taking his time to play with the string of her bikini, Luther slowly tugged until it released, feeling the thin material fall away.  Her fingers moved into his hair, tangled there as she lifted herself into the kiss.  Lifting her leg around his, pulling them together as her soft mound tingled from the exposure.  

Luther grabbed her ass, digging his fingertips into her cheeks as he lifted her up and set down on the bench again.  His aching bulge now pressing directly against her moistening sex.  She planted her feet on either side of him and reached back to grip his thighs for support.  Rolling her hips to work her lips against his bulge, the contrast of her soft exposed sex and his rigid covered shaft making it all the hotter for her.  They matched each other, grind for grind.  Moans echoing through the room.  Her nectar saturating his shorts from the tip of his bulge to his balls.

"Ohhhh... God yes Sir.. fuck... I need to cum.."

That was all he needed.   Pushing her off his lap and gripping her thighs with his fingers.  He could smell that sweet scent of her juices as he spread her legs and licked where it had spread along her thighs.  The moan that escaped her lips filled the room as she fell onto her back and gripped his hair with her fingers.  Her nails dug into his scalp at the first touch of his tongue along those swollen lips.

Her eyes shot open at the sound of the whistle.  The coach ushered in the swim team from the Ivy college across the street.   She tried to move but Luther held her there.. sucking hard at her clit forcing her over that edge; smiling as her eyes rolled back and she screamed out loud.  The room when silent except for the sounds of her thrashing and moaning out until her body relaxed.

The men roared in their approval and Luther sat up enjoying the blush on his girl's cheeks.  Reaching and ripping her top away with a smile.  "You are far from done."

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Summer Bench

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Sylvie pulled the man closer, raking her nails along the back of his neck as they danced in the luxury of the suite. It was her time away from it all, and he was all she was going to focus on. The stress of the week faded away when his arms held her tight. His eyes never leaving hers, even though she dressed to catch his attention. The outfit was sheer in all the right places, making her feel bold and sexy enough to approach the handsome stranger and bring him up to her room.

 Now here in her opulent room, they danced. Moving together to soft music, lights dimmed in more romance than she was ready for. She hadn't wanted romance. She hadn't dressed in a ball gown. Sylvie stepped closer, letting her thigh brush against his. Through those pants she could feel what she wanted and that made her press that much closer.

The warmth of his body against hers finally took control and she pressed herself against his chest. Flattening her breasts against his firm frame while her fingers ran into his hair, pulling him down into a hungry kiss. His arms wrapped around her, melding their bodies together while their tongues continued the dance.

“God enough already,” She gasped while dragging him by the jacket to the bed.

Sylvie pushed him down, climbing onto the bed and resting beside him. Her fingers playing along the buttons of his suit, down his stomach and back up again. The mischief danced in her eyes as she watched his breathing catch in his chest in response to her tease.

“It isn't often I get the company of such a well dressed man.” Sylvie pulled at his tie and leaned in to nip his lip.

“Maybe you aren't around real men?” he tried to kiss her, but Sylvie pushed him down, her nails raking the smooth, shaven face.

“And you are the real man?” She pulled him by the tie and pushed him over onto his hands and knees. His taught buttocks flexed as she ran her nails over them through his slacks. Sylvie enjoyed the feel of quality in his clothing. She moved her hands down his thighs then up, her delicate fingers slipping across his bulge at last. His groan filled the room as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, biting her lip at the size of it. Stroking that stiff member through his clothes while her other hand squeezed his ass.

“Well, maybe you are a real man.” Sylvie pushed him onto his back again, straddling his waist.

“Real enough fo....” He tried to speak but Sylvie silenced him with a kiss. Her tongue invading his mouth as her hips rolled. The thin fabric of his pants dragged across her soft mound as she moved. The friction between them edging both into an inferno of need. He worked his body beneath her, adding to the grind. Their moans mingled in the kiss, words no longer needed.

Sylvie rose, looking down at him as she slid back enough to begin fumbling with his belt. She could feel him beneath her, feel the throb of his pulse in his cock as she worked his button open. Who needed dim lights and candles? She gripped his rigid shaft and pulled it out at last. This is all she wanted from him tonight.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used:  ::WS::  Hardwood Bed

Friday, September 7, 2018


Ember waited in the dark, tired from working the night shift and frustrated with the extra work from being short handed. The cool night air helped cool his blood, but it didn't settle fire that burned deep within his gut. He leaned against the crates that were the last of the shipment and stared off into the shadows of the vacant streets. This piss ass poor town was dragging him down, leaving him nothing but rage.

 The footsteps caught his attention before she came into the light. A hot little blonde all dressed for a night at the clubs. She must be lost, or drunk. He could see the light shine off the sweat of her body. Probably been dancing her pretty little ass off to some ear splitting crap music over in the harbor district. He scoffed and shook his head. She should know better than to be out this late in this neighborhood.

“Hey you. You should turn around and head back to the club quick. Shit ain't safe out here, ya know?” Ember's voice was rough, even if he did have her best intentions at heart.

“Please Sir,” Her voice was soft, not timid, but soft. “Safety isn't what I need tonight.”

His eyes roamed her body, couldn't really blame him with the outfit she wore. It was made for making men look at her. Hell, men and women probably. She leaned against the crates close to him and reached to drag her fingers across his stomach. His abs flexed at her touch and he swore a little under his breath. Taking her arm in his hand, he pulled her closer, looking into her eyes for any fear or doubt. Those eyes only held need, longing, and lust.

The crates shifted a little when he pushed her back against them, his hand dropping to her hips to hold her steady when their bodies collided. Their lips met in a kiss of exchanged need. His of an outlet to his rage and frustration, hers of things he could only imagine. The blood flowed to his cock, it's shaft becoming stiff and uncomfortable in his jeans. Ember pulled her against his rigid body, noting the soft press of her breasts to his chest when his weight pinned her against the crates.

“Where did you come from?” His hand moved to her breast, cupping it raking his thumb across her covered nipple. It hardened under his touch and he felt her body tremble against him.

“Does it matter? I don't want to think, just make me a slut, your slut, Sir.” her legs parted around Ember's thigh, grinding that soft mound against his jean covered thigh.

“Fuck yes I will you slut.” He pulled her ass back against his throbbing bulge as he sucked at the pulse in her neck. Her breast heaved and pushed against his hand as she moaned. The hard nipple trapped between his fingers, getting pinched and tugged as he abused that soft orb in his strong grip. Ember's other hand moved between her legs, finding no panties when his fingers pressed against her swollen lips.

“You are wet already.” His fingers explored her folds, getting slick in nectar that ran out of her and leaked along her smooth thighs.

“Yes Sir. Your slut is needy tonight.” Her voice sounded hoarse now as she tried to speak between gasps as his fingers penetrated her core. She worked her hips in time with his thrusts to push them further. Ember let out a loud groan as his cock throbbed in it's denim prison. The more he ached the more Ember would thrust into her slick walls. Finally her legs trembled and she began to sink to the ground.

Ember turned her and gripped her wrists in his hand. This way she could grab onto the crates for some support. The control was still his. He slapped her ass hard, seeing it turn faintly pink before rubbing the warm skin with his rough hands. Doing it again, harder than before. Her yelps of pain that turned into a guttural growl of desire from her lips. Ember slid those fingers back across her ass and down between her legs from behind.

“You are a fucking angel.” Ember whispered into the girl's ear as his fingers slid in and out of those tight walls. Her nectar coating his hand as she rocked against the crates trying to push more of them into her needy pussy.

“I don't want to be an angel tonight. Make me yours.”

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Sex Crates