Saturday, April 30, 2016

Live the Full Life!!

                          As the famous words of Ernest Hemingway enter this reporters mind,                         "Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual."
It pleases me to bring to our dedicated readers, Amanda's story.  

Amanda learned of WS Creations through a friend of hers who pretty much bought out the store. She ended up doing the same for herself once she saw the quality that Viara put out. "There are a lot of wonderful items with great design, style, and animations", she tells me.
She bought primarily for her personal home, but she also has a skybox dungeon that is open to the public where she has used them as well. Estate Obscure, where she spends most of her time, using the Mistress Couch in the clubhouse.  

"As a model, I view poses and animations as the nonverbal form of communication within SL, and I have found the items from WS Creations tend to be a very good medium for non-verbal expression both through cuddles and more intimate interactions." 

This reporter then asked, "What brought you to SL?" 
"Well I got into the scene initially through IRC and eventually through dating sites managed to connect to real life people in the scene. Over time, I went from being a participant at munches, classes, and discussion groups to someone who led some of those within her community. I had a lot of wonderful experiences, and eventually settled into a life that wasn't as scene friendly. SL became an outlet for those desires and connections that I was missing. A place where I could express myself much more freely.  In SL, I quickly settled into being a pony trainer at Frilly Filly Farms. From there I ended up meeting people who have become a family to me here. I've discovered a world where a lot of the normal boundaries of RL don't exist. I've been able to enter modeling contests, become a professional wrestler, a pony trainer, a Domme at Estate Obscure, and member of a lovely family of wonderful people."   

 "When I first started my journey in SL, I had no clue where I was going to end up. Things started out in one direction, and then took a huge swing into the ponygirl community within SL. From there I found a family and eventually settled into Estate Obscure. Along the way, I discovered modeling and SL wrestling, and found ways of expression that aren't really possible within RL. I am able to be a part of multiple worlds out here, and have a base foundation of a strong group of family and friends who support each other. I never imagined that is what I would find within SL."

  I was amazed at how rich a life she has here in SL and then went on to ask her, "What would a ideal day look like for such a busy person like yourself?"
"Less Instant messages. :) Honestly I enjoy having a quiet moment between events, and spending that within someone special. If I am not doing something in SL, I get restless. If I am doing too much, then I feel I am missing the quiet moments that I need to in order to recharge. I have a lot of outside interests that can be time consuming. When I got these interview questions I was leading up to the biggest wrestling event of the year, participating in upper division ponyball, and a competitor in the Miss SL pageant.. In all of that, I had to find time for my family, my submissive, and writing this. My greatest fear is to let people down especially my submissive. Following my passion when I have so many interests and so many wonderful people that depend on me, is a balancing act for certain."  

The thought of being in the presences of a Professional Model and Wrestler spiked this reporters interest, fantasizing  walking down a catwalk or wrestling in the mud or a stadium. I just had to know, "What is it like to be a Professional Model and Wrestler here in SL?"
"Both have a lot to do with animations. With Modeling, you are trying to tell a story through static poses. The trick is that everything must look like it does in real life, so you can't have your body go through itself or your necklace, handbag, etc floating in air. Everything has to be perfect or in 40 seconds you could lose all of your weeks of hard work. Wrestling is a lot less intense. I am a hud wrestler, so a lot of my work there involves lining up properly with my opponents and proper timing. That is great fun with a lot of good people, and I am fortunate enough to be able to get to work with some of the best and most friendly people in SL Wrestling." 

"I am a very good roleplayer. I can write at a graduate level and type pretty fast, and I also have memories from over a decade of D/s to draw upon, so I've heard it can be memorable with me. However, my strongest skill is that I care. I try to help those that I find. As an Estate Domme at Estate Obscure, I have found an outlet where I can help others find their way, and teach people about healthy D/s. It's rather wonderful to hear back from someone you've helped a few weeks later and know that their life was made better because of you."

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Mistress Couch Premium
::WS:: Companion Coffee table
::WS:: Sybian Machine
::WS:: Beach Lounge

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By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova

Monday, April 18, 2016

Foolin' Around

   I know he is up to no good. I know Jake, we've been together long enough to know he likes his jokes, his fun. I can see the sparkle in his eyes when he's planning something. The 30th, the 31st, April 1st - I was careful, so very careful. No joke came, but the sparkle remained.
It's a lazy day, today. We slept in till the lovely Spring sun hit our faces through the skylight, and have breakfast together. He's got his comfy jeans on, and I put on the little set he loves so much. Floaty and fun, ready for a relaxing day together. Soon after breakfast though, before I even get a chance to make a move, he mumbles something about heading up to change the sheets, and I know it. Like he would ever do that without being asked to! I hear him stumbling around and I can just see his face, alight with excitement. I grin - oh, I will show him excitement, alright!

I spot the bucket as I tiptoe up the stairs. Longs years of working night shifts have made me stealthy and I move step by step, making sure to skip the stair that creaks. Jake is easy enough to spot, sitting on his knees behind the banister, obviously waiting to tip the bucket over. I can see his shoulders move slightly as he laughs quietly. With a triumphant grin, I move to stand behind him. Hands on my hips, looking down at his laughing frame. Oh, I have him now!
"Sheets changed, then, hun?" I say nonchalantly, and he stills immediately. After a second or two, he looks up and over his shoulder, grin still plastered on his face, and pulls his hand back from the bucket, waving.
"Oh, yes, now I remember what I was going to do here! So glad you reminded me, Kimmy."
Getting up to his feet, he makes to pull the duvet off the bed, and I shake my head very slowly, the grin on my face matching his.
"Fetch the cuffs, Jake. You are in so much trouble."

 The cuffs easily attach to the bedpost. I tug at his boxers, running my nails up and down his back. He's a sexy man, especially chained to the bed, his muscles tense with anticipation. I walk over to the instruments on the wall, running my fingers over them. I can almost feel Jake's eyes on me. I blow him a kiss and wink, picking out a paddle with holes in it. Ah, all those years of tennis are going to come in handy today. Actually, they come in handy quite often, but most of all when I have a point to make.
The paddle taps his butt once, twice, three times. I hear his breathing speed up, waiting for the smack. I let the paddle fall down to my side again, and step up behind him, whispering in his ear, "Seventeen days late, Jakey, and a failed attempt to boot. So... how about 34 times?"
He groans softly, and I know he's already counting in his head. That's not going to fly though, and I remind him with another tap. "I'll count for you, hun. I'm pretty sure you're going to be... preoccupied."
As the paddle crashes down on his bum, and his muscles tense, his back arches and his head falls back, I say in my sweetest tone of voice, "One..."

    I quickly undo the chains on the cuffs, wrapping my arms around Jake to keep him upright. Walking him over to the bed, I hear his intake of breath as his flaming butt touches the sheets and I smile. Such a satisfying sound. There's still plenty of untouched skin, and think about a way to really drive the point home. Crawling over him, I fasten the cuffs again.
As I see the smooth skin of his chest, a wicked thought hits me. Grabbing one of the candles we save for special games, I hold it in front of his face. He lets his head fall back into the pillows and grunts. Yeah, not his favorite instrument, but so much fun for what I have in mind.
Sitting up next to him, I light the candle and let the wax pool for a moment. Then, from a height, I tip some of the wax onto his chest. The lack of reaction tells me I can lower the candle a bit, and with the next drop splashing down I hear the chains clang. I feed on his reactions, his struggle to surrender to the pain, and drip a row of candle was down his belly. Oh, I cannot wait for him to see, for him to look down at his chest and groan, knowing I won the little game we play together.
With the next drop of wax the candle is even lower, he hisses and turns his head to the side, his jaw clenched. Another little line of wax and he breathes out my name, pleading, "Kim..."
"Hush, Jakey, we're almost there," I tell him with a smile, and finish my handiwork with a flourish.

    The chains come lose and a little wobbly, Jake follows my directions. I tilt his chin up, indicating he's not to look down, and guide him to the floor. I open my knees and he snuggles up against my leg, holding me as I run my fingers through his hair. He grins vaguely, hands sweaty and heavy on my skin, and I tell him he did a great job. Looking over his shoulder up at me, he smiles.
"I think it's time for you to look at my artwork, now," I tell him, hardly able to contain my excitement.
He curiously casts his eyes down and after a moment of puzzlement, his deep throaty laughter makes my heart swell.
With an even bigger grin, I sigh and rest my hands on his shoulders.
"So, Jakey. A bucket of water, for April Fools'? It seems a bit... amateuristic."
"Actually... I thought that after all those years of practical jokes, you deserved a nice surprise for a change."
"What do you mean?" I ask him, wondering what he's got up his sleeve, wondering what I missed.
"I was going to tell you you may need to pack a bikini if you're going to be getting wet."
The confusion must be etched on my face cause I see his cheeky little smirk appear. "Oh yes, hardly any use going to a tropical beach without packing a bikini. I packed it for you, either way."
I look down at Jake, his words very slowly forming a sort of understanding in my head. "You didn't!"
"Oh yes, I did! But... we may need to hurry this along a bit if we're going to be in time to catch the plane."
Wrapping my arms around Jake, I hug him quickly before pushing him away excitedly.
"Best get a move on, then! A tropical beach is waiting!"

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: ForeignThoughts Resident & Voice Restless

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: BDSM Bed - F/m
::WS:: Bucket n Rag rag - M/f
::WS:: Mistress Chair

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Glamorous Life

In the famous words of Lady Gaga, “I don't think I could live without hair, makeup and styling, let alone be the performer I am. I am a glamour girl through and through. 
I believe in the glamorous life and I live one.”

This reporter plunged into a cascade of wonderment along with her sister who was soaking in every picture she took. Walking in to Chelsie’s lovely home, I expected to see a silhouette of Marlene Dietrich holding a fashionable cigarette holder. 
This is Chelsie’s story…
and oh what a glamorous story it is.

I saw this amazing Mistress chair in a club. I was attracted both to the animations, which were different from the Domme and Mistress chairs I already had, and to the fact that the chair was a fine piece of furniture that would fit into my two homes. I was particularly impressed with the ability to change textures...and wonderful textures they are! 
So I visited the shop, and was won over.

At this point I think I have everything in the store! I have a home that is multi-functional.
It serves as a comfortable home and, also serves as a place to explore DS and BDSM. On any day much of the time is spent talking to family or to visiting friends. The furniture needs to
fit these activities and fit the interior design of the home, and yet offer the opportunity for play as the occasion arises (which it often does). So my favorite items from WS are those that can serve dual purposes such as the Femdom living room suite - and they do so very well! In fact we have had custom texture packs created for the furniture to fit our homes better, and we have suggested modifications to the scripting of the furniture so that people initially adopt vanilla poses when sitting, with menus allowing them to move on to BDSM activities when the time is right. Viara implemented those as an update; and we are extremely happy with the furniture and with the superb customer service. We also have a skybox dungeon so this affords a place for more focused pieces from WS to come into play in our lives from there. 

I have always bought the pieces at the store, or pre-ordered from Viara personally. 
Therefore I have not rated any items on the Marketplace. I would be happy to do so; for most it would be the maximum number of stars possible.    

    I initially came to SL for a RL/SL business opportunity, and stayed  (for over 10 years) because it is a unique environment in which one can create their own world and interact with others in it. I love to build, to create Sims, to interact with and meet new people that I would never meet in RL, and have formed lifetime friendships and have experienced love here. BDSM has played a central role in this ten year life, as has LGBT exploration. I like to balance that with friendship and pursuits such as sailing, dancing at Frank's Elite, holding parties at my new Sim. The items at WS are perfect for me to create a home environment to balance the two. 

     The beauty of SL is that, like RL, it is the surprises that define who and what we become. While changes occur all of the time, I have not changed much in the years I have been here. I currently have a bewilderingly rich life with amazing close friends, a wonderful wife (well two), with three Mistresses, and four families. There have been disappointments along the way but one picks oneself up and goes on! I suppose new full homestead Sim is a bit different from my first 512 square meter bit of land, and the opportunities to create content is very richly enhanced from the early days of SL but this only makes it more fun here. I would never give up the experiences, those who have touched my heart, and the memories I have had (with one exception, but haven't we all at least one). I expect the future to be even more wonderful. 
Much of that time will be spent on WS furniture! 
In short - every day is an ideal day.   

      I seem very skilled at falling in love, not always for the right person (LOL). I think now I have this down and am finally blessed with a perfect life. I’m pretty good at building, and have had furniture and other shops. I enjoy business in RL, and initially came for a RL/SL business opportunity that flew high and crashed when the stock market did. I love to and am pretty good at creating Sims and environments. What do I love to do? I love fashion and admire those who create it. I love meeting new people, and spending time with those I love. I love to explore SL, to experience other people's dreams and how they express those dreams here. I enjoy Art and Music; performance art, sailing, and discussions ranging from science to literature to parody to BDSM and LGBT issues. 
Most of all I love spending time with the people I love.

My "Family" is very important to me. I’m not sure where the formal boundaries are between friends and family. A year ago my life was simple, with one wife/Mistress and a small family of my sisters <her subs>. When the marriage of three years dissolved, I gathered those around me that I could trust and spend time while I grieved putting three wonderful Dommes on my collar for "protection". This was to be temporary, to help me get over the past and look to the future. By the time I was ready for the future I had grown very close to the three Dommes- so I asked them to make the arrangement permanent. We did.... So now I have three Mistresses and their families as my own. One asked me to marry her.... which i did; and to not exclude her RL sub, we then had a second marriage to form a three-way bond (why not.. this is SL). 

Close friends have come to join us as well; including my first wife in SL who lives with us when not in GOR, and others. We reach out to help those who find themselves without a home or in need of our help. We take them in until they are back on their feet.

It is a very rich and wonderful group of people, and I am truly blessed! 

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Mistress Couch Premium
::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Slave cushion

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova