Saturday, May 28, 2016

Like Moths to a Flame

“ I'm a Domme. Mostly I abuse subbies.” she said while stirring her coffee. My jaw would have dropped, if this reporter weren’t a Domme as well.  I was interested in knowing what her ideal day looked liked. This was her response. “In the morning, gathering with my colleagues around a warm cup of coffee, planning our mischief of the day; in the afternoon, lure innocent subbies to our club; in the evening, happily molesting them…. Of course.”
My response was,  "of course...?" 

This is the story of a wickedly humorous she devil. This is Bea’s story:

“Years ago I saw some WS furniture in a dungeon. I found it good, wanted to know more :-). What I like most is the quality of the poses. They are well done. You can always find a good pose to use with your partner.”

“SL is the one place where I can be myself --- I spend as much time as I can in SL. I run a club called The Whole Shebang, it keeps me very busy ;-).” As this reporter looked around the very busy club, I noticed a lot of WS Creations furniture along with numerous WS Creations dungeon devices. I grinned and continued on with the interview.

“I have met wonderful people in this world... I didn't expect SL to take such a prominent part in my life, but it did”, she said.  I then went on to ask about her fears. 

“Two things; First, a shortage of subbies, which seems to happen more and more often. It scares me... what will you do without a constant supply of submissive lovelies? Secondly, bratty subs. But that's why the gag was invented.”   

I was curious to know how the WS Creations furniture fit in to Bea’s life style. She replied by saying, “We use them daily with the girls (and boys). All very convenient, especially the cross. I like the bench, too.”

“We are a Domme House, and we don't hesitate to steal subbies away, only to abuse and molest them outrageously. Our malice knows no boundaries.” 

“We even throw 2-3 parties a day. So we can lure girls in, under the false pretense of dancing and having fun.” 

“But soon enough, the unsuspecting lovelies will fall prey to our rapacious Ladies. Hundreds, even thousands have already succumbed to that evil Mistress plan. And we have no remorse.” 

“Despite repeated warnings, subbies keep flocking in, like moths to a flame. We are honest in our own twisted way, we are loyal to those who deserve our loyalty - but we have an insatiable appetite for perversion... if you are curious, come take a look. But you have been warned ^.^”

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Mistress Couch Premium
::WS:: Bondage Bench
::WS:: Bondage Cross
::WS:: Bondage Post
::WS:: Wall stock
::WS:: Captive post

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Time Passion

It is only May, yet it feels like there's a blanket draped over the trees, trapping the heat between the leaves. I close my eyes, enjoying the evening sun on my skin. Even the earth under my hardly-dressed bottom feels warm. When I relax my arms, I hear the chains tingling softly. Sir is near, I know it, I feel him close to me even though I can't see him now. He'd been quiet today, gently wrapping the leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, kissing my forehead and fading into the trees, leaving me open and vulnerable. My heart beats fast, knowing his smiles and grins and his quiet moments, and knowing today, he needs to feel I am his.
"Dinah," he whispers from somewhere, and I tilt my head, my body responding to his voice. It flows through me, through my heart and soul, when he quietly calls me. I needn't wait long, now.

 I watch her from a few feet away, watching her body find a comfortable pose, a way to relax with her arms in such a strained position. The change in her posture as I say her name is stunning, and it makes me feel the control I have over her. I cannot help but smile grimly as I see her press her thighs together, sitting up a bit straighter, and I go to her. She must notice the shadow falling over her, as she opens her eyes, looking up at me. My fingers dance over her lips for a moment as I sit down on one knee. I tug on the ring of her collar for just a moment, and I hear her breath hitching in her throat.
"Mine," I growl, my hands on her soft skin now, kneading her soft flesh. She arches her back, giving in so easily. As one hand settles in her hair, the other caresses her skin, tracing the lace of her ridiculously sensual bra. Down the curve of her stomach, wrapping around her hip and pulling her up, turning her over. With a deep sigh and a dark, needy look, she is on her knees, just how I want her.

His strength always surprises me, and I am on my knees. One big, warm hand brings my own up, closing my fingers over the cold steel ring. Letting go of my hair, his hand slides down, pushing my chest against the wall and arching my back as far as it will go. My bare nipples scrape against the bricks, adding fuel to the fire. I blush violently, hiding my face in the curve of my elbow, knowing he can feel, and see, and smell all of me. As his hand trails over my bottom, I shiver. I hear him chuckling and his fingers dip between my cheeks, lazily making his way down. The moment his fingertips graze over the crotch of my panties, I can't help but moan.
The reaction is instant, shockingly direct. His flat palm connects with my moist panties and I hear the smack before the sharp pain registers. I know tears are forming in the corners of my eyes and I try to keep quiet, but a deep, whiny sob escapes my throat.
"Quiet now, little girl," his breathes in my ear, and I nod frantically, squirming a little to try and ease the burn left by the slap.
Again, his fingers every so lightly caress my panties, and I hold still, very still. 

I can feel her body trembling under my hand, knowing how much willpower it is taking to hold still now. And that is good, because I need her on edge, wanton and needy. And needy she is, indeed. Smiling, I pull back my fingers, wiping her own need on the inside of her thigh.
Slowly, I undo the chain on her wrist cuffs and help her up, my arms tightly around her as she gets up on shaky knees. Leading her over to the cross, I feel the heat radiating from her. She is so pliable now, reacting to the slightest touch, lifting her arms to allow me to chain her tightly to the hard wood without needing more than a nudge.
As I stand before her, watching her breathing, it is almost physically painful not to touch her, claim her, fuck her. But today, I need her to realize who she belongs to, and it needs to be more lasting than a good fuck, so I wait again. I watch her quietly, seeing her breathing change, seeing her press her thighs together fruitlessly. Finally she lifts her chin, her eyes lingering on my chest before darting up to my face, and her lips form the words breathlessly.
"P... please, Sir."
Grabbing hold of her chin, I keep her face tilted up to me and tell her with a smirk, "Don't tell me how much you want it. Show me, girl."
The blush spreads to her chest and she tentatively pushes her hips forward just a bit.
"Ah... you can't want it very much then," I comment, and I see the embarrassment clearly on her face. It quickly turns into determination though, as she thrusts her hips forward. I nod, smiling slightly, and she thrust again, and again, and again. 

Trying not to think about what I'm doing, I push my pelvis forward as much as I can, feeling just a touch of the soft fabric of his suit against my skin. When I finally feel like I am getting into a rhythm though, his hands close over my hips, her fingers digging painfully into my skin.
"Good girl," he breathes hotly in my ear, and lifts me up slightly. His knee presses between my legs easily, and he sets me down on his thigh. I can't help but gasp as my swollen lips crash down on his muscular thigh. His hands still on my hips, he helps me move against him, looking at my intently.
"Go on," he quietly encourages me as I start to roll my hips again, rubbing myself along his leg. He reaches down, pulling my panties to one side as his fingers find my clit, circling around it.
I feel my body responding like it never has as I ride up against my Sir's leg, feeling utterly his, knowing this is want he wants me to do - allow him to chose the way in which I am allowed pleasure. As the heat builds inside me, it seems like my mind slows down to close to a halt, and his words hardly register. "Would you like to cum, girl?"
My head rolls back against the wooden frame and he presses his thigh up some more, making me moan and writhe.
"Dinah, girl... Pay attention now..."
Hearing my name sort of snaps me back to reality, and the boiling heat in my belly tells me to ask, now.
"Please, Sir," I manage, looking at him desperately, hoping he will take pity.
In response, his fingers quicken their tight circles around my clit, rubbing with just enough force to be painfully exquisite.
"Please, please, please," I chant, forcing myself to wait, hold on, and then his lips are on my forehead, whispering, "Cum, girl, cum."
And as the waves crash over me, he wraps her arms around me, holding me to his chest as I leave an ever growing stain on his trousers.

As her body slowly stops spasming, I reach up to undo the chains from her cuffs. She warps her arms around me like a little girl, and I kiss the top of her head, lowering her to the ground. "Good girl," I tell her, pulling her up against my chest, allowing her to slowly come back to earth.
After a few minutes, Dinah lifts her head from my shoulder and look up at my, an almost shy smile on her lips. "Thank you, Sir," she whispers quietly, and I caress the bare skin of her back, nodding.
"Are you ok, little girl?" I ask her, brushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear.
She nods, a thoughtful look on her face. "I am sorry about your trousers, Sir."
Her expression, her small voice, her still trembling muscles, her worry about such little things, everything about her makes me joyful. I laugh, deeply and rumbling, and kiss her passionately.
"It is fine, sweetheart," I tell her, "Perfectly fine."

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Wall stock
::WS:: Bondage Cross - M/F

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Pirouette

Picture a ballerina slowly working her way into her pirouette; spinning, turning, bringing her arms over her head and then elegantly lowering them as she comes out of her spin. This reporter was lucky enough to interview Sherryjoy as she lives the life of a pirouette. Her bubbly personality and determination to make sure everything is just right pours through in everything she touches.
This is Sherryjoy’s story:

"I remember coming across Viara's store; but I don't remember how.  She happened to be in the store at the time I went there; and after speaking with her and feeling the intensity of her dedication to making some of the best RLV items on SL, I continued getting her items and referring WS Creations.  Viara is always making improvements and upgrading her items to be the best they can be. Viara has, since that time, become a dear friend and someone who I adore and respect tremendously.  The quality and easy use of everything she sells is huge.  She gives lots of options as well as choices of textures, which I like a lot.  I have had many WS Creations items out at where I work. The feedback of those items has always been positive.That speaks volumes."

"A friend of mine brought me here (SL) saying she and I would hang around and have fun.  <laughs> That last a huge 3 days. She got a boyfriend and I was stranded not knowing a thing.  I had no clue how to do much.  She took me to a place called Sin City and had me sit in chairs for hours just to make 25L if I were lucky."
 "<laughs, such memories> "

 "I then met my first Master. He taught me the things I needed to know about here. We came across Leather and Lace Auction House and both worked here; and I've been here ever since.  Now I manage the place for the Owner Dar Brock.  My two Assistant Managers, Becca and Luella, as well as the rest of my amazing staff, work hard to make this the best possible auction experience, as well as a fun place to experience our RLV Playground and WS Creation 'toys'.

   "My life now is fantastic!  I am a slave to my Master, Donovan; I still work at Leather and Lace and with the help of some amazing staff, actually have a life on here.  I love what I do and care very much for the people I work with and most of those whom I have met at the auction. I've been very fortunate on here that the people I have close to me now are "real" loving and caring."

"WS Creations is now in the playground of Leather and Lace Auction House. A special thank You to Viara and Dea of WS Creations for permitting us to reach out to You by inviting You to visit our sim, to not only experience the thrill of the auction but to enjoy the many toys of WS Creations displayed in our playground and auction area.
Come see for Yourself by experiencing how well made the items from there are.  There are many to choose from and there is a Landmark giver at the playground to WS Creations."

 "Leather and Lace Slave Auction, was founded in 2006 and is One of the Oldest & Largest Slave Auctions in SL!!!  We have 57 auction boards and over 6400 members in our group. Our 'family' continues to grow daily and we strive to provide the best customer service possible.  In addition to the Auction, we have a Domination Lounge and RLV Playground, as well as other activities such as games, discussions, erotic stories, nude beach, zipline, cuddle areas, dances, skeet shooting, and raffle drawings. Feel free to come on down and check out our sim; at the same time meeting the most wonderful and loyal customers any business would be proud to claim as family."

"I never expected anything when I first started.  So every day is a new journey for me. A day with my Master is always perfect.  (Shopping is a HUGE plus)  The auction having no drama, people respecting one another, and everyone finding the perfect match would absolutely be the most ideal and perfect day."

"I love being a slave, and serving my Master.  I love working at Leather and Lace and I really love helping people and knowing that maybe, just maybe, I had a positive affect on their life and made it all that much better on here (and possibly RL)."

"Not sure what the future will bring, but whatever it does, under the guidance of my Master, I'm sure it will be terrific."

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Domination Throne
::WS:: Wall Stock
::WS:: Post
::WS:: Bench
::WS:: Cross
 ::WS:: Crate

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova