Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Cross

She trembled as he clamped her wrists into the shackles.  Nathan knew it was her first time, but she showed no resistance when he led her to the cross.  Her body was tense, perhaps nervous, or maybe excited.  Either way he wasn`t going to miss this chance.  Stepping back he crossed his arms and took the time to soak in her beauty.  If nothing else, she was beautiful.

"Are they too tight?"  He asked with less concern for her physical comfort than the emotional support asking would provide.

"No."  Her gaze was distant and she didn't look at him when she spoke.

He crossed the small gap between them and pulled her hair to force her to look him in the eyes.  "No what?"

"No Sir." she gasped as her hair was pulled.  Her eyes glazing over with lust as her lips quivered.  He leaned in, kissing them roughly, holding her there by the roots of her hair before pulling away and dragging his fingers across her skin.

"That is better.  You will learn to remember it."  his lips brushed against hers again before moving down her neck.  Stopping to suck at her pulse, feeling it race beneath his lips as his tongue teased her soft flesh.  His hands moved along her sides, their rough palms such a contract to her smooth skin.

Her breath caught in her chest as he reached her breasts.  His teeth bit at the hard nipple covered by her thin bra.  Tugging it and pinching it as his fingers gripped the other.  Squeezing that perfect orb while his thumb slipped over the tip.  Her breathing started again, mixed with loud moans of pleasure.  The chains clinked when she pulled hard on them to steady herself.  If it had not been for them Nathan was sure she would have fallen to the floor already.

Nathan stood again, moving away from her with a smile.  Her whimpers were a mix of sorrow that he had moved away and frustration as she pulled at the chains to try and reach him.  "More please, Sir."  The girl arched her back to press her breasts out for him but he made her wait.  Standing just far enough she could not reach him.  His eyes took her in.  The rise and fall of her chest, the flush of her cheeks, the wetness of those lace panties.

When Nathan touched her again, his fingers traced down her stomach.  Her flesh jumped at first contact and he felt the tremble in her muscles.  He ran his fingers around her belly button, dipping lower, across the top of her panties before sliding down between her legs.  Her head flew back as a moan escaped from her very core.  It filled the room, slow and needy as his fingers traced along the slick lace that covered her mound. 

Pressing closer, Nathan moved his arm around her, fingers working to unclasp her bra as the other hand continued the exploration of her covered sex.  Teasing the lace between her lips and over her sensitive button, he pushed on, edging her closer to that blissful release before pulling back each time.  Her whimpering protests were meaningless.  He would give her a release when he chose to and not a moment before.

Her bra fell away, exposing her breasts to the cool night air.  His fingers brushed across the nipples.  Feeling their hard tips beneath them before tugging gently.  Nathan kissed her chest, moving lower until he could bite at the side of her breast.  Hearing the groan under her breath, he smiled and moved to suck hard on that rigid tip.  Her body arched, and pushed her breast further against his lips.  His hands moved to her ankles, releasing the shackles as he pulled back until her nipple popped from his mouth.

Nathan grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her into a kiss that was pure hunger for his girl.  Her scent invaded his senses, making him crave the taste of her as he pushed her back and kneeled down in front of her.  His breath tickles across her stomach before he raked his teeth against that supple flesh.  Biting it then kissing lower as he pulled her legs up and hooked them over his shoulders.

He looked her in the eyes and saw the purity of her need staring back at him.  It was the first taste of her he would ever have, but they both knew it would be far from the last.

**  Story by: mystermitch resident **
** Photos by: mystermitch resident **
** Furniture used:  ::WS:: Bondage Cross ** 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


She layed in the sun, taking in the heat of the day with a soft smile on her lips. The breeze brushed across her skin, the goosebumps that raised across her flesh didn't come from the kiss of the wind. Their eyes met, she had looked away and blushed. The intensity of his gaze had shaken her. Had she been staring at him? Her mind was all over the place, but when she noticed him looking her way, she felt trapped in those deep green eyes and it was more than she could take.

“You have been here a while now.” His voice was deep, but calming and she looked at him again. “My name is...”

“No no... No names.” She smiles and shook her head. “I didn't come here to make connections. More to escape them. Once I know your name I'd hardly be able to just walk away.”

“Are you thinking of walking away?” The slight curve at the corner of his lips was the only hint he was joking.

“Well I haven't made up my mind just yet.” She looked out over the empty beach and saw no others around them and cursed having paid extra for a secluded resort.

“Since you are undecided, perhaps you should let me help you reapply your sunscreen. You don't want such lovely skin to get burned in this sun.” He moved to her, picking up the small bottle of sunscreen from the sand and sitting down behind her on the lounger.

“Thank you.” Her voice broke a bit as she stumbled over the words and shifted to give him space to reach her back more easily. Also to give herself space from his body. Thoughts of his warm skin against hers brought a small shiver along her spine.

“Just relax.” He warmed the sunscreen between his hands and then pressed them to her back. His hands were rough against her smooth skin. She fought to remember to breathe, laying her head on her arm and closing her eyes as she focused on his touch. Those hands caressed down her back and out over her hips. The soft moan that escaped her lips surprised her and made her face flush bright red.

She knew he heard her. His touch became more daring. He worked sunscreen along her sides, fingertips brushing the sides of her breasts without even hiding it. She bit her lip, needing to try and stiffle any further moans. What was happening to her? She had wanted to disappear, to be alone. To just read and relax and now here she was with a tingling beginning between her legs from a stranger's touch.

She turned and looked him in those eyes. Those piercing eyes that pulled her in and made her heart race. Her fingers raked along his skin without thinking. Those eyes sparkled with a fire she knew was suddenly reflected in her own. “Who are you?”

“No one. Remember?” He rolled her onto her back, fingers moving over her body as he leaned in and brushed his lips across hers. Lust enveloped her, gripping his head and pulling him down as she kissed him in return. Their tongues met in a mutual moan before he pushed her back and gripped her wrists with his strong hands, pinning them above her head. Her heart raced as her body reacted. God help her, she needed him so badly.

His fingers found her breasts, teasing her nipples through her top. Their hard tips betrayed her need as much as the arching of her back and the moans that flowed from her lips. They weren't all that flowed. The nectar flowed from her now, saturating her bikini bottoms as she writhed beneath is attention.

When his fingers reached that soft mound he knew instantly she would be his from the moisture and heat. Her hips rolled against his touch. Legs spreading to give him access to her core. He traced her lips through the fabric as his other hand pulled the strings of her top. Her eyes fluttered open, looking around the beach and still seeing they were alone, not that it would have mattered. She couldn't have stopped him stripping her. No.. she wouldn't stop him. She wanted it.

When his fingers let go of her wrists she gripped her breasts tight, groaning in need as he moved away. She pouted and opened her eyes searching for him. He stood over her, looking at her body. Taking her in before moving to the end of the lounger. Her hips lifted as he fingers pushed her thighs apart. The first true act of her submission to this man. She knew already it wasn't going to be the last.

Story By:  mystermitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Beach Lounger

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


 The silence was deafening.  The date had gone well, everything was perfect.  It had been a night to remember and she had eagerly accepted Michael's  invitation for drinks at his place.  Neither of them could deny the attraction, it had been instant.  He had stalked her in the office for weeks, making up reasons to come see her each day.  He never understood what people meant when they said someone's face 'lit up' until he saw hers do it, each time he entered the room. She didn't hesitate when Michael asked her out, and she was as amazing as he had suspected her to be.  But had he been wrong about the other side of her? 
After several drinks and enough sharing to make them both comfortable he had confessed to her of his Dominant lifestyle.  She hadn't understood at first, but as Michael explained it she grew quiet.  Now they sat here, awkward and quiet as she took it all in.

"So you hurt people for fun?"  She said, looking at her feet instead of at him.

"No.  I don't hurt them, I control them."  His hand shifted down his leg, smoothing his slacks as he sat up.  "Well some do enjoy pain in a sense.  Spanking and things of that nature, but that is all a matter of preference."

"Oh."  He noted the tremble in her voice that matched the subtle shaking in her hands.  "I don't think I would enjoy pain or spankings."

"It's all personal choice."  He moved to her, turning her face towards him with his hand along her jaw.  Tracing up to the back of her neck while they looked into each other's eyes.  "It isn't rape, you would always have the choice to stop."

She relaxed in his grip.  He was sure he was right when he felt her pulse begin to race as he neared her, but she didn't pull away.  His lips brushed across hers lightly as he reached behind her and slowly pulled down the zipper on her dress.  With a gentle motion he pulled the straps over her shoulders, his fingertips moving along her arms to her hands to help her stand so he could remove it from her hips and down her long legs.  He took a moment to look at her and she was beautiful.  Her hands began to cover her body but he stopped her with a firm command to let him look at her.

Satisfied he pulled her down onto the sofa, laying her back against him as he kissed her neck.  His fingers teased across her skin, enjoying the curve of her body.  He caressed her slowly, as if he wanted to memorize her body through touch.  She tensed and relaxed, shifted against him and moaned, responding to the confident way he moved his hands over her.

She turned on top of Michael, looking him in the eyes, so unsure of her feelings still.  He took her and pulled her to kiss him.  His fingers laced through her hair, pulling to turn her to give him access to her neck.  The moan that escaped her lips was of pure release.  Giving in to the need to handled.  He knew that moan well and it made him ache for her even more.  He sucked a her heck, tongue teasing the flesh even as he pushed her up and onto her knees.   The kiss grew deeper, tongues twisting together while his hand roamed her body.  Cupping her breast through her thin lace bra, feeling those hard tips come to life as he pinched and teased them. 

She arched her back, whimpering in their kiss when his fingers traced across her stomach.  They moved across her hips and followed the crease of her thigh to that soft covered mound.  His own need grew when he found them already moistened from her excitement.  The desire swelling as he pushed his fingers against the silk covering her sex and pulled back to look her in the eyes.  They looked back at him through the haze of lust.  Her mouth open, releasing a constant low moan as he toyed with her.  Her body shook for a moment and he pulled her up and onto the sofa.  Giving her a moment to relax to keep her from the release she craved.

Michael's hand pinned her wrists above her head as he teased her body once more.  Caressing her sides up to her breast, squeezing them and tugging at her nipple through the top once again.  He hadn't undressed her yet.  The slow teasing through the close turned him on as much as the act of taking her would.  His fingers pushed down her body once more, working her thighs apart and moving along the edges of her silk panties.  Enjoying where here lips puffed out the sides, caressing them until her back arched. 

Leaning over her until his lips barely touched hers, Michael whispered his desire.  "Tell me I can have you."

He heard her breath catch in her throat as his fingers slid down along the silk patch over her mound.  "Yes."

He pressed harder, his fingers finding that hard sensitive button and grinding it in a slow circle as he moved to bite her lobe. "Say it."

"Have me, please.  I'm yours."  Her voice shook along with her body.  He moved above her, kissing her skin as she arched and groaned beneath him.  Finding his way down to that treasure and taking in her scent.  His own moans finally mixing with hers as he took his first taste of his prize, knowing it wouldn't be the last.

Story By: mystermitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Cuckold Sofa
Models: mystermitch resident
Chel Eddy