Thursday, January 31, 2019


He circled the table slowly, fingertips barely touching the smooth surface of her skin as he inspected her body.  The chains rattled each time her body twitched or shifted at the sensation of his caress.  She watched him, the slow flames of desire growing in her eyes as he teased her skin.   She had waited an hour here, laying on the table in the cool room.  He would walk in, inspect her, then leave.  The build up was as much fun as the reward.   Anticipation grew and boiled inside them both.

He ran his hands up her sides, cupping her breasts at last.  Rolling his thumbs over the nipples, feeling them harden under the lace.  Her breathing quickened as he tugged and toyed with those covered tips.  His lips brushed the soft flesh of her upper breast, his breath warm against her flesh.  The chains sounded again, their distinct clinking telling of her struggle to push her body up to meet his lips.  

He moved to the end of the table, picking up a small candle that cast a warm glow across her prone form.  Moving slowly, watching her eyes as he let the first drops of hot wax fall upon her thigh.  Her body jerked, back arching as she bit her lip then opened her mouth to let out a low moan.  More drops fell, moving down one thigh, then the other.  She never looked away from him.  Her eyelids fluttered, her eyes rolled with his tease, but she always kept him in her view.  The candle hovered over her breasts and she nodded.  He smiled and let the wax drip down onto her chest and upper breasts.  

He blew out the candle and set it aside.  His hands were warm as he caressed her body again.  This time stopping to unhook the corset and pull it from her waist.  His lips returned to her breasts again as his hands moved over the smooth skin of her sides and hips.  He kissed her chest in butterfly soft brushes of his lips.  Moving in a back and forth pattern, enjoying her hissed desire as she pushed her breasts up to his waiting mouth.  When he reached those covered nipples he wrapped them with his lips and let his warm moist breath penetrate the lace.  Sucking in, lips tugging at the hard tips through the fabric.

Pulling back now, hearing her mumbled protests as she writhed on the table.  He moved back to the end and picked up the wooden paddle and dragged it up her leg.  She tensed, knowing what would come, but did not protest.  He reached her soft, covered mound and let the edge of the paddle drag between those moist lower lips.  She groaned now and rolled her hips to work her wet sex against the hard, unforgiving toy.  She protested again when he pulled the paddle away, then let out a loud yelp when that same paddle smacked down against her bare thigh.  He gave each inner thigh three hard smacks before changing her position.

The clasps gave way and he turned her on onto her knees beside the table.  A tear ran down her cheek and the flesh of her thigh still burned as he dragged the wooden head across her round ass.  The first crack of the smooth surface coming into sharp contact with her bare flesh made her shudder and at the same time call out his name.  She was his, and she wanted him to know it.  She begged him to spank her, to teach her, to use her as her Sir saw fit.

Rubbing that paddle over her red cheeks, letting them jump as if he were about to deliver another firm strike.  He set the paddle down now and caressed her bottom with his caring hands. 

She climbed back onto the table, her ass tender and red from the paddle.  He watched her there, laid before him as a prize for his taking.  He leaned over to kiss her back and she arched it in response.  His lips traveled in a slow trail down her spine until they reached the top of her swollen ass.  His fingers dug into the soft fleshy cheeks, pulling them apart allowing him to run his tongue  up and down her sensitive crack.

She hissed out his name as she worked her hips side to side.  He flicked the tip across her dark bud and smiled to himself.  This was one victory he planned to savor for a long time to come.

Story by: MysterMitch Resident
Photos by: MysterMitch Resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Bondage Bench

Saturday, January 26, 2019


 He dragged her here... why?  Her thoughts played in her head over and over.  They were dancing, laughing, having a wonderful night and then he placed his hand on her back and pulled her into a kiss unexpectedly.  Her mind raced, but her body melted.  She kissed him back.  Why had she done that?  They had been over for years and their lives had moved on.  She was happy now.  She has a man, a job, no... a career, responsibilities and people who depend on her every day.  She had become so strong, so responsible, and so in charge of her life.  

He lifted her up, taking her wrist and placing it in the cuff that dangled from the chain.  The leather was soft and fit tight around her wrist.  Her cheeks flushed bright red when she realized she had already lifted the other arm before he even reached for it.  His eyes caught hers and she looked away.  God help her.  The roughness of his hand brought a small shudder down her body as he took her face in his hand and turned her back to look at him.

"You were always far too lovely to hide your face from me."  His lips brushed hers again and she strained forward to kiss him to slowly.  The desire for him flared and she cursed herself, pulling on the chains then relaxing, knowing it was far too late to turn back even if she could pretend, she wanted to.

It took no time to finish securing her ankles.   He finished with trained precision before standing and stepping back to take a look at her helpless body.  She looked back at him as well, no longer the scared girl he had found.  The beat of her heart echoed in her ears as she fought to control her breathing.  Would it matter to him at all that she was stronger now?  

His hand moved along her side, exploring her hip and thigh, then up.  This slow tracing of his fingers along her body always made her feel as if he was memorizing her, burning her body into his memory for all time.  She felt that hand brush her breast and her breath caught in her chest.  Damn, he had noticed it as well.  The corner of his mouth curled with is smile and she felt heat burn up in the pit of her stomach like an inferno.

"Ok, yes.  I missed this."  She spoke out of turn and without being asked.  There wasn't a meek young play thing here.  

"You didn't have to tell me."  His hand cupped her breast, squeezing the flesh through her silk top.  Her nipples firmed and slid against the thin material as if reaching out for his very touch.  She bit her lip to stifle the moan that come from deep within and looked at him with eyes that weren't so easily masked.  "I missed you as well."

Her eyes widened at that confession.  He had missed her?   He had never contacted her at all after she left him.  Not one attempt to win her back or show he needed her.  It was just over, done, finished in an instant, and NOW he says he missed her?

The contact of his lips to her breast shook her from her thoughts.  His teeth bit at her hard tip through the silk and her head flew back as the moan ripped from her chest.  Nothing could have stopped it.  His tongue rolled her nipple, teased it even covered.  The warmth of his breath and the moisture of his tongue seeping through and making her strain at the chains.  She wanted her hands in his hair.  She craved his skin against hers.  

"Please..." she whispered as he teased her breast, his eyes locking on hers as he bit and tugged that hard tip.

"Please what?" he smirked, and she cursed herself again.

"Please Sir... Please use me." her body flushed red and her pussy drenched through her panties.  

He sucked at her nipple harder, a low growl of need coming from his throat as he pushes himself against her body.  His fingers moving along her body, down her thighs slowly as his kisses moved up her chest.  Stopping at her neck, sucking at the pulse, feeling it quicken.  Her heart raced as he brought every nerve in her body alive.

The moans escaping her lips were muffled by his sudden kiss.  Their tongues twisting together, a dance so familiar it brought a new level lust out inside her.  Hunger.  She pushed her body against the cross, spreading herself for him as his fingers pushed down against her wet covered pussy.  

She was strong and she was hungry, and this time around she would not allow him to take her.  She would choose to be his in lust.  That was her power.

Story By: mystrmitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture used:  ::WS:: Bondage Cross

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Well its New Years again, time for reflection and growth.  It's been a rush, with so many twists and turns that it is easy to see why so many consider life to be like a running river.  The current pushes us along, whether we want it to or not.  Swift at times, tumultuous and angry, other times it is so very still and calm.  It's the placid times that we seem to forget about.  The adrenaline of the rapids, with the rough waters that scare and excite us all at the same time, make it so easy to miss the little, simple things.
This year for me was like that.  I got lost in the rapids and lost sight of the simple things that made me who I am.  The real me.  Many know that I have depression and anxiety, many do not.  So let me say that this year had its moments of being hard.  Depression isn't a choice.  It isn't something you can just get over.  It takes medication, therapy, time, and understanding friends and family.  I thought I had all of that, and in the times it mattered most I lost some who I had believed I never would.  But having that loss, I've learned to embrace some that I had ignored or didn't see for the amazing friends they were.  We learn, we grow.  We accept who we are, and it makes us better.  NEVER settle for someone who can see your faults more than your strengths.  NEVER let them use your faults as an excuse to treat you poorly.   EMBRACE those who treat you like a man/woman... no.. not even a man/woman.. embrace those who treat you like you.  

It was a lesson I learned well this year, and one that is helping me grow into someone strong, proud, and fiercely loyal to those who are standing with me and enjoying the person I truly am.   They know who they are, I don't have to name them.  They have me as their friend.
I know you learned your own lessons as well.  Share them with others, let us make a community of people who help grow each other in happiness and love.  Not just love for others, but love for ourselves.  For only by accepting our faults as part of us and not letting them define us, can we truly grow to love ourselves enough to ever be loved in return.
Go out, make 2019 your year to love yourself.  And embrace the love, friendship, pleasure, passion, hope, and happiness that it yields in return.  And do me the favor of posting your comments and stories below of your lessons from 2018.  We want to hear them, and share them.

Bless you all, and happy new year.

 Thoughs by: mystermitch resident
 Photos by: mystermitch resident
All Furniture by: ::WS:: Creations