Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

"I did tell you we'd be the first ones here, Kim."
"Yes, yes you did, but I like being on time, you know that."
With a smile, Jake offers his hand to Kim and guides her into the Dungeon. They don't regularly find the time to come here, but when they do, it's always a good time. And this time, they couldn't miss the party. Kim adjusts her dress a little, reveling in the formal wear, feeling it the perfect occation to shine.
"You look fabulous, Jakey," she whispers, running a hand through his hair. "You'll look even better after midnight, when all you'll be wearing is that bow tie..."


Back at the club, it seems like it was ages when Jessi first came here with Gemma. It feels like a second home, the people here her friends now. She looks at Gemma in her sexy, sleek dress, her skin showing through the thin straps along the sides, and proudly grabs hold of her hand.
"Did I ever tell you how happy I am you brought me here?" she asks quietly, as she squeezes Gemma's hand a little.
Gemma simply leans forward and kisses her, fingers tracing the delicate lacework at her neck of the dress.
"How about you show me, later on?"
Blushing with excitement, Jessi nods, pressing herself against her Miss' curves as she scans the room and spots Kim and Jake.
"I think I can do that, Miss. For now, though, would you like a drink before we join our friends?"


With His hand on the small of her back, Marcus and Dinah enter the Dungeon. It's crowded, but in a good way. The atmosphere is cheerful and everyone looks gorgeous, very different from the normal fetish wear. Dinah looks up at Marcus, in his dinner suit, and smiles proudly. He catches her smile, and leans forward, whispering in her ear in a dark, deep voice, "You are... very alluring in that dress, girl."
Dinah clings to Him, acutely aware of the amount skin she is showing when she walks. His gaze falls on her exposed legs, and he looks at her with a predatory look.
"Oh, I am going to enjoy unwrapping you later, baby."
Dinah mews, knowing He is not at all kidding, and breathlessly nods.


"It is so good to see you!" Gemma greets Marcus and Dinah, hugging them both. "Jessi, Kim and Jake are already over there, having a drink. Come on over."
With the group together, it seems like time flies. A photographer comes over, asking them if they'd like to have a picture taken, and they grin knowingly. It would be nice to have a picture of all of them together, while they're still dressed nicely.
It is almost time, bottles of champagne are about to pop everywhere. "Grab a glass, Jakey. Gemma, Marcus, here you are. Dinah, champagne?"
With a mischievous grin, Jessi holds the bottle while they count down. At midnight, the bottle pops open, glasses are filled, and they toast. 
"To another year together!"
"Happy New Year, sweeties!"
"Oh this is good champagne."
"Just this one glass darling, this night has only just begun."


Best wishes, and to another great year!
Kim & Jake, Gemma & Jessi and Marcus & Dinah

And of course the entire WS Creations team!
With love from
Viara, Kushi, Dani, Ali, Exxxquisite, Cy and Voice

Styling, photography and story: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Bondage Bench
::WS:: Slave Cushion