Monday, June 27, 2016

The Warden

A Jack-of-all-trades and a Mistress of tons…so the saying goes, right? (Grins). “Adventure and discovery.  I have always been drawn to fantasy and graphics.  I didn't really have a specific plan when I started. I just came and began learning”, she says. And so we jump right into this interview with the most creative and clever Keeper of Pandora’s Box Prison the irreplaceable Warden. This is Mechelle’s story:

“I enjoy creating.  I discovered Second Life and fell in love with all the possibilities. Early on I decided to create a BDSM fantasy dungeon after having played in a few.  I got ideas about how they should be run. That was over 8 years ago . So I think I got most of it right! “

“When ever I see well made equipment and furniture I cheat and edit it and look at the creator.  WS Creations stuff is low prim and well made.  Very realistic meshes and textures. Life like animations that are appropriate for the piece.  The menus are well thought out.  I enjoy the customization aspects these items allow. The items I have fit well.  They are central to many of the activities around.  Its really amazing how these products always 'fit' into what ever space and scene. From the elegant to the depraved. They are art. “ 

“I flirter from one thing to the next.  I enjoy adding my participation to whatever situation materializes around me. making it special and fun for everyone. I enjoy making clothes too. I am almost always doodling around in Photoshop."

"I suppose another skill is patience and grace.  Patience because sometimes we're too quick in forming a decision about what might be happening. And grace because my grandmother taught me that was the most powerful thing in the world.  One of my role models is credited with this statement, It guides me too "We don't forgive people because they deserve it. We forgive them because they need it ---because we need it."


“I am not fearful about finding my passion. I do fear being mundane and not making a difference in the world. I don't want to be insignificant.  Or that a Black hole somewhere emitted a huge invisible gamma burst that’s headed right for us."

This reporter is always curious to hear what an ideal day would be, so I decided to ask and to my amazement Mechelle hit it right on the head for most of us here in SL:

“I would wake up (log in) there wouldn't be any impossible situations waiting there. No endless string of IMs. Instead there would be new people to discover and get to know.  I would learn new, exciting things and laugh and have fun.  I would never crash or have lag. My mesh clothes would rez properly so I wasn't parading around exposing my private spots.  I might sit back and sip my coffee and when the attendant was finished licking my shoes clean I might playfully kick them off and have my toes done too. The possibilities are endless.”

Can you tell the readers how Pandora's Box Prison came about?
“How it came about, what sort of place it is...ect   that is a long long story. Pans is old, over 8 years. Now you're asking me to remember?  It was based on a simple idea.  I had a lot of crazy ideas about how something like this could be organized and function.  But, something else happened.     Something magic."

  "The secret is to surround yourself with amazing people and they will lift you up, up, up.  Technically it’s a Femdom Fantasy Dungeon. But, it’s far more to many. We Pandoreans use this space to facilitate our various ideas about what we want. Our fantasies are sometimes intermixed and meshed with each other’s to realize some real fun.  We enjoy a large diversified population and I like to say "All the coolest people end up here".

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Domination Throne
::WS:: BDSM Bed
::WS:: Mistress Couch
::WS:: Femdom Chair
::WS:: Cross
::WS:: Bench

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By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Latex Love

I feel on top of the world. I always do, when latex tightly hugs my body and shines on every curve. Tonight, it's even more special. As I make myself comfortable, I look at the girl kneeling on the pillow next to me. She looks at me for a moment, her pixie cut framing her pretty face, and she smiles nervously.
"Good girl, Jessi," I tell her quietly, and she lowers her head again. The tension in her muscles is noticeable, her breathing quickens with every opening door. All this is new to her, I know. I am still a little new to her, as well. We've been dating for a few months now, and I think she is ready to go out into the world. The club I first visited years ago, as a sub myself, hasn't changed much over the years. The atmosphere is energetic, the air thick with want and need and expectations. And now I am here with her, her eyes seeking mine for reassurance like mine once sought another's. Switching really is the best of both worlds.

It looks like she is slowly relaxing, her position brings her peace of mind, I know. I snap my fingers to get her attention. She perks up immediately, and I smile, nodding.
"Let me see you."
She gets up gracefully, stretching her legs a bit before lifting her arms and folding her hands behind her head. I look at her shoes, her shiny latex Lolita shoes. She outdid herself tonight. The cuffs on her ankles are too rough for her, they don't fit with her delicate frame, but we choose them because she loved them, said they made her feel humble. I secretly purchased a matching collar - one of these days I will close it around her lovely slender neck, and she will be mine.
My eyes roam up her legs, her stockings. Tiny panties, tied on her hips with little laces, the latex bodice. Oh, the latex bodice - it fits her like a second skin, shined to perfection, gleaming in the candle light. I was thrilled when I found out she shares my love for leather and latex, corsets and bodices, stockings and high heels. All the running she does shows and I can look at her for hours. Right now, however, I have different plans. 

 I get up slowly, circling around her for a moment. I hold still behind her, resting my hands on her hips. I slide them up her waist, the smooth latex under my fingers inviting me to touch more, caress more. I cup her breasts for a moment, then wrap my hands lightly around her throat, and finally resting them before her eyes.
"How do you feel about a blindfold, Jessi?"
I feel the muscles moving under my hands as she smiles, and nods slightly.
"I would like that, Miss Gemma."
She learns quickly, and I like that in a woman. Lucky I thought to bring the blindfold, instead of leaving it in my purse. Carefully, I place it over her eyes, ruffling her hair over it and kissing her temple. My hand finds her, and I guide her to the low bondage bench standing a few feet away. Gently pushing on her shoulders, she sits down, leaning back. I fasten her arms above her head, thinking for a moment what I'd like to do with her legs. Running my hands along her thigh, her knee, her calve, I place her leg on the side of the bench. She squirms as I pull her other leg over the side of the bench as well, leaving her open, exposed. Curious eyes follow our movements, and I am glad I blindfolded her.
"Hush, girl," I whisper in her ear, one hand in her hair to calm her, "You are stunning, absolutely stunning."
My fingertips run along her chest, the curve of her breast. Slowly moving along the closure of her bodice I feel her body shiver, arching up against my hand. Knowing she's drifting, I slip my hand to the side of her hip, undoing the laces of her panties, and pulling them off. 

Goosebumps appear the moment the cool air hits her bare flesh, and I caress her thigh, calming her. Teasing her. I can see her juices have stained her panties, and my fingers lightly dance over her moist lips.
"You look... needy, Jessi," I breathe into her ear, seeing her nipples harden under the layer of latex. She nods, her lips trembling. She moves about as much as she can, trying to press herself against my hand. My grip on her hair tightens, pulling her head back against the bench. Understanding, she stills, relaxing back against the bench. My fingertips caress every inch of her skin, tracing along the bands of her stockings, along the garters holding them up. Just below the edge of her bodice, tracing patterns till she whimpers quietly, turning her head from one side to the other.
"P... please..."
I lean down to kiss her hungrily as I cup her mound, the palm of my hand pressing down in slow, firm circles. As I feel her need on my hand, I pull back and graze my teeth along the perfect, smooth skin of her neck. "Not here, girl. You are going to wait till we get home."
A frustrated sigh escapes from her throat, and I press my middle fingers between her lips, resting the tip against her entrance.
"You are not going to whine about that, are you, Jessi?"
She groans, somewhere between frustration and need, and I continue to press against her, her clitoris flat against my hand, agonizingly slow circles. Even that will be too much to bare, at one point, I know, and that is just the point I want to reach. My hand moves from her hair to her neck, to her shoulder, holding her down against the red leather. Tiny beads of sweat start to form on her forehead, her skin the first thing to betray how close she is. I notice the tightening of her muscles, the slow movements of her hips, and with a satisfied grin, I pull my hand away form her.
Quiet whispers drift from the crowd as her mouth opens in a silent cry. Finally, a dry sob escapes her throat and I lean down over her, undoing the bindings on the cuffs.

She breathes hard, trying to regain her composure, and I wrap my arms around her, untying the blindfold. Her muscles are so tense she is shaking violently, tense from want and need and frustration and self control. It is how I love her most - fighting her body's response, controlling herself, even though her expressive face shows it is almost painful. In a daze, she follows me back to the chair, hardly noticing the people looking on, smiling kindly, nodding. Some familiar faces giving me the thumbs up.
I sit down and she automatically sinks to her knees, her eyes unfocused. I pull her head against my thigh, petting her quietly. This couldn't have gone better. Perhaps next time, she will get her satisfaction here, when she is more used to the people, the place. For now, she definitely deserves a reward, but she will have to wait just a bit longer.
Slowly, with every stroke of her hair, I feel her relaxing against me. Her eyes closed and her hand on my thigh, she seems like the perfect girl. And I think she just may be. I leave her to rest for a bit, enjoying the moment, before tipping her chin up to look at me.
"Are you ready to go home and get your reward, love?"
A grin spread across her face, but she doesn't answer right away. Just as I am wondering if it was too soon to ask, she mumbles, "I like it here, Gems. Maybe we can stay for half an hour more?"
With a chuckle, I let go of her chin and pet her hair.
Yes, this may work out very well. 

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Bondage Bench
(Cuffs and blindfold provided with the bench)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Beautiful Sadist

Like a fine glass of scotch, Indigo is an acquired taste, (a thing that one has come to like only through experience). To know her, one would either, walk away enlightened, in one-way or another, or stays to experience uniqueness in its finest glory. This is the story of a self proclaimed Dominant Sadist, who this reporter has known for many years. Now it is your turn to go inside the mind of Indigo.

“Finding your passion is as individual as a snowflake, we have many passions in our lifetime, I have never feared going into anything head first and exploring new things but a fear would be missing out on a bucket list item (after all we make a bucket list for a reason). My one is Jellyfish Lake in Palau. I think swimming with the golden jellyfish would be a surreal experience.”

“I have been learning chainsaw carving and becoming quite adept at it but I have always found solace in Wood burning gun stocks and the like. I am an avid shooter.  I have also taken great pride in teaching specific skill sets to those in the kink community seeking more knowledge in safe play practices. I also love to use my large collection of 1950s / 1960s attire. Dressing as a Woman is never out of style. Oh and I am a huge tarantula enthusiast, what, Arachnoids creep you out? “

“What brought me to SL was a RL friend of mine going on and on about how wonderful this place was and that I was missing out! I joined, spent several months as a blood doll then it all changed. I walked through a mall and saw a man, on his knees and a Woman holding his leash.

As someone who saw SL as a "game" my interest in this virtual realm peaked. In the real world I have been a Dominatrix / Extreme Sadist for 30+ years having held slaves in a functioning Polyamorous household, but here the sheer craving for the mind control aspect took me away from the Vampires and the glorious castle and I have been on the dark side in SL ever since. My place in here is / has been, a Dominatrix / Sadist. “

“ I found WS Creations through a shared landmark from a friend who had the slave cushion. It was an item that I wanted for my home. I went to the store, TP'd in a willing male victim (I mean subject) and went about to testing the animations. Not only was I pleasantly surprised but found myself desiring several items. After dealing with animations that are not exclusively FemDom I found items at WS Creations refreshing.”

“There are animations and equipment of a kink nature all over the grid. What drew me to WS Creations was initially the look of your items caught my eye, something I would be happy to display in my home. But it was the quality of the animations, are what sold me. The uniqueness is unparalleled. I have been a WS Creations customer ever since.”

“The WS Creations items I own do not sit in my inventory, rather are used daily & to me that’s a 5 Star item, as I'm picky. I find the Domination Throne F/m to be superior to any others that I own. Animations are used to enhance our Secondlife and the Throne does that well with sensuality, deep passion and creative positioning. Taking a boy deep into a place rarely visited is a pleasure for me on this Throne.”

“This journey was meant to be a game. A distraction. I never imagined it becoming what it has, a place not only to meet people but I have found myself in relationships of a D/s nature so deep that when they fall, I fly. The connections here are deep and the emotional wounds real. I have celebrated life with friends here - and deeply mourned the loss of others. Bringing my real world self into a virtual realm was challenging, the limitations were great, but in the end, it's so worth it. The realm does not end when you click that X, you find yourself back to make those connections. Almost 7 years here and I still love it."

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Bondage Bench
::WS:: Bondage Cross
::WS:: Wall stock
::WS:: Crate

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident
Photography by Christee Lutrova