Sunday, December 31, 2017


So 2017 is coming to an end and it's been a pretty rough year for many of us.  There were some good times.  Some great times too.  But no one escaped the year without loss.

Life is never simple.  When we look back we have some clarity, but even in that clarity of after sight there are still patches of fog.  Moments we will never understand because they were beyond our control.  We like control.  The loss of it can cause us to spiral down into the worst parts of our personalities.  For those times I am sorry but I am not ashamed.  We can only do what feels like the best at the time and wish for a happy outcome.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

2017 had some big losses for me.  Changes I am still trying to learn to deal with on a day to day basis.  There were new friend who came into my life, some stayed, some disappeared.  Life is fickle and ever changing, but I am learning more about myself with each change.  We like to say that life is ever moving forward, but that isn't quite the truth.  It often goes backwards as well. There is the old saying, "One step forward and two steps back."  That is true of the stream of life.  We think we moved so far forward, and then look around and realize we are right back where we started.

What matters more in life is that we do the best we can in each situation, and we stay true to ourselves.  Don't set out to hurt others, but don't hurt yourself either.  Life is hard enough as it is without sacrificing your happiness.  So in the new year, learn to love yourself.  Learn to prioritize happiness.  Learn that great things can happen when you put effort into making them happen.  Be kind, never cruel, and support the ones you love.

Life is like the flow of the river, twists and turns, shifting currents, and rough waters and smooth.  It's an adventure of epic proportions.  So come on 2018.  I've got my sword and shield.  Let's see what you have in store.

Yours thankfully,

Mitch Silverfang

::PS:: I want to thank WS Creations for the chance to write the WS Blog and the faith they have shown in me.  And I want to thank all of you who give me feedback and fandom.  I truly appreciate it all and look forward to lots of great stories yet to come.

Saturday, December 23, 2017


It was getting close to Christmas, and as he looked down at her all he could think of was how he had everything he needed.  His fingers brushed through her hair as she laid her head in his lap.  Her eyes closed and her breathing light.  She looked as if she could be sleeping but he knew she was only waiting.  His eyes roamed the curves of her body and he played with her golden locks.  The need in him was growing.  He smiled as she opened her eyes and caught his gaze.  Sensing the change in his needs she sat  up and laid back against his chest, running her fingers along his leg.

The warmth of her flesh against his keeping the chill of the long winter night away.  The scent of her hair filled his senses as he moved to brush his lips across the back of her neck.  She shuddered against him and he felt his heart beat in his chest.  With a deep sigh he kissed her again.  Warm breaths of air from his mouth played across her skin as she let out a soft moan of approval.  Those breaths stopped when her fingers brushed across his bulge.  Tracing it’s outline through his briefs, she toyed with him before turning and kissing his lips.

The kiss was short but passionate as she pulled away and stood, moving him to the center of the couch before straddling his lap and slowly moving in that seductive dance she knew would drive him wild.  She always knew how to make him ache for her.  Every light brush of her body against his bulge sent ripples of pleasure though his body.  Her gyrations moving her ever closer.  The rhythm seductive and slow as if to some drumming beat he couldn’t hear over the pumping in his chest.

She leaned up, pushing herself higher as she gripped his head and pulled it between her breasts. He lost himself there.  The scent of her body, a floral fragrance from some unknown lotion, made him want to suck and kiss at her flesh.  His lips found her, kissed and sucked at her through her thin top.  The restriction of that lace top was feeble but enough to make him crave more.  Lust building inside him as he ran his hands along her thighs and hips.

Not able to take much more, he pushed her back, forcing her to arch her body and grind that soft mound against him.  Her head fell backward, moans echoing to the ceiling as she worked her moistening panties against his body.  His hands moved up her thighs, thumbs pushing at the edges of her panties.  Finding her swollen lips and brushing them with his thumbs in tease that caused a heightened groan of pleasure to escape.

In a swift motion he picked up his lusting beauty and laid her on her back.  Taking his place beside her, his hands trailed across her stomach and lower.  Her back arched, pushing her shoulders into the sofa and her breasts up to his waiting mouth.  Sucking at the hard tips of her nipples through her top as his fingers played across those silky panties.  Finding them wet, soaked in her nectar, he pushes them aside and works his fingers up and down her glistening lips.  Parting them with a groan of his own as his teeth bite down on her nipple.  Closing his eyes, the traces through those slick folds as if trying to memorize every tactile detail. 

Giving her breast a final tug at that hard tip, he releases her and kisses down her stomach.  His fingers moving to hook his fingers in the thin straps of her panties, pulling them down in one quick motion.  Her breathing catches, not making a sound.  His lips kiss their way along her hip, down her thigh then up again.  Stopping only when his lips brush across her soft outer folds.  Her shuddering groan for more urging him on.  This was the only present he needed, naughty or nice.

Story by: MysterMitch Resident
Models:  Withheld.
Furniture used: ::WS:: Classic Living room Master Set

Thursday, December 14, 2017


                The scent of the room filled Dexter’s senses as he entered the lounge.  His eyes adjusted to the light and he smiled as the focused on the scantily clad beauty by the table.  It had been a long week at work and the holidays added their own stress.  He needed a massage.  Asking around he found the name of a girl who offered massages of a more exotic flare and took a chance.  Seeing her now, he already knew he was going to get his money’s worth.
                “Good evening Sir.  May I take your robe?”  She moved to him, taking the belt of the plush white robe in her fingers and pulling it without waiting for an answer.  He made no effort to hide his eyes as they roamed her curves, barely hidden in her small white teddy.
                “I’m De..”  His words cut off with a finger on his lips.  Warm and soft as she looked him in the eyes with a shake of her head.
                “No names, Sir.”  She pushed the robe from his shoulders and took his hand, leading him to the table.  Dexter took his place, laying down on his stomach and relaxing.  Closing his eyes, the sounds of her movements around the table making his hair raise with anticipation.

                 “Just relax, Sir, and breathe.  Let me take care of you.”  Her hands touched Dexter’s shoulders and he settled down into the pillow with a sigh.  He couldn’t help but notice the warmth of her so close to his head, the occasional brush of the thin white lingerie top as it brushed his cheek, and the gentle way she caressed his skin.
                The masseuse leaned down over him, and Dexter felt his pulse race as her breasts rubbed against his head.  Opening his eyes to see them so close, brushing his cheeks and dragging down to his neck as her hands move along his spine.  He couldn’t help himself but to turn enough to feel one of those perfect orbs slip across his face and lips making him smile.  It was becoming difficult to lay on his stomach as his body responded to more than just her relaxing stimulation.


                She moved away from his head, causing him to pout momentarily as she shifted down to his legs.  Dexter sighed as he relaxed again, thankful to be laying on his stomach to hide his sudden aching bulge.  Her hands moved along his thighs now, kneading his muscles gently with her thin fingers.  Try as he might, there was no way ignore the way his cock throbbed each time her fingers neared the top of his leg.  His buttocks clenched, and he fought back the urge to grind against the table.  Whether she noticed or not, each time her fingers would drift just a little bit higher.

                The room seemed warmer now and Dexter felt his ache through out his body even as she switched legs and worked the other side.  He would have to thank John for recommending her.  Her fingers were magic.
                He pouted again as her hands left his thigh, only to gasp and feel his breath catch as she mounted his back on the table.  Her fingers brushed up his spine and across to his shoulders, but he hardly noticed.  His every thought now on the warmth pressed down onto his back, and the dampness he could feel touching his skin.  As magic as her hands were, that slow grinding against his back while she worked was all he could think about.

                Each movement she made dragged her gently against him.  He was positive of the wet feeling of those thin panties now.  She continued to work on his back for a bit longer before turning around and pressing herself against his upper back.  Her fingers slid down his spine to his buttocks making Dexter arch his back with a groan.  Did he just hear her moan as well?  He gripped the table and focused on breathing as her hands moved over his buttocks.  Kneading them in a firm grip as she dragged those wet panties back and forth, making his heart pound in his chest and his breathing shallow.

                Feeling her lift off him and climb off the table with a tap on his side she cooed softly, “Time to roll over, Sir.  There is more to be taken care of.”

                He rolled over with a blush as his bulge would easily be in plain view.  He kept his eyes closed and waited as he heard her moved to the end of the table.  Silence filled the room for what seemed like forever.  She didn’t touch him.  He couldn’t hear her move.  The only reason he knew she as was there was the soft warmth of her legs against his at the end of the table.  Dexter couldn’t take it any longer as he opened his eyes and looked at her sitting there.  The bulge in his shorts only got worse as he watched her reach and pull away the thin top that had barely hidden her breasts before.  Now with them fully exposed for him, her hands returned to his thighs. 
                “Sir does wish to be tended to?”  Her eyes darkened and her smile softened as she worked her fingers upward.

                He couldn’t speak, only nodding his head as his eyes focused on her swaying breasts.  The nipples so pink and hard, making his mouth water with the thought of sucking on their protruding tips.
                She moved her fingers up to the waistline of his briefs, hooking them in and pulling down in one fluid motion until his cock sprang free.  Dexter felt his body tremble as she licked her lips and moved closer.  Her hand touching his shaft with those delicate fingers sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. 

As she started her slow strokes along his rigid shaft he relaxed back against the pillow.  He was going to owe a John one hell of a thank you.

Story by: MysterMitch Resident
Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Happy Ending Massage Table
Photos by: MysterMitch Resident
Models: MysterMitch Resident