Monday, September 30, 2019


The room was warm, music low, and the soft scent of lavender filled the air.  Mitch pulled back the sheets on the table, half hoping they wouldn't be needed.  He had seen her walking into the changing room to strip out of the modest dress she was wearing.  It did it's best to hide her shapely curves, but in the end failed.  His imagination had gone into overdrive at the idea of this conservative woman stripped down on his table.

She entered the room at last, smiling softly at him as she looked around the room for instructions.

"Take off the robe, hang it there on the wall and lay face down on the table."  His smile was soft, but his words firm.  She looked at him and chewed her lip, but then took off the robe and draped it on the hook.

Her arms went naturally to cover herself as she moved to the table, laying down and looking for something to cover herself.  "Is there a sheet or..."

"You don't need to worry about that.  We wont be disturbed here, it's just us and I will take care to be as sensitive as I can be."  His tone was soft as he took her hand hand helped her stretch out on the table."

"o..ok."  Her voice trembled just a bit, her hand was soft and smooth.  She gripped his hand more from nervous energy than the need for balance.  He had no idea why someone so naturally beautiful could be so scared to be displayed.

Mitch took his place at the head of the table, picking up the hot stones and laying one after the other along her spine.  Her pur of delight made him smile as her body noticeably relaxed.  His fingers,  now slick with oil, moved over her shoulders and neck.  His thumbs working small circles along the path of her muscles.

The smooth feel of her skin under his rough palms was almost hypnotic.  He explored her with slow intention.  Working his fingers against the muscles, smoothing them and kneading her as he took in the true beauty of the woman.  Sliding his oiled palms up to her shoulders and down her back.  His fingertips pressing along her flesh, working away the stress of the day.  He couldn't help bu notice the swell of his cock as he reached her lower back.

Moving around to the side of the bed, he took time to press the palm of his hand hard along her spine, hearing the low gasped groan of release as the muscles flattened and then loosened under his skilled touch.  He couldn't wait any longer, working his way up to her round cheeks.  She trembled as he did, but he didn't stop.  Each small motion of his fingers across her flesh made his heart race in his chest.  Though he growled when her panties stopped his exploration.  She tensed a bit and he knew she had heard it.

"I can not work your muscles fully with these on."  He didn't ask, didn't care.  Mitch hooked his fingers in her waistband and pushed her panties down her hips.  He could see her visibly shudder at the action, but he didnt stop until her panties were tossed to the floor.

Mitch straddled her legs, and watched as she gripped the top of the table with her hands and bit her lip.  Taking the oil and applying it to his hand, warming it up as his eyes roamed the curve of her cheek.  Gripping her at the knees and sliding his way up her leg.  His cock jumped and ached when his thumbs brushed across her lips, feeling the collection of moist heat gathered there.

This was going to be a very happy ending for them both.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Happy Ending Massage Table

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Hey Gang.  I thought I'd go into something a bit more for the sensual side of ::WS:: this month and do a review of the furniture piece I use the most and see the most in clubs I frequent.  The ::WS:: Massage Table.

As an RP item, it's hard to beat this table.  I love giving massages to lovely ladies and honestly, this table has never let me down.  It's got a good variety of poses both for the massage and the hot happy ending.  The menu is one of the better for ::WS::.  It's got lots of options and is broken down into "FOR HIM" and "FOR HER" making it easy to focus on the right poses for the right person.

As an added treat, the towel hanger will give wearable towels in multiple sizes and colors.  The table will also rez towels, lotion, and hot rock bucket to add to the setting and mood.

The table itself is simple and elegant, which makes it an easy blend into any spa like environment.  The textures again, are simple but nice.  You don't need something wildly fancy in a spa table.  Calm is best when it is kept simple.  

As I said earlier, this is my most used item in my ::WS:: inventory.  I love the animations and the choices.  Everything is well thought out and very fluid.  It may be one of the earlier releases but I still think it is one of the best out there. So much so that I am gonna use it in my next post.

For me, the ::WS:: Happy Endings Massage Table is a solid 5 cocks up.  It's a great purchase for your home, spa, or just to keep in inventory to rez out whenever you find a stressed out playmate in need of a good release.

See you soon everyone, and keep those freak flags flying.

Review by; mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Happy Endings Massage Table

Friday, September 20, 2019


Her body glistened in the dancing shadows of the room.  The torchlight highlighted her natural curves to their simple perfection.  He watched her from his chair, masked in the darkness of the far side of the room.  There was no doubt that she could see him.  Never was there a reason for him to hide, for here she was his and his alone.  Just the sight of her reminded him of days past when she'd refused this side of herself with him.  Always strong, proud, confident, yet in need of being dominated, broken, and used.

"You kept yourself away far too long, girl."  He stood at last and moved to her with a predator's grace. His eyes drifted over her body, taking in the swell of her breast as her breathing deepened, the sweat on her flesh as it caught the flickering light, and the defiance still on her lips as she smiled.

"Too long for one of us."  Her eyes shown that fierceness he had always found attractive, but the flush in her cheeks gave away her excitement.

"You can say that all you want, but you are here with me by your own choice."  His fingers reached out and stroked along her arm and down to her side.  The tremble in her body brought a wicked smile to his face.  Goosebumps appeared along her flesh as her breath caught in her throat.

"One you may make me regret."  She pulled hard at the chains but the held her tight.  

His hand found her ass, pulling her close against his body as his whisper found her ear.  "You will only regret walking out that door..."  His breath tickled her ear and she sighed, catching herself and turning quickly, trying to bite at his neck.  

Those perfect teeth raked his skin as he pulled away, his hand coming hard across her face, in a quick response.  Redness spread where his hand struck and she looked at him, stunned at the force of it.  If she was going to protest, it was stopped at the first sight of the knife he pulled from his pocket.  The girl bit her lip where it was swelling as he caressed her flesh with the flat of the blade.

"Well, perhaps you need some breaking tonight."  he turned and cut the thin material of her bra, watching it pop open revealing her breasts to the dancing glow of the torches.  A few more cuts free'd the flimsy top from her body and he tossed it away.

"Bastard!  Do you know what that cos..."  her gasp cut off the words as he grabbed her breasts and trapped her nipples between his fingers, kneading them with his rough palms.

"No, and I don't really care."  His hand slapped across her breast, the sting felt deep into his palm.  Those luscious orbs swayed back and forth as he slapped them again.  Even through gritted teach he could hear her moan.

From behind the post he pulled the flogger, dragging the soft leather straps along her breasts and stomach.  She fought and moved away from the sensation, knowing her nerves were awakening and what the next few moments would bring.  The air swished as she swung the flogger in a half stroke, slapping it across her side.  She shrieked at the moment it hit, then shuddered and groaned out loud.  The next hit from the leather straps landing on her breast and her knees gave way.  Her eyes looked at him pleadingly, and though many would think this was to make him stop, he could tell by her saturated panties that she only wanted more.

The next moments were a blur of smacking sounds of the flogger hitting flesh, the air being cut by the soft leather strips, and the gasped moans of pleasure from the girl on the post as she rattled the chains as she pulled on them for support.  Her flesh was red, warm, beautiful.  Drool dripped from her lips to her breasts, making them sparkle in shades of that reminded him of the very fire of her earlier defiance.

He set the flogger down now, moving to her and caressing her bruised flesh.  That defiance now gone, turned into pure delight and lust as he played his fingers across her abused flesh.  His cock raged now, making a noticeable bulge in his slacks.  She glanced down and saw it, the outline clear even in this dim light.

"Please..." she said with a look of need in her eyes, licking her lips in anticipation.

Pulling off the chains, dropping them to a lower hook as the girl fell onto her weakened knees.  His cock jumped free as the zipper came undone.  She gave him one last look of anticipation before opening her mouth for the coming assault.

"Welcome home.." he said as his fingers twined into her hair, holding her firmly in place as he slid his cock between her waiting lips.  

Story By: mystermitch residnet
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Bondage Post