Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

"I did tell you we'd be the first ones here, Kim."
"Yes, yes you did, but I like being on time, you know that."
With a smile, Jake offers his hand to Kim and guides her into the Dungeon. They don't regularly find the time to come here, but when they do, it's always a good time. And this time, they couldn't miss the party. Kim adjusts her dress a little, reveling in the formal wear, feeling it the perfect occation to shine.
"You look fabulous, Jakey," she whispers, running a hand through his hair. "You'll look even better after midnight, when all you'll be wearing is that bow tie..."


Back at the club, it seems like it was ages when Jessi first came here with Gemma. It feels like a second home, the people here her friends now. She looks at Gemma in her sexy, sleek dress, her skin showing through the thin straps along the sides, and proudly grabs hold of her hand.
"Did I ever tell you how happy I am you brought me here?" she asks quietly, as she squeezes Gemma's hand a little.
Gemma simply leans forward and kisses her, fingers tracing the delicate lacework at her neck of the dress.
"How about you show me, later on?"
Blushing with excitement, Jessi nods, pressing herself against her Miss' curves as she scans the room and spots Kim and Jake.
"I think I can do that, Miss. For now, though, would you like a drink before we join our friends?"


With His hand on the small of her back, Marcus and Dinah enter the Dungeon. It's crowded, but in a good way. The atmosphere is cheerful and everyone looks gorgeous, very different from the normal fetish wear. Dinah looks up at Marcus, in his dinner suit, and smiles proudly. He catches her smile, and leans forward, whispering in her ear in a dark, deep voice, "You are... very alluring in that dress, girl."
Dinah clings to Him, acutely aware of the amount skin she is showing when she walks. His gaze falls on her exposed legs, and he looks at her with a predatory look.
"Oh, I am going to enjoy unwrapping you later, baby."
Dinah mews, knowing He is not at all kidding, and breathlessly nods.


"It is so good to see you!" Gemma greets Marcus and Dinah, hugging them both. "Jessi, Kim and Jake are already over there, having a drink. Come on over."
With the group together, it seems like time flies. A photographer comes over, asking them if they'd like to have a picture taken, and they grin knowingly. It would be nice to have a picture of all of them together, while they're still dressed nicely.
It is almost time, bottles of champagne are about to pop everywhere. "Grab a glass, Jakey. Gemma, Marcus, here you are. Dinah, champagne?"
With a mischievous grin, Jessi holds the bottle while they count down. At midnight, the bottle pops open, glasses are filled, and they toast. 
"To another year together!"
"Happy New Year, sweeties!"
"Oh this is good champagne."
"Just this one glass darling, this night has only just begun."


Best wishes, and to another great year!
Kim & Jake, Gemma & Jessi and Marcus & Dinah

And of course the entire WS Creations team!
With love from
Viara, Kushi, Dani, Ali, Exxxquisite, Cy and Voice

Styling, photography and story: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Bondage Bench
::WS:: Slave Cushion

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Thanks

It was a quiet day. One of those perfect, lazy days that allow you to rest and find peace. Thanksgiving had come and go, and with it the hustle and bustle of family and feasts. And I do feel peaceful now, as the glow of the fire warms me and I read quietly. Glancing down every now and then, I see Dinah rifling through her magazine. I enjoy her plump bottom in those lacy see-through panties, and the thigh socks make her look younger than her years. She looks cute, biting her lip as she studies an article about some yoga practices. She has been exceptionally good lately, and I reach out to pet her hair before returning to my book. 

I hear her sigh for the umpteenth time -  she's been growing more and more restless over the past hour, changing her position, rolling from one side to the other. With a little smile, I close the book. I was wondering how long it would be before she would crave attention. Crave more than simply being together in the same room. Settling a bit deeper in my chair, I prepare to pull her into my lap. But first... 
"Sweetheart, get me a cup of coffee, please."
Without looking up, she mumbles, "No."
I raise an eyebrow. This is not something that happens often, and I was not expecting it in the least. 
"Dinah, get me a cup of coffee, girl."
Lifting her chin defiantly, she shakes her head. "No."
With furrowed brow, I slip the book between the pillows of the chair. 
"Move that pillow, girl. Kneel for me."
Painstakingly slowly, she closes the magazine and places the pillow on top of it before sitting down on her knees before me.

Her attitude surprises me, confuses me even. There's no defiance in the way she kneels before me, with rounded shoulders and closed knees. No, if anything she seems as confused as I am. 
"What is this, Dinah? You have been such a good girl lately, and now. this."
She looks up ever so slightly, making eye contact only for a moment, and it hits me. In a soft voice, I ask her, "Do you need to feel again, little girl?"
Almost imperceptibly, she nods, wringing her hands in her lap. 
"Do you need a  little reminder of how our relationship works? Of what your place is?"
She takes a deep, shuddering breath and so softly I almost can't hear it, she whispers, "Please, Sir."
I reach out to her, and hesitantly, she takes my hand. I pull her towards me and gently caress her hair.
With a quick tug on her wrist, she falls over my lap. As I rest my hand on her bottom, her fingertips grab hold of my trousers. "This is going to hurt, girl, but it's for your own good."

Quickly and lightly I spank her. I rest my forearm against her chest and place my hand firmly on her shoulder, holding her struggling form against me. As her skin colours from pale to pink, she digs her fingers into my thigh, clinging onto my leg.  
She seems to sink into my thighs, becoming softer and softer as I spank her harder. Her breathing quickens and she closes her eyes, arching her back. My hand falls again and again, her skin turns blotchy red with each resounding smack. I can see the shape of my hand appearing on her bottom, and the sight is oddly pleasing. The pain, however, doesn't seem to be doing it...
"Silly little girl," I growl to her, tilting her chin up with my forearm, "Instead of simply asking, she disobeys me." 
And, while the pain seems to be something she can soak up, experience and surrender to, my words make a deeper impact. I see silent tears running down her cheeks and I know this is going in the right direction. I rub her skin, feeling the heat come off her, and she wiggles restlessly on my lap. Releasing her shoulder, I slowly help her off my lap. "Lean over the couch now, girl."
She gingerly crawls over to the couch, stretching out her arms over the seat. I leave her there for a few minutes, before sitting down on one knee behind her.

I hold her hip, and slowly rub her red hot bum. 
"You know you can always ask for anything, girl."
I see her nodding, pressing her face into the cushions. I land a sharp slap on the back of her thigh. With a low groan, she lifts her head, muttering, "I know, Sir, I know."
"Do you think I'll ignore it when you ask?"
A small sob, and she shakes her head. "No... no Sir."
My hand is on her again, slowly rubbing the ache away. Her see-through panties don't appear to have protected her skin very much at all. 
"Then why did you chose to disappoint me?"
She takes a deep, shivering breath and I hear her stutter before she finally starts to cry, wrapping her arms around her head to hide her face. 
In the blink of an eye, I get up and sit down on the couch, pulling her upper body against me, rubbing her shoulder instead of her bum, now. 

As she cries into my sweater, I hold her, and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. 
"It's ok, Dinah, you did very well. You're a good girl, I know you're a good girl."
She wraps her arms around my waist and holds me like a little girl. I pet her hair, her face, her neck and shoulders till she calms down. The sobs slowly stop, and her breathing evens. 
"I know it's hard to ask, baby," I finally say, matter of fact-like. 
"Are you... are you disappointed in me?"
Her voice is so soft, I could easily pretend to have missed it. I can't help but smile, though, and I pull her onto the couch, lay her against my body. She is glowing, warmth coming off her in waves as she snuggles against my chest. 
"I can never be disappointed for long, Dinah. I'd prefer it if you asked for what you need, though - we've talked about this."
She nods, again, and says quietly "Asking is hard, Sir."
I wrap my arm around her and hold her close, kissing the top of her head. "I know, sweetheart. And until you learn, we'll just have to spank you every now and then."
With a sigh, she closes her eyes, and the word slips out before she even realizes she said it.

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident

WS Furniture used: 
From the ::WS:: Classical Master Living room set:

 ::WS:: Master Couch
 ::WS:: Classic Armchair - Master
 ::WS:: Slave Cushion

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Open Arms

In this interview i would love to introduce you to someone truly amazing and a heart of pure gold. How they traveled Second Life and became a little disheartened by all the closed doors. Felt unwelcome, unaccepted, and shunned as people judge by the way they think their tiny world should look and be like. Sadly, i believe many on Second Life go through this. In a place where one would think all would be accepted, many doors are slammed in your face.

Well, my sister works at a club called Stealth. Of course she expects all of her crazy little sisters to visit her whilst she is DJing, managing, or hosting here! (Makes sure she isn"t listening). So, of course, i went to support her and this was my experience. You land in a very well decorated landing zone. Not overly done and very welcoming. You are greeted BEFORE you even enter the actual club part. You are greeted not only by the DJ and Host but the owners as well. Now, i know all clubs do this.. however, These folks make you feel wanted, welcome, like you finally arrived home after a long absence. Kinda like Grandma's house on Christmas morning with the welcoming scent of fresh baked cookies. No, i'm not making this up! You can feel the sincerity, care and pride permeating through the whole club.

So, allow me to introduce Peyton. The Owner of **StEaLtH** Club - Where Gender Meets Queer - LGBT Friendly. A man that has taken alllll those closed doors and not only opened them but opened his arms and heart as well to include EVERYONE who happens to wander into his presence and club.

What brought me to SL?
I am actually not sure what brought me to SL. I was bored with my PS2 and surfing the net looking for new games to play. I stumbled across IMVU and tried it out. I hated it! Somewhere between un-installing to web surfing I discovered SL about 9 years ago and have never left. Though there has been some breaks here and there, I am always pulled back in for various reasons.

How Met my wife Fayth?
I met her about 4 and half years ago through family. We have always been really good friends. We did not cross the friend line until about a year and a half ago. She has supported me through a lot especially through my RL transition. We have a DD/lg relationship in both SL and in RL.

*Sidenote* This two are so beautful together. You don't just see the love they have for one another..You actually get lucky enough to FEEL it. They both own Stealth. They have such amazingly huge hearts and are so overflowing with love that it shows in the way they treat people, in the way they run their club and how they make sure EVERYONE.. no matter who or what they are feel loved and welcome.

 My Journey in SL with Stealth?
My Journey is one of highs and lows. Stealth actually started in 2011 as an escort club, then 2013 came and I turned it into a club on my gaming sim. Then Linden Labs changed the rules for gaming so I shut the club and the game sim down and did some reevaluating my priorities so to speak when it came to business. It was not until I went to a few clubs within the LGBT community in SL that I found there was definitely something lacking with them all. I felt uncomfortable everywhere I went, being asked to voice verify or prove my masculinity or femininity on skype, as I am a transgender individual.                    

How did Stealth become what it is today? What is the mission?
With all of that, I set out on a mission to rebrand Stealth as an inclusive club that supported ALL walks of life. Whether you were in the LGBT community, furry, D/s (Dominant/submissive), Cis male and/or female,  I wanted a place where everyone felt welcomed as well as supported. We created an atmosphere for anyone and everyone in between. We try our best to educate those who are unknowing of different lifestyles , genders, and sexuality and we support those in need.

So in the end, my mission with the club is to have a place where everyone can feel safe to be themselves and be supported.

To make sure this happens and the mission stays intact. They offer Discussion & Support groups every Sunday! I've never seen this kind of dedication and this much love put into a club. I will post the info pertaining to this at the end of the interview.

So, on one of my sisterly excursions to Stealth i met Peyton and spoke to him about WS Creations. we talked about sponsorship and the quality of the equipment. I bragged ( of course!) until he requested a landmark to the store and became interested in WS Creations and sponsorship quickly. I sent the info to appropriate parties and WALAAAA  another addition to WS Creation Family and we are proud to be a part of the Stealth family as well!

This is Peyton and Fayth showing off WS Creation's Domination Throne. Some people believe kneeling and submitting to someone... giving everything you are to them.. utterly and completely.. shows weakness. I firmly believe that there is no greater strength shown than that of a submissive who opens her soul to the one she/he trusts and loves. To be guided on their journey to self awareness and awakening.

WS Master Couch- Those are some really rosy cheeks! I wonder just how long it took Fayth to be able to sit afterwards!

WS Creations Short Cross - from the outside looking in.

So, at the end of the day, i'm wondering which piece of WS Equipment they enjoyed most!!! hahah

So, if you are lost, alone, feel judged because of your needs, kinks, desires, fetish, gender association or just want to be in amazing and accepting company..make sure to visit this amazing place!

Info on Stealth's Discussion group:

The bus there: **StEaLtH** Club - Where Gender Meets Queer - LGBT Friendly

Tired of places that lack inclusion? Want a place where you can be yourself and not feel the need to hide your gender, perviness, sexuality or lack there of? **StEaLtH** is the place for you!

Be yourself, meet friends, join like minds, or even find a place to discover and explore new ideas about sexuality, gender, and everything inbetween!

Don't forget to try out all the WS Creations equipment while you are there!

The Bus to WS:  WS Creations

Discover how far your fantasies can take you by having a unique experience with BDSM sex furniture made at WS Creations.
Our beautifully designed adult items feature the best poses found in Second Life with variety, sensuality and the passion you look for

Quote when you message Peyton and get his busy message:
"I'm a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdog, the breaking of myths." - Dominic Monaghan

By; Cyliah Resident
Photos By; Peyton & Fayth

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hard Time

Sometimes there are those of us that make a wrong decision, break the law, and have to repay society at the cost of our future and freedom. Some are innocent and some are actually guilty but find themselves behind bars, coughing and squatting, lining up for meals, never taking a shower alone again with an added fear of "dropping the soap", losing their identities and simply becoming a number. Every prison is a little different. Some are geared towards rehabilitation, some only about the state tax monies they are allotted. Then there is Pandora's Box Prison found in Secondlife. A whole new concept of rehabilitation on it's own. It has a modern medieval setting. A little new and a little old style of rehabilitating those who are caught committing crimes. On my tour i noticed that they lacked for nothing and thought of everything there was to help turn your life around. However, turning your life around was a little bit of a moot point since most of the people within these stone walls are lifers. So, i invite you on this tour with me.. stay close..don't make a wrong turn and whatever you do.. don't wander off and get lost because i'm pretty sure the sign out front said.. and i quote.. "Noone Here Gets Out Alive". You should be safe with me ... right?

I welcome you to Pandora's Box Prison. Considered to be the very best BDSM community in Secondlife. A place that provides the very best Femdom sex fantasy dungeon/prison experience that just celebrated 9 years of being active in Secondlife! It is the dream of the owner Mechelle Oceanlane who built it with blood, sweat and tears from the ground up.

So, let us begin this tour with our helpful tour guide  Nikitali. She is a Trustee here at
Pandora's Box Prison and has been entrusted with the task of showing us about. Trustees are a very select group of inmates that help guide new inmates, engage roleplay, and help Mistresses with "anything" they may ask of them. Nikitali greets me with a smile and eager to be of help outfitted in her Trustee uniform created by the owner of Pandora's. Let's get to know her a bit shall we?

My first question to Nikitali was: How long had Pandora's Box Prison been in existance and how did the idea come about?

She stated that Mechelle, the owner and creator had explored various Femdom sims 9 years ago. That she wasn't here in the beginning of the creation of the owner's dream but had heard it said that Mechelle knew there was something more needed. She had taken her experiences from all the places she had visited and compiled them into an all inclusive place where Femdoms and their submissives could explore their fantasies in a more complete enviroment. Her idea was to better the community and with her own ideas, creativity and imagination Pandora's Box Prison was born. A place where everyone could be comfortable and have fun.

Myself:  So, perhaps just seeing a greater possibility to enhance the fetish aspect she was seeing and experiencing about SL in other fetish venues. She decided to create an all encompassing safe place to enact these needs?

Nikitali: Yes, that is correct. Although i speak for Her (Mechelle) since i was not here in the beginning but that is how i understood it. However, in the years of this, The Pandora Family, as we like to call it, grew and everyone here has had their part in the success of Pandora's 9 years here in Secondlife.

As we chatted she took me into the prison club that was still decorated from their Halloween party the night before. She stated that this is where they hold events, parties, have live Djs and dances a few times a week. She also stated that they have actually had weddings there for those that had met at Pandora's and had fallen in love and wanted it to be their wedding venue. As i looked around the club there was WS Creation equipment everywhere.

It didn't suprise me really that WS Creation equipment was all around since they do sponsor Pandora's Box Prison. The event i had previously mentioned was actually sponsored by WSC and they had made a custom group gift for Pandora's 9th anniversary party. A custom cell.

Myself: So, were you here for the 9th anniversary party? ( Sadly, i myself couldn't make it ).

Nikitali: I was here. A lot of people showed up and we had a lot of fun. I also want to thank WS Creations for the cell they created for this anniversary. It was awesome and a lot of people got it and loved it.

Here is the Custom cell. As you see while i was there we had a little ghostly visit. I'm wondering if perhaps it was the ghost of a past prisoner. I didn't ask. I don't think i wanted to know if you didn't even get out after your death. lol

After the club we proceeded to the entrance gate of the prison. It was quite intimidating and i wasn't sure i really wanted to go in myself. She told me that the gates opened and closed on a timer. That you could be trapped. After this i made sure to stay close so i could move swiftly with her on the remaining time of the tour.

As we walked and she told me of each area we were entering and a little about watch actually happens at Pandora's i grew a little curious as to why she was an inmate so i asked her if she would share a bit of her story.

Myself: How long have you been an inmate here at Pandora's Nikitali?

Nikitali: I have been a part of the Pandora family for 4 years now. I started as an inmate who could have been released until on my wanderings i happened to find a bottle of rum. I was very thirsty so i decided to drink it but, the day after i found out it was actually Goddess Mechelle's very expensive bottle of rum. It was her special bottle. My thirst and my drinking of that rum extended my prison sentence to life. Eventually i became a Trustee and now it is my home sweet home.

Myself: So, you sacrificed your freedom for the love of rum? I suppose a good rum is quite worth it!

Nikitali: Hmm it was a very expensive bottle of rum. I should have just found out who owned it first.

Myself: I agree!

As she finished up her story we came to a larger room. It had a medical facility off to the side for those into a more thorough "exam" as well as the larger "community" room chocked full of various equipment pieces by WS Creations as well as many others. if you couldn't explore your fetish here with all these options.. i assure you.. there was nowhere else.

She guided me to a more private room. Again with many pieces from WS Creations in it. I suppose this was for the inmates who wanted to earn a little "good time" off their sentences.. i didn't ask. 

Nikitali decided to pose for us in the new custom made cell created by WS Creations for Pandora's 9th Anniversary. Now, this cell has a lot of fun stuff included.. even for those times when you get a little "solitary confinement". 

That was pretty much the end of our tour. I do hope you didn't wander off too far. I am just hopeful they actually let us go! However, Nikitali did show me the way out with a hint i was always welcome back.. even as a prisoner!

Visit Pandora's Box Prison to explore all your fetishes!

Check out WS Creations on Marketplace! 

Visit WS Creations Inworld!
                                                                     WS Creations

Discover how far your fantasies can take you by having a unique experience with the furniture made at WS Creations.

Our beautifully designed items feature the best poses found in Second Life with variety, sensuality and all the passion you look for.

                                                                   By: Cyliah Resident

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sex Magic

Cold air hits my skin the moment she opens the car door. Her fingers run through my hair, cup my face for a moment, before attaching a leash to my collar. My collar. I am overwhelmed by the thought of it, the memory of her locking it around my neck and telling me to be careful with it, because she picked it out especially for me. My fingers fly up to touch it once more.
A sharp tug on the leash pulls me out of my head, and I get out of the car, hearing her close the door behind me.

She leads me into the woods, where leaves cover the ground in spectacular colours. I see fairy lights in the trees. My nipples harden, the tiny leather harness hardly covering any bit of skin. I am grateful for the gentle autumn weather. Oh, the smile on her lips as she held up the harness and told me, "Some forms of magic, Jessi, work better with less clothes on."
Her cryptic words kept me pondering the whole car ride, made me feel tingly with nervous energy. As she strolls ahead of me, in her thigh high boots, I can almost feel the air crackle with energy, as well.
The peaceful, rippling movements of the leaves swaying with every gust of wind, the flames of the candles dancing. Up ahead is a clearing, and I follow her. Magic, she said. It certainly feels mystical, this place, the full moon in the sky, on All Hallows' Eve. But who believes in magic?

Miss Gemma stops at the end of the path, under a stone arch. In the cleaning, a circle is drawn on the forest floor. Candles and skulls surround it, a machine stands in the middle. I spot a brown leather bag, and slip my hand into hers, squeezing it slightly, thanking her wordlessly for the effort she made.
She looks at me and smiles, stepping behind me, her hands on my shoulders.
"Sex magic," she whispers in my ear as she leads me into the center of the circle, "is an ancient form of magic."
She points to the machine, and I kneel. Her smile and nod show her approval. "Sexual energy one of the most potent forces. Used right, it can affect the tide of life, the energy of the universe. Sway it gently in our favour, my dear."
I listen to her attentively, trying not to think about the machine I'm kneeling on. The dildo attached to it, it is like I can almost feel it brushing against my back. The rustling of the leaves gives the impression of people, people moving around us in a circle, just behind the trees.
"Your energy will flow tonight, Jessi. Our energy will flow. Did you not tell me once you believe in the extraordinary?"
I nod vaguely, feeling a dull throb between my thighs.
"Turn around," she says in a quiet, clear voice.

Shifting on my knees, on the leather pillow of the machine, I turn till I am face to face with the fake cock. My tongue darts out to lick my lips involuntarily, I blush.
"Wet it."
With a soft groan, I wrap my lips around it. It is different, different from a warm, real erection. I feel a slight resistance as I start to take it into my mouth, knowing no one will get pleasure from this.
Miss Gemma walks around me, attaching chains to my cuffs, chaining me to the machine. Her feather light touches on my wrists, my arms, my back. The jingle of the chains lulling me into a rhythm. The dildo suddenly feels alive, and I feel sensual, sexual, letting it slip from my mouth and licking the length for my own pleasure, not someone else’s.
"Good girl, Jessi," Miss Gemma whispers, "Feel it flow, feel it fill up your body - your deepest desires, your wet hot need."
I close my eyes for a moment, groaning, feeling every muscle of my body tensing, leaning into the rhythm of Miss' voice.
When I open my eyes again, I see the circle on the ground glowing faintly.

Lightheaded and sure I must be confused, I feel the chains being undone and Miss tugging my collar, urging me to turn around. Dazed, I kneel down, my bum towards the slick dildo. I feel warmth next to me, and Miss rests her head on my back, one hand on my thigh and the other holding my hand.
"Take your pleasure, Jessi, slowly now," she murmurs as she very slowly guides me backward. The cool tip of the rubber cock flicks against my clit, caresses my swollen lips, and I feel how wet I have become.
"Good girl, just a little more, now, come, Jessi," Miss croons, and I push myself back over the dildo. The intensity of being stretched inside makes me shake, makes me shudder with need, and I try and push back more, but her hand on my thigh stops me, forces me to take every inch of it slowly and steadily.
She kisses my back, her warm lips leave butterfly kisses along the leather straps.
Then, her body held closely against mine, cheek pressed to my back, Miss Gemma rocks back and forth, rocking me with her. And as her hypnotic whispering lulls me into a pliable, obedient mindset, the dildo inside me awakens every nerve ending, touches every sensitive spot, makes me feel like I am nothing more than a body. The circle glows my brightly, still, and I allow myself to float off.

"Keep going, Jessi, keep going," Miss purrs in my ear, I feel her stepping away. Nodding blissfully, I keep rock and sway, push back my hips lazily. I hear her rummaging in the leather bag, and when I open my eyes, Miss Gemma is in front of me, sporting a beautiful black strap-on. She kneels before me, her hands in my hair, and she eases my lips over it.
My mind cries at the feeling of fullness, of fulfillment, as she very slowly fucks my mouth. Through my haze, I feel the tension building in my belly. Everything is so intense, now - the leather straps tight around my body, the leather covering under my knees and hands. The warm, smooth dildo filling me up, Miss' strap-on, still cold, in my willing mouth. All I am now is sex, a collection of needs and wants, with quivering muscles and no thoughts besides the explosion about to happen. The magic circle lights up, the brightness hurting my eyes, and I push myself back with longer, deeper strokes, agonizingly slow.
"Feel it, Jessi, feel the need deep inside you. Don't fight it, you're allowed, feel and let it fill you."
Miss Gemma repeats those words, over and over, like a mantra, a permission.
With a long, deep, primal growl, I cum, shivering and shaking, never breaking the rhythm. Her hands in my hair keep me going, as more and more waves wash over me, washing away all shame, all that's left of decorum and civilization.

Far, far away, I feel the pull of the chains fall away. Miss Gemma pulls me against her, my head in her lap, cradling and caressing me as I slowly come back to myself.
She smiles down at me, telling me I have been perfect, just perfect. A warm feeling, different from the lust and sexual energy, settles in my belly. Pride, and love, and a willingness, a need even, to please.
I drift in and out of my woolly, spacey place, and don't even see the circle burns brighter than before.
All is complete, now.

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Training Machine

Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Let's Escape into the Music

Marianne was brought to this reporter’s attention when she took over scheduling for House of V’s Event planning.  Along with her Master, Sir Lorand we get a better understanding to why they both came to SL. This is their story:

Her way: Marianne tells me, “10 years ago I was in the hospital for a long time I was bored in my bed then I discover SL. My life is a lil bit private but my SL life is busy since the day one I have started SL. I didn't think after 10 years to meet so many interesting people (live Singers, Creators, Djs, Designers).”

“I love to use photoshop (I'm a photoshop addict) I love to play Music (I'm Dj) and even if my English it's not the best (I've learned with my friends on SL). I love to help that's why I'm working at House of V as Executive Director.  I love to take care of our website and our facebook.”

His way: Sir Lorand tells me, “I saw an article a long time ago, in a French newspaper about SL and I was curious. There is always something to discover...”

“I'm a Web designer and I help sometimes Marianne.”

I then went on to ask Marianne how she heard of WS Creations, she replied, “Honestly At House of V, when I heard about the new sponsor (WS Creations), I went to visit the main store.  It's good furniture, classy and very easy to use.”

“House of V is going to celebrate in November 10 years!!!  I love this place, full of different people: 50% from USA, 35%, EUROS, 10%, AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND, 5 % REST OF THE WORLD. Our friend group count: 10,000 people since I've started here a long time ago and never left. We have also a Gold group and a Silver group. ALL members can claim in the main house...Silver and Gold! Silver and Gold Members can claim on Tuesdays and Fridays. Only Gold Members can claim on Sundays. We have also many different places in the Sim: The locked room, the space station, private rooms , the grotto and many others . We have also a Mall in front of the club. We have 120 DJ’s 24/7 with different styles of music and 70 dancers.  We have events every day. Sunday and the Friday we have concerts at concert Area. We have live singers every last Thursdays of the Month. For the future we are preparing an Orgy night at the Space station and many big events for the 10 years anniversary.”

We end this interview with a little more insight to why they both like WS Creations Adult furniture and Dungeon devices. Marianne went on to explain, that she and Sir Lorand, “are together in BDSM life style to discover SL” and that, “WS Creations is full of classy furniture which fit perfectly with our decoration”.

WS Furniture Used :

:::WS:: Beach Lounge
::WS:: Yoga mat
::WS::  Objectification Pedestal
 ::WS:: Short Cross
 ::WS:: Dominatrix Chair

Grab the  landmark and check us out, or visit us on the SL Market Place.

WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

By Deavne Resident

Photography by Pacesoftly Resident

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Connect the Dots

“They make it look so easy, connecting with another human being. It’s like they don’t know it’s the hardest thing in the world” (Dexter). To try to connect or build with anyone or anything in SL and watch it grow just may be one of the hardest jobs ever. Our next interviewee is just such a person: Connecting and building, first for herself and then for others. This is Abby’s story:

“I was recruited into SL by RL friends. I had an interest in D/s and wanted to explore more. Unfortunately I was technically challenged, so learning how to walk and dress Abby was a huge effort. I was a true noob. I spent my first year in a swingers Sim before heading back to Tiaki , which was a group founded by my RL friend Nursie.”


“I took over Tiaki when Nurisie left to back to RL. We were only small then with three other tenants.  Aggie, my collar sister from our former Master, joined me as co-owner of Tiaki and together we have seen our community thrive and grow with so many wonderful people coming into our lives. When we outgrew the homestead Sim Aggie and I were humbled by the generosity of our community to enable us to move forward onto a full Sim.”

“I Joined SL for the fun and friendship of sharing this virtual world with RL friends. Never would I have dreamed the journey I have been on, with broken hearts, new loves, and friendships that have drifted through my life here. I now have the responsibility of owning a Sim and try to give everyone’s SL a good and fun place to be”

“My friend and Tiaki member Daisy excitedly told me about WS Creations one day and took me to the store. She felt that the products would be a great asset to Tiaki, which they are! I bought a few devices and a chair that day and put them out on the Sim . She also gave me your name to contact.”(Deavne)  “We now have the WS Creations banner on our landing so we can tell new comers about our sponsor. We offer the gift cards at our Blues events twice a month and encourage our members to visit the store.”

“I believe I bought a Dominant chair. Wanting one with a different variety of poses. I was impressed with the two sub sit. I also bought a slave post and bench and the bucket for our BDSM play area we were developing. I bought from WS Creations when my friend introduced me to the store. The furniture has some interesting poses, especially the chairs, nicely made, with the two sub sit. “

“We are an Adult  D/s community and WS Creations has quality furnishings and devices which are enjoyed by our members.  We are a beach Sim so the sun loungers in particular offer great couple animations. We also welcome all Dominants. The Mistress chairs, with their more feminine design offers a nice choice in the social area of the dome along with other devices we have in our BDSM play areas for our members to enjoy.”

“I enjoy seeing others comfortable and happy and will do what I can to achieve that. I do whatever I can to achieve my goals. To provide a friendly relaxed respectful community that feels real.
Life in Tiaki is wonderful. Aggie with her Master Sir Talos and myself and my Master Jeffrey, work hard to give our community a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere with events, workshops and games. We are a respectful community, accepting of others kinks or beliefs.  As Aggie says, “If its not fun, why do it!”

WS Furniture Used :

:::WS:: Livingroom Chair
::WS:: Dominatrix Chair
::WS::  Wall Stocks
 ::WS:: Bucket
 ::WS:: Captive Post
 ::WS::Beach Lounge

 Grab the  landmark and check us out, or visit us on the SL Market Place.

WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.

 By Deavne Resident

Photography by Voice Restless