Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Vy woke slowly.  The world seemed hazy as she blinked and moved her head from side to side to get a look around.  Images veiled by the thinning wall of fog swirled just beyond the captive.  With the scent of death in the air, the need to have her senses cleared became more and more obvious.  Vy fought to regain her composure, almost losing that battle when the large spider came into her view.

"What the fu..."  Vy's words caught in her throat.

"Her name is Xxlyll."  The figure stepped from the shadows and Vy clenched her fists.  Vy tried to pull away but couldn't move.  Her wrists were bound to the large webbing behind her.  Though it looked to be a large spider web, Vy could feel the energies rippling off the conjured threads.  Straining, Vy was able to twist enough to see the frame of this trap was a large skeleton hand that been picked clean by time and other animals.

"Who the fuck are you and where am I?"  Vy balled her fist up and tried hard to pull off of the strands.  

Vy's back arched and a groan escaped her lips as the she raked her nails across Vy's stomach.  The faint smell of blood began to overwhelm her.  Each move of the woman's body against hers made Vy want to scream out, the nerves of her skin were alive and ready.

The spider Queen took Vy by the hair and forced Vy into a rough kiss.  Vy struggled back, her body responding to the  Queen's touch.   

"Get off of me.."  Vy tried to pry even one arm or leg away from the webbing, but it was too late.  The Queen sucked at Vy's neck, the pulse throbbing in her veins.  The silvery hands, of the Queen, caressed her body.  Fingertips arcing little shocks of power into her skin.  The tingling awoke the nerves in Vy's body everywhere they went.  The purple fire flared in Vy's eyes, need growing as the skilled hands took their time to explore her trapped body.

The soft moans filled the air as Vy realized just how quiet the place had been.  No other animals or  birds made a sound.  The woods were still, not even a breeze.  

"Am I dead?"  Vy looked down at the white haired patron as she leaned in and kissed her stomach just below the belly button.

"Far from it."  The Queen smiled, and it struck Vy just how beautiful her captor was.  Those dark eyes looked up at Vy, the dark flames jumping as they pondered her with fascination.  The Queen's  tongue traced around Vy's belly button, sucking in the flesh of it and biting playfully until her body trembled.

The Queen kissed her way up Vy's stomach to her chest.  Her tongue and lips toyed with Vy's breast.  Her breath caught in her throat as they followed from one nipple to the other then back again.  The flame burned in her mind.  When their lips met, the two women exchanged their power freely.  Dark flames danced with violet as the heat intensified.

Vy groaned out loud as the Queen grabbed her hair, pulling sharply as her fingers invaded lower.  The women exchanged heated glances as Vy rolled her hips, laying back and enjoying the teasing.  Sweat began to form over Vy's flesh as the flames burned away her pants once more.  her hips rolled and bucked against the Queen's fingers.  Dark energy flowed between the two women as they played.

Tongues met each other,  Bodies pressed together, sliding across the slick, sweat covered flesh as Vy began to shudder and spasm.  Her legs went weak and with a few spoken words the Queen lowed Vy's spent body to the ground and wrapped her in warm embrace.

"And now you are mine."  The Queen smiled, bringing Vy's nectar to her lips.  Sucking the coating from them as if enjoying the sweetest lolly pop.

"Yes, I think you are right."  Vy's hand caressed the cheek of the Queen.  Her Queen.  Taking in her beauty as her hands slowly wrapped around the Queen's throat.  Vy smiled softly as the panic flooded across the Queen's eyes.  Gasping and trying to push Vy's body off of her unsuccessfully.  "I am yours." were the last words the Queen ever heard as the dark flames faded out of her eyes.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Skeletal Cross


Vy raked her heel down the warlock's chest, digging a small red line across his flesh as she watched him grimace.  Her path ended  at the mans's growing bulge.  She presssed the toe of her boot down against his crotch until he groaned out loud.  

He had been busy when Vy approached, it had worked in her advantage.  She had overcome him easily and secured him to his own rack.  Vy slide her fingers along the man's chest, tracing over the red path left by her heel. 

"It always amazes me just how easily you witches fall."  Vy moved closer, her breath warming the smooth flesh of his neck.  His veins flared and pulsed in his neck as his heart raced.

"Fuck you bitch!"  His words spat from his lips.  

"Oh, is that what you want?"  Vy's fingers gripped his wrist, the other hand taking his face and tilting it up so she could look into the raging torrent of fire in his eyes.  "Maybe you will get what you want."

Vy squeezed his throat, cutting off his air.  The light burned in his eyes, trying to resist even now.  With a wicked grin, Vy released his wrist and reached for his raging cock.  Wrapping her fingers around it's covered length, she squeezed as the warlock fought to get air to protest.  

"You are going to show me the way to your Matron's lair."  her lips brushed across his, her own fire now flaring in her eyes.  

"Not a chance, Bitch."  His eyes became a torrent of power as is lips began to spew words of power.  The air became thick with the taste of ozone and brimstone as the binding ripped from his wrists.  The ripples of magic flowed through Vy's body, setting her nerves on fire.  The gem in her sword glowed white hot, dampening most of it, but unable to take it all.  Gods what power he wielded.  She had underestimated him.

"You will NOT defeat me so easily."  Vy's eyes lit with the fire of purple flames.  They ripped through the air and flowed over Vy's body, disintegrating the fabric of her pants in a flash of violet light.

The warlock grabbed at Vy, trying to force her back.  His voice dropping low as the incantation began to form on his lips.  Vy cut it short as her knee connected to his chest in a hard dull crash.  Her hand gripping his hair, jerking his air back and pushing his face firmly against her soft pelvis.

"No.. you can't do this..."  His voice was in a panic now, realizing the losing battle as the light in his eyes began to slowly fade.  The musk of her sex filling his senses as his lips met her skin.  He tried to bite her flesh, teeth scraping her as his panic battled the growing need to taste her nectar.

"You will give it all to me."  Vy reached between her legs, collecting her juices on her fingers as her body began to tremble.  Her hand gripping the warlock's hair, as her fingers met his lips.  He turned and twisted to keep her fingers from his mouth, clamping his jaw in desperation.  Vy's heel found his crotch, her weight on his balls forcing a whimpered groan to erupt that got cut short when her fingers filled his mouth.

Vy's eyes flashed with the flames of desire as the warlock groaned and conceeded  to the hunter's command.

 The warlock moaned, hands gripping Vy's ass in lustful abandon.  His tongue met her lips, teasing them open to take in more of her power.  Vy groaned, biting her lip and working her hips to press herself down on his eager tongue.  Her body trembled, moving faster, the waves of need sweeping over her as she tried suddenly realized the shifting of power. 

The warlock pressed harder against Vy's dripping sex, his eyes lighting again, taking control of the balance of power as he felt her release nearing in every shudder of her body.

"What are you doing toooo... goddssss.... yesssssss..."  The words turned to loud cries of pleasure as Vy lost herself into the force of his passion.  Her body shook and weakened as he lowered her to the ground at last.  The world turned and blurred as her Vy's heart raced in her chest.  The last thing she saw was the smug smile on the warlock's before the world went black.

To be continued.

Story By: mystermitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Wall Stock

Friday, October 26, 2018


Vy looked the witch over with disgust.  The darkness flooded off of her in waves of energy that tickled her skin in an annoying itch that she could never scratch away.  White light flooded from the end of her sword, Veldynne, doing its best to cancel out the waves of sinister magic that tried to suck Vy into the depths of depravity.    

"Where are the others, Witch?" Vy's eyes flashed with purple fire as she glared into the defiant eyes of the wicked woman.

"Fuck you."  she struggled, but the rune etched binds held her wrists tight to the wooden post.

Vy grabbed the throat of the witch and forced her to head up.  The tremble through the young woman's body brought a smile to the edges of her lips.  The took the knife from her boot and dragged the smooth metal across the witch's chest.  Fear crept into the girl's eyes as she tried to push back against the rough post, desperately wanting distance between herself and the blade.  Vy squeezed the girl's neck harder to hold her in place before turning the knife and slicing down the front of the witch's dress.  Cutting away the fabric until the girl was left only in the red lace underclothes.

"Well, such fine lingerie for a simple night out.  Did I interrupt your plans?"  Vy stabbed the blade into the wood and let her fingers trace along the witch's arm.  Nails raking flesh as she leaned in close enough to tickle her breath across the witch's skin.

"Like I would tell you anything!"  the young witch had spirit, that was for certain.

"You will tell me everything.  They always do."  Vy dug her nails into the soft flesh of the witch's side as they roamed lower.  Light red trails followed them and the young witch arched her back and looked away from her captor's eyes.  Vy grabbed her chin, turning her to look into gaze as she spoke in soft tones.  "I was taken by witches at a young age, raised by them in their central den.  I've seen what goes on in the belly of darkness.  The lust that fuels rituals, the nectar that harnesses the pure power of desire.  Sex was a constant in that den, and I learned the arts from the best they had."  

Vy leaned in close to the witch's ear as she whispered, her warm breath tickling the flesh of her victim.  "I know what power is."  Vy leaned back and slapped across the witch's breast before cupping it and squeezing until the girl whimpered out a moan she had hoped to hide.

Through her fingers, Vy could feel the struggle of the young witch.  The internal fight to keep her focus against the teasing from the experienced witch hunter.  The lavender flames in Vy's eyes flared, waves of soft energy flowed to her fingertips, arching in sparks that woke the nerves in the girl's skin.  This was the power of the Vyolet.  

"Goddess.. what are you doing to me?"  The witch arched her back and pushed her breast into Vy's hand, eyes rolling as goosebumps appeared along the trails of Vy's fingertips.  

"Claiming you."  Vy bent lower, kissing the witch's neck, sucking at her pulse as it raced beneath her lips.

"No.. no you can't.  I can't be yours.. please."  The witch struggled then bit her lip to stifle the protests as Vy kissed lower.  Butterfly soft brushes of her lips across the young witch's chest as her fingertips moved to caress the sides of the girl's breasts.  The energy flowing across her skin, increasing every touch ten fold.

"You will be."  Vy's teeth trapped the girl's nipple through the fabric of her top, tugging and teasing it as she looked up and caught the gaze of the young witch.  The girl began to cry, but still pushed her breast into Vy's mouth, overwhelmed with the need that was burning inside her now.  The internal battle over resistance being lost to the lust that was taking over her body.

Vy waved a hand over the binding cuffs, their runes glowing as the twisted the girl around and brought her to her knees.  Those cheeks now pushed out behind her as she leaned her chest and face against the rough wood.  Raising her hand and bringing it down in a wide arc, Vy slapped the girl's ass until the sting in her hand felt like it was warming at a fire.  The girl yelped out with each smack against her flesh, whimpering and digging her nails into the bark of the post as if clinging on for support.  The witch's cheek was red, warm, ready.  Vy raked her nails along the skin before moving her fingertips down across the covered lips of her captive.

"ooooooooo fuck..." the girl moaned and reflexively spread her legs making space for Vy's fingers.  She smiled as she caressed the girl's soaked crotch.  A witch's power came from harnessing pure emotions, happiness, hate, fear, lust... it made them strong, but it was also one of their greatest weaknesses.  

Vy worked the bindings again.  The glow returned as they slid upward, standing the girl in front of her now.  Her fingertips played along the girl's abused ass, caressing it softly then lower.  Nails raking down the witch's thighs then up again.  She didn't need to tease the girl more, she was ready, but Vy always enjoy this part of the claiming.  Seeing the girl's resolve destroyed by lust and need.  The girl trembled and moaned, her back arching and thighs spreading as she offered herself to Vy.

"Anything Lady... anything... please..." The girl's words made Vy smile.  This one was going to stay hers for a long while.

Vy pushed the moistened panties to the side at last, fingers teasing the soft folds of the witch's core.  The nectar flowed down her thighs and coated Vy's hand as she toyed with the girl, exploring her in this last moment.  This was the true claiming, Vy brought her coated fingers to her lips, tongue licking their length before sucking them into her mouth.  She groaned at the taste and power of the witch's juices, feeling her eyes glow brightly as the purple flames flowed from her eyes and into the eyes of the witch. The girl's head whipped back and she let out a loud moan of ecstasy as the claiming finished.

"Anything?"  Vy stood behind the girl.

She twisted to look into the eyes of Lady Vyolet, "Anything for you My Lady."

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Halloween Post