Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Mitch stirred restlessly in the chair.  He tried to find a comfortable way to sit, one that didn't show his excitement so clearly.  He straightened his tie, brushed the legs of his pants, and moved his arms into a hundred different positions as he fidgeted in the chair.

"I can hear you out there." her voice had the hint of humor.  He knew she was smiling, and that brought a smile to him as well.

"You didn't hear anything."  He shifted again, wishing he had taken that drink she had offered when they had arrived.  He wasn't particularly thirsty, but it would give his idle hands something to do.

"Good things come to those who wait."  She rounded the corner and eyed him playfully.  Her dress clung to her perfect curves in a way that made him reluctant to remove it.  He wanted to experience them through it, smooth it over her body with his rough hands.

She crossed to him and ran her hands along his legs, nails raking across the material as she rested back on her heels and looked up into his eyes.  The mischief danced in them like sparkles in the night sky.  He didn't even need to see her mouth to know she was smiling.  Was she happy, or was it the joy a cat find when it has just cornered a mouse?

His hand brushed up her bare arm and took her by the back of the neck.  Leaning down he brushed his lips across hers, tasting her breath and taking in the scent of her hair.  "You are so beautiful."  He felt his pulse quicken as the words fell from his lips.  Her tongue darted out and flicked over his lips as she giggled.

"And you, Sir, look very handsome tonight."  Her fingers traced his chest up to his tie.  She pretended to fix in and then pulled him down into a deep kiss.  Their tongues battled for positions against each other in a wrestling match for dominance.  Dominance was his norm, but she was playful and seductive and he had not had the discussion of his desires before she had asked him up to her apartment.

She pulled back, resting her head on his lap and looking up at him.  Her ass pressed out just enough to tease him with that incredibly low back.  How he had watched her when he saw her at the bar.  That bit of her ass peeking out of the dress.  Taunting every man in the room.  He knew he wanted her, then and there.

"I take it you don't usually do this."  Her smile curled at the corners of her lips while her fingertips worked along his slacks.  She found his bulge and traced it's outline with such a gentle touch he felt his shaft stretch and strain to reach out for more.  "A fine dressed man, picking up a woman at a bar."

"It isn't my first time."  He slid his fingers along her jaw, then up along her cheek and across her lips.  She nipped at his finger, then flicked it with her tongue.  "But I normally have a very particular type of woman I am interested in."

"Oh," she cocked her head to the side and pressed her palm against his aching bulge.  "And what kind of woman is that?"

His groan barely escaped his lips before the breath caught in his throat.  "Women less forward, more...." His mind searched for the right word but few came to him at the moment.  She had all the blood in his body moving away from his brain.  "... submissive."

She climbed up and straddled his lap, slowly rolling her hips in a way that brought her soft mound into contact with his restrained cock.  His hands moved to her thighs, digging into that smooth flesh as he leaned in and pressed his lips to the exposed flesh of her chest.

"So you want me meek and mild?"  her nails raked along his jacket, as she pushed against his chest and rolled her hips a bit more.  It suddenly occurred to him that she had removed her panties while out of his sight.  The way she bit her lip and the glassy look to her eyes let him know she was working herself up as she teased against his raging need.

"No.  I want you just as you are."  His hand moved to cup her ass, pulling her more firmly against his body as he leaned forward and sucked at her neck.  His teeth raked her skin before his tongue traced down to her pulse, feeling it quicken under his ministrations.

She leaned in and whispered softly in his ear, her breath tickling his flesh so the hairs on his neck rose with each word.  "I saw you watching me at the bar.  Watching my ass in my dress."

"To be honest," he smiled and spoke in whispered retort, "I was watching the part of your ass not in your dress."

She giggled and stood, spinning around and placing her hands on his knees as she slowly gyrated her hips to sway that perfect ass back and forth across his lap.  "This bit of my ass?"  She looked back over her shoulder with a playful grin.

He gripped her hips as she moved, then worked her dress up, exposing the hidden part of her ass just as the clock in the other room began to chime.  Her motion rocked in time with the clock, her hands slowly moving up his thighs as he leaned to her and kissed along her spine.  Witch each deep gong she moved her fingers until the traced his cock again.  Moving quickly at last, she gripped the zipper and pulled it down, reaching the bottom just as the last gong struck declaring it midnight.

"Merry Christmas," she smiled and finished unwrapping her present that would keep her up well into the holiday night.

Story By: mystermitch resident
Photos By: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Wisdom Chair

Thursday, December 20, 2018


How long had she been sitting here?  An hour, maybe more?  The look in his eyes hadn't changed at all.  The sadness there was deep, like an abyss that threatened to take her into it as well.  Her fingers fumbled at the edge of her skirt and she chewed her bottom lip to keep from speaking.  This was so unlike him.  He never kept her waiting like this.  He hated the kneeling at his feet, and she knew that.  She knelt for that very reason.  She wanted him to react.  

He shifted in his chair and she glanced up at him, their eyes met for a moment then he looked away again.  The pity in her stomach burned to to rage in a instant.  She came here to please him, why wouldn't he use her to kill that sadness?

"She wasn't worthy of you, Sir."  She barely choked out the last bit of the sentence before their eyes met.

He moved to the floor, suddenly and she looked away and braced for punishment she expected.  Her hands went behind her, fully submitting to it instead of protecting herself.  She was his.

"She was..." his fingers rested under her chin, tilting her to look into his eyes again.  They were fierce with emotion, raw and angry.  "She was more worthy than I deserved."  His hand moved to her hair,  pulling to twist her head back as his fingers traced her lips.  Those lips trembled beneath his touch, then she kissed his fingertips softly, feeling her breath grow warm just from the proximity of his body to hers.

"If she was worthy,"  her tongue traced the tip of his index finger, "Sir would still have her."

"Is that so?"  His hand moved down to her neck, fingers gripping around that smooth flesh.  Her pulse jumped into a quick gallop that she knew he could feel.  "If I wanted her, I would have her?"

She nodded, afraid to speak as she slowly took in each breath as if he would rob her of another.

Instead he reached for her arms and pulled them up above her head.  She knew this position.  Her back straightened out of reflex as his hands began to roam across her chest and arms.  She mewed softly and closed her eyes, enjoying the slow exploration as his rough palms worked along her shoulders and down along her sides.

"Sir can have anyone.  Sir has me."  Her breath caught in her chest as his hands cupped her breasts.  His thumbs circled her nipples through the thin material.  Their diamond hard tips protruding out now, making themselves visible through the silk as it conformed to their shape.

"Yes I do have you."  His fingers trapped her nipples between them, tugging and teasing at their sensitive tips as he continued to speak in a soft but firm tone.  "You are beautiful, loyal, and obedient.  The perfect sub for any Dom."

"No, Sir."  She shook her head slowly.  "I am only meant for you, Sir."  Her eyes pleaded for him to accept that, to be enough to chase the mournful look in his eyes away.

"She wasn't my sub."  He looked away again.  His eyes went glassy as if wet.  She never knew he had anything other than subs.  Realizing just what he was feeling, she knew not to speak about it again.

He rested back in the chair, resting his head back and sighing.  She bit her lip again.  She'd said all she could say for now, but she didn't need to speak to be what he needed.  

She rose from her knees, turning and sitting down in her Sir's lap.  He never protested her affection for him.  He was a kind man, rough in sex, but tender in heart.  She laid her forehead against his and brushed his cheek with her fingertips.  No words were needed, she wouldn't try to make him talk.  The warmth between them was enough if that is all he required of her for this night.

They stayed that way for a long time, the only change was when she shifted to lay her head on his shoulder, so close she could smell him and occasionally brush her lips against his neck.  They had been together so long she knew there would be time again for playing, but taking care of her Sir was more than just a physical expectation.  They were there for each other in a deeper way as well.

When she grew tired he stroked her back.  Her eyes closed and her breathing lengthened.  He turned and kissed her head in a tender moment that made her smile even in her half awake state.

"You should get some sleep."  He squeezed her softly to him as he spoke.

"Sir."  She raised herself up and looked him in the eyes.  "My place is by your side, if you will let me."

All he did was nod, but it was all she needed.  She slid down to the floor once more, resting her weary head on his thigh.  This was the lifestyle she had chosen, to be his, to see to his needs, to be by his side.  This is where she belonged. 

Story by: mystermitch resident
Phots by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used:  ::WS:: Domination Throne