Tuesday, October 31, 2017


              Maryem tried to ignore the waves of pleasure that defied her terror.  His lips were soft and passionate, and her clit was swelling with each movement over his leg.  She felt his grip on her wrists loosening as her will to fight him was slowly fading.  Everything in her begged for more and Maryem fought to tell herself that it was her body’s reaction to stimulation mixed with fear.  His lips found her nipple she moaned and her back arched.  Moving a hand to cup her opposite breast, rolling the hard bit under the thin fabric.  She groaned and pushed herself against him as he explored and teased her body. 
                The soaked fabric of her panties excited him as he began to smell her fragrance.  She felt a bit of pain, looking down to see the monster sucking blood from a bite on her breast.  Against her thigh she could feel his cock hardening in his pants as he sucked the blood from her again.  Maryem brought her hands to his head, pushing her flesh into his bite.   Her body trembled again and this time she knew it was her hunger growing as well.  He stripped her of the skirt she wore and the panties that were soaked through, tracing a finger through the blood and drawing a line down to her wet pussy.  His mouth and tongue followed the line across her stomach and lower.  Maryem moaned as his mouth found her lips, laying back on the desk with her arch backed.  He traced them lightly with his tongue before they opened and he let his mouth close around her, sucking her juices. 


                She lost track of time as his mouth devoured her wet folds.  His tongue found her clit and her moan filled the room, feeling the first signs of orgasm beginning to build.  Fingers found her wet pussy and moved inside and she squeezed them as they moved in and out of her.  Her body bucked and ground against him, flooding his face with her lust.

                Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore he stood and pressed against her.  She saw that bulge free now; his cock throbbing, stiff and ready for her.  She reached down and traced the head with her fingers, letting them slide down the shaft until she reached the base.  Wrapping her hands around it she dropped to the floor and kissed the head.  He moaned as his hand found her hair.  He didn’t force her, but the pressure he applied made her take his cock deep in her mouth.  Maryem moaned softly as she felt her body tremble and quake.  Her fingers cupping his balls as she moved her mouth over his cock.  He stood still, fighting the urge to thrust his cock into her mouth.  His balls pulsed and swelled as she heard his breathing quicken.  She licked the head of his cock as her fingers jerked him, feeling her body aching for him inside her.

                He lifted her again, pressing her down on the desk.  Its hard surface was cold on her back and she trembled but she didn’t care.  His cock was between her legs now, pressing her open as she gripped him around his neck.  She opened to him easily as he pushed into her.  The heat of him surprised her as he began to rock his hips, grinding his pelvis against her clit.  Maryem kissed him now, wanting his body on hers, feeling the weight of him on top of her as his cock drove deeper with each thrust.  She felt his lips against her neck again and sighed with the pain.  He was biting her again and this time it felt exquisite.  Needing him now, she forgot to fight, forgot to fear.  She felt only desire as his cock filled her.  Her body shook as passion mixed with pain turning into hunger.  Her orgasm flowed through her in waves and she clung to him as she felt his body tense and spasm as well.  His seed filling her as they rocked and twisted, the closest she had ever been to bliss.

                She didn’t know how or when she had bitten him in return; she tasted his blood in her mouth now, the warmth in her throat.  He cradled her in his arms for a long time as she drifted to sleep.  When she woke he was dressed and held out a long coat for her to wear; her clothes too tattered and torn to be of any use.  She slipped it on and took his hand, realizing it no longer felt so strange.  They turned to walk out into the shadows into the destiny and the eternity he had just granted her.

Story by:  MysterMitch
Furniture Used:  ::WS:: Sexy Desk
Models Used:  MysterMitch
                        Amythe Moonlight

Monday, October 23, 2017


               Shadows swirled and turned in the corridor as she moved toward the chamber door.  Not enough to draw attention, but enough to send a shiver through her spine.  Maryem kept moving forward even as the lights fluttered out in the stately hall.  The tremble in her breath gave away her fear as her heart beat pulsed through the room.


                  “You shouldn’t be out so late,” the voice sang to her, calming even as she knew she should scream.  “Nothing good can come of this.”
                He stepped from the shadows at the end of the hall, and Maryem froze.  No door had opened, nor had she seen him in the pale moon light through the windows.  She could see him now and she fought the conflicting feelings inside.  His skin of marble, his eyes of the palest blue, his hair that shone light even in the shadows, only his lips gave way to color; red.  Every move he made was slow yet he seemed to glide more than walk.  In any other circumstance he would have been beautiful, yet he was death and she knew it.
                “I was just leaving.” Maryem barely whispered.
                “It’s a bit late for that now.”  He almost seemed to laugh as he spoke.
                Maryem turned to run but his arm was already around her.  A scream coming to her throat as the terror finally tore through her but his eyes froze the sound before it could escape.  His skin was hard and cold and her hand began to ache as she thrashed upon his chest and face.  He laughed and caught her wrist, whispering firmly.  “Stop.” 
                Every muscle in her body tensed and went numb as her mind pleaded for her to run.  Those eyes caught her again and she felt her knees weaken.  She wanted to fight.  She remembered how her brother would say to kick him in the balls, or claw his eyes like her father had shown.  She wanted to hurt him and get away, but all she could do was cry. 


            His hand brushed away a tear, licking it from the tip of his finger with a smile.  “Such a wonderful thing a tear is.  It can show sadness, pain, fear, anger, and happiness.”  His finger returned to her cheek and traced the hair over her ear and down her neck.  She shuddered at the feel of his cold skin and her heart raced.  The blood flowed through her veins and the stress plumped her veins, pulsing with each beat of her racing heart.  “But it isn’t the only … delicious… fluid in your body.”
                Maryem strained to scream as his mouth opened wider to show his elongated canines.  Now she knew she was dead.  She knew the face of the beast that would rip her apart and the panic flew through her even as his teeth broke the skin of her neck.  His arms around her as he leaned her against the wooden desk. The weight of him against her pinning her there as he took from her what he wanted.  She could feel her life slipping as he pulled her closer to him.  The world began to swim and she felt warmth flowing through her.  The heat though, didn’t radiate from inside, but rather from outside.  This monster flowed her life into himself and she could feel it making his skin soften and warm.  He pulled away from her sighing and she cried again seeing the blood on his lips and neck.
                “Shhhhh.” His hands moved over her, this time running inside the collar of her shirt, pushing it over her shoulder.  He brought his lips to hers and kissed her more gently than she expected at first.  His lips were soft and warm, much like you would expect from a lover instead of a monster.  Maryem’s strength returned to her slightly and she began to push away from him again.  His arms were strong and he held her firmly to his chest, muffling her protests with his mouth. 
                He wasted little time as she began to struggle, pushing her back against the desk and thrusting his knee between her legs.  With his one arm he caught her wrist and brought it behind her.  Maryem felt her strength wane and knew it was useless.  He had her pinned and in a moment, both her hands held behind her back.  His lips were on hers and she bit the lower lip hard.  It was softer now and she could hear his moan.  Was her aggression turning him on?  She let his lip go and turned her face away from him, crying again now as his lips found her neck, kissing it passionately.  She could feel the blood flowing through her veins again and shuddered.

                He pressed his leg further in between hers.  Maryem’s body shuddered as he ground his thigh against her panties.  With each struggle she felt herself working against the hard muscle of his leg through the thin fabric and fought against the flooding wetness beginning against her will.  His lips moved from her neck to her chest, crossing from side to side in warm kisses that were moving from tender to hunger.  With his free hand he tore the front of her shirt open and Maryem swore under her breath.  She knew he would kill her, but each look in those eyes softened her resistance.  She grew in need at the feel of his touch, the smell of his musk, and the heat of his breath across her skin.  His fingers slid over her stomach and up to her bra, cupping her breasts firmly.  The moan that escaped her lips was pure ecstasy as she felt soft nipples hardened at his touch.  Those eyes met hers again and she knew she was his as his lips moved to kiss the skin now open to him.  

To Be Continued...

Story by:  MysterMitch Resident
Photos by:  MysterMtch Resident
Items Used:  WS Sexy Desk
Models:  Mystermitch  Resident
Amythe Moonlight

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Hey gang.  I know I just did a product review.. and the next blog will be a Halloween based treat I promise.  But since WS has this great Skeleton Cross that is just perfect for the season I figured I should review it now so you can hurry up and get it for those sexy Halloween parties I know you are dying to throw.

The WS Skeleton Cross is a one of a kind.  One large hand and two smaller hands all connected by a spider's web that you fasten your lover to and taunt and tease them with all your devilish delight.  Nothing screams wicked better than a big bone after all.

The only version I attempted of the Skeleton Cross was the M/f version.  It does come in F/f and F/m versions as well, which is nice.  I find that a preference over trying to cram all the options into menus inside one Cross.

The poses are a bit more limited that many of the WS creations.  Though that isn't surprising since the nature of the Skeleton Cross is more seasonal fun than year round use.  There are a good selection of foreplay choices though, and that is huge plus for anyone that really gets into the teasing and taunting of RP foreplay.  I hate it when creators leave out a good foreplay selection.

The Skeleton Cross is RLV compatible with capture and strip abilities for anyone wandering by with RLV on.  It's the perfect spooky trap to hide away in dark corners or moonlit forests.

I've not seen anything similar to this in my search on MP.  The hand is anatomically correct, well built, and of such unique design it will surely lure people over to take a closer look.  And then you will have the fly in your horny little spider's web. 

So here is the moment you have all been waiting for.  The overall idea and concept of the Skeleton Cross is really amazing.  I enjoy the look of it and the purely dark ans sinister feel of sex on the Cross.  Though the use is limited to dark fantasy RP or Halloween season, if that is what you are looking for you wont find a much better fit than this.  Upon testing I did have some glitches with the poses, though that may have been me and nothing to do with the product.  I did relog though and still had the same issue.  Though the penetration animations were few, I found the longer list of foreplay animations refreshing.  I would definitely (and have) tell my friends to go buy this product for their seasonal use on their sex SIMs.

For the Skeleton Cross I give it:

Thanks again everyone.  Keep those freak flags flying!!

Written by:  MysterMitch Resident
Product Reviewed:  ::WS:: Skeleton Cross