Monday, November 26, 2018


He looked at her, searching her eyes for any sign of what she was thinking.  They had been filled with such sadness when he saw her earlier in the day.  She had tried to hide it when he approached her, but soon enough they returned.  It could have been the holidays, goodness knows the holidays make so many sad.  It could have been the man whose name kept coming up in the conversation.  Or it could have just been loneliness.  No matter what the reason, those eyes had caught him and they drew him to her like a moth to the open flame.

They must have talked an hour or more before he gave her his number.  Another hour after that before he finally left to head home.  She was smiling now, so much of the sadness replaced by amused light.  Maybe some hope.  There was a longing there, something she was seeking and he didn't know what that was until his phone rang that night.  She had asked to come over in a whisper he barely heard.  He didn't know what to expect, but he said yes.  

It was frigid outside, so he thought nothing of her long coat until she dropped it from her shoulders.  She wore nothing but lingerie underneath.  Sheer, seductive, perfect for her body.  He saw the tremble and felt it was less the cold outside than the need that was burning inside her.  She moved to him, kissing him softly at first, but as his arms went around her waist she deepened the kiss.  Her fingers opened is shirt, baring his chest to the chill of the night air.  He didn't care.  The night couldn't cool the heat they were building.  He dared it to try.

Taking her hand, he lead her to the bedroom, laying down and pulling her close, they kissed again.  Their hands roamed and played across exposed flesh.  Her breasts flattened against his chest while his fingers teased along her back and down to cup the round flesh of her ass.

She pushed herself up and looked him in the eyes.  Her fingers traced across his chest as she caught her breath.

"Am I pushing to quickly here?"  The pink of her cheeks deepened as she watched him.  "I have felt so stuck for so long.  Today, in the cafe, I felt something and for the first time in a long while I wanted to go after it.  To be free to have what I wanted."

He brushed the hair from her face and smiled softly.  "There is nothing wrong with going after your happiness.  It's your life to live."

She nodded, slowly, looking away as she thought about what he said.  He knew the trap of letting her think too much.  Rising, he helped her lay on her stomach and he lay beside her.  Tracing his fingers across her skin, he slowly began exploring her body.  The tenderness of his touch was joined by butterfly light kisses along her smooth flesh.  He took his time, paying attention to the way her body moved if he brushed a sensitive spot or a moan from her lips in response to his as they found the hidden buttons of pleasure.

Her moans increases and her back arched, pushing her ass up into his palm.  She arched more when his fingers slide between her legs and found the damp lace that covered her mound.  He traced them lightly, and bent to bite the soft flesh of her cheeks.  It pleased him when she gripped the sheets and pushed herself up into the bite.

Knowing what she wanted now, he pulled her to her knees.  Cupping her covered breast with his strong hands.  He dug them into her flesh, squeezing as she turned to kiss him.  Her hand covered his as he continued to work his fingers across her mound.  He parted them, tracing the lace and pressing against her clit.  She groaned into the kiss, their tongues sliding across the other in a twisted dance of growing need.

"Tell me what you want."  He pushed her down, slapping her ass and rubbing the warm pink flesh.  His other hand holding her down by pressing at the small of her back.

Her cry broke her silence as she gripped the sheets until her knuckles became white.  Through clenched teeth she whispered, "I don't know... I just don't want to think about it anymore."  She released the sheets and  he could feel her relaxing again with a quiver of her body.

His caress moved between her legs again, enjoying the way she moved against his teasing.  Pushing her pantie clad sex up to meet his touch.  

"Please," she softly groaned into the bed, muffling her words, "don't make me think, don't make me wait.  Make me yours."

He pulled her arms behind her back, gripping her wrists as his hand raised up and fell with a hard smack against her bare cheek.  She cried out again and buried her face in the pillow.  The second smack made is hand sting so he rubbed it slowly over the warm, tender, flesh of her ass.  

"Tonight, your only thought will be of me."  He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck as his hand slid between her thighs once more.  "Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."  She looked back at him, eyes dark and weary.  She had come here to escape something, to lose herself to someone.  He would give that to her for one night, but in the early morning light he would make her see her own beauty once again.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Hardwood Bed

Sunday, November 18, 2018


The fire warmed her and cast its dancing orange glow over the room.  A tremble ran across her body, not from the chill of the room, but from the apprehension she felt when she looked at the man sitting in the chair.  Why had she agreed to come here?  Did she even want to be here?  Her stomach churned as she chewed her lip.  Her man encouraged her to come.  It was his fantasy, but was this her fantasy as well?  

He turned his head to look at her, those eyes roaming her body with a desire she knew to well.  She felt her skin warming and wished she could say it was the fire that caused it.

"Are you cold?" He smiled as his eyes met her own.  She shook her head and moved her arms to cover herself.  The teddy was a gift he had given her when she arrived at his door.  Seeing it had almost sent her running for the door, but she tried it on and had to compliment his taste.

"Wont you come over and sit?"  He turned back and she brushed her hands along the thin fabric.  Clenching her fists and swallowing hard for some courage before moving to the front of his chair.  The room was empty, other than this chair, a lamp, and the rug on the floor.  It was a strange set up for a den.  Warm and still clearly made for purely himself.

He moved slightly in his chair and she jumped a bit, settling herself to the rug and looking down to the floor.  Her heart raced in her chest and her mind raced.  She should go.  Now.  This was a mistake.

She opened her mouth to speak but the words caught in her throat as his hand touched her chin and he turned her to look up at him.  A playful light danced in his eyes as he smiled and drifted his fingers along her neck and shoulder.

"So, tell me, why did you come here?  For you, or for him?"  His words were soft, but straight to he point.

"I'm not sure."  She arched her back as his fingers tickled her skin.  They were warm, and surprisingly gentle as they roamed along.  Their path has no purpose or course, just drifted across her body awakening her nerves.

"I believe you.  But that is something you should decide before anything happens."  She relaxed at his words.  Knowing he didn't expect anything, even with her sitting here in the lingerie he bought, made it easier somehow.

"Thank you.  I was worried I'd disappoint you if I said no."  a small smile crossed her lips and he traced it with his fingertip.

"That isn't the man I am."  His fingers brushed down her neck and across her chest and she felt her breath catch.  "You knew that or you wouldn't be here at all."  His hand took her arm and lifted her up to sit on his lap.  His arm around her, keeping her steady and secure.  Always secure.

He was right.  She knew from the moment they met that he wouldn't push her.  They chatted, laughed, and connected and it was nice.  Her thoughts had surprised her when she had imagined him kissing her.  She was a dedicated wife.  The kind of woman who only wanted one man to love and cherish.  Never had she considered anyone but her love, and still she found herself thinking of him and smiling.

"I know.  It surprised me when I told my husband that I had fantasies about you.  Surprised me even more when he wanted me to come here and fulfill them.  He never fucked me like that before."  her eyes softened as she thought of sex with her husband that night.  It was primal, animalistic almost.  His normal tender nature gave in to a lust she had never seen in him.  All from her desire to be with another man. 

"Probably the same fantasies I had for you."  His hand caressed her leg, the rough palm moving along her smooth skin brought a sigh to her lips.  

"Me?  I am nothing special.  Nothing like the women you know."  Her eyes looked into his, trying to see what he saw in her.

"Of course you are special.  Not being able to see it is half your charm."  His hand rested on her hip and pulled her closer.  "Don't try and hide what you are."

"And what is that?"  Her words were a whisper now.  The distance between them was gone, his lips were brushing hers as they spoke.  The heat between her legs grew and moistened betraying the confused part of her brain.

"Alive.  Sexual.  Aroused."  He pressed his lips to hers at last, kissing her and parting them and she responded in turn.  Everything she'd been hiding since they met flooded out of her into that kiss.  Her hand moved into his hair, pulling him in.   She turned into his body, weight shifting on his lap letting her feel his growing enjoyment as it pressed against her ass.  The small space of the chair became to constricted as the explored each other after weeks of flirting and hinted comments.

He lowered her to the floor and moved behind her.  Kissing her still, tongues battling as his body pressed to her.  Her back arched to push her breast into his hand.  His fingers digging into that soft flesh as the nipple hardened against his palm.  They fought to breath between the kiss.  His lips finally relenting and moving to her neck allowing her to moan out loud as his fingers trapped her nipple and teased it through the thin fabric.

"Have you decided yet?"  His free hand gripped her hip and held her back against his swollen bulge.  Each throb of it echoed with the tingling of her clit.   Her hand drifted there as she looked into his eyes.  Her body trembled again, but this time not from apprehension, but need and anticipation.  

"Me.. oh God I am here for me."  She leaned in and kissed him again to muffle the moan as her fingers began to work against the slick fabric of her panties.

They stayed that way, kissing, exploring.  His hand would replace hers, then she would take over again when his hand moved away.  She in tern traced the length of his shaft through his pants, gripping it and stroking it to hear his groans shift to growls of need.  At some point her teddy had been ripped away, a casualty of lust.

As he leaned back, she reached for his belt.  Looking up into his eyes as she freed his aching cock at last.  Her thoughts drifted back to her husband again.  Back to the night he fucked her so hard when she confessed the need for another man.  And as she leaned down now, taking this other man's cock into her mouth, she wondered just how hard he would take her after this.

Story by:  mystermitch
Phots by:  mystermitch
Furniture used:  ::WS:: Master's Armchair
Sold as part of the Master's Livingroom Set