Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wings of an Angel

A wildflower is described as a free spirit, uncultivated by the mainstream, bravely growing wild and free. The beauty of the wildflower is in the eyes of the beholder.  And what a sight it is. It is quite evident when you look at what surrounds it. What sprung from its creativity, its imagination, and its depths……This wildflower goes by another name. This is the story of Angelina:

“I was an avid Sims player before Second Life.... it was not spontaneous enough for me, enter second life..... I adore SL, the friends I have made here over the years and the creative outlet it allows me to explore. I have learnt a lot about D/s though the safety of SL, to a point I could explore in reality armed with knowledge gained here. I own and run a BDSM sim (Creamy’s). The lifestyle is something close to my heart. I encourage others to enjoy a safe sane and consensual play at my sim.”
Angelina tells this reporter, ”It is an Exclusive D/s, BDSM, Roleplay and Education Island.”

“I had no idea, I didn't think I would be here for as long. There have been ups and downs along the way, as my profile reads I have lost and made some friends along the way, those Dear to me are few and very precious.”

“ I love SL photography and building, creating scenes for others to enjoy at Creamy's, that will enhance their Roleplay and SL experience. My latest passion has been creating burlesque shows, I adore the dressing up and the sensuality of it all.”

“I have wanted to provide others entertainment at Creamy's besides life artists and DJ's. I have a good friend (Amethyst Dovgal) who dances in shows, I had been part of a production she did for the fantasy faire one time and loved it. I approached her asking if she would be interested in joining me and it snowballed from there... We have a beautiful troupe of dancers who also create the dances and scenes. Together we provide the diversity of the shows.”

When asked what her ideal day would look like she responded by saying:
“A full English breakfast before a full day of shopping, home for a bath and change into something gorgeous for a night of dancing with my nearest and dearest. “

Angel ended the interview by explaining why she loves WS Creations furniture so much.
 ”I love the style, they are unique to other items I had seen in Second Life. I love the animations, the designs and the texturing. I am a snob when it comes to what I buy... WS Creations is something to be shouted about and shown off! I adore the creations..... Please keep up the good work.”


WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Domination Throne
:::WS:: Interrogation chair
::WS:: Objectification Pedestal
::WS:: Beach Lounge

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By Deavne Resident

Photography by Pacesoftly Resident

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good, good, good, good Vibrations

It was not only a pleasure but also a privilege to sit with our next interviewee. She is an outgoing, vivacious Domme who has become a successful Femdom group and landowner. “Strict Venus Femdom SSC, a group opened since exactly 5 years this month!” she tells me with such enthusiasm that you just want to start doing a happy dance with her. Her name is Kika and this is her story:

When asked how she heard about WS Creation her response was as follows:

“Being a Femdom owner makes me get in touch daily with like-minded people. WS Creations is so very often the favorite brand of many of the ladies of our land that I knew the furniture by Dommes referral since a long time. The high quality and the class of the BDSM furniture are well known in the Femdom SL scene, and I can confirm that myself - after a deep testing on our submissives.                 * Evil grin.“

“I fell in love with the unique style of the WS Creations Sexy Furniture: they are specifically made for Femdom as well, so they are just perfect for the purpose. Their style with the low prim design, the cure in the textures, and the quality animations - and there are so many! - Just suits my needs to perfection.“

“ I was very curious to experience the WS Creations furniture. In the beginning I was looking for new Femdom chairs and devices for the land, so I tested to start the WS Dominatrix Chair: simply fantastic! Either the solo, either the couple poses are so many to choose from: there is one for any occasion! But there was much much more... The WS Bucket n Rag for example!  I remember when first testing it on a submissive here on the land: I clicked the bucket to Capture him in RLV for a few minutes at first, forcing him to clean and wipe the floor... "There are still stains on the floor, bad bad sub!" - he was clearly not cleaning properly the pavement! So I jumped on his back, starting to bounce on him until he begged for mercy with his face still on the dirty floor. "Please, Miss, I beg you!" he was whining. "I will scrub the floor until no stain will be left!" I added more time on the timer and the poor boy had to keep scrubbing for 30 minutes more... * grins.”

“Rating an item of WS Creations can only mean: 5 stars, not less! The quality and attention in building their furnitures, the attention to details, the chance to customize textures easily via menu make their creations a five stars rating!”

Curiosity, brought this reporter to the next question, which was what brought her to SL?

“Like I said I am the owner of a Femdom land: Strict Venus Femdom SSC, a group opened since exactly 5 years this month! We have been moving the land several times since then but most people is still coming to visit since a long time! I joined SL almost 10 year ago, upon referral of a RL friend, who talked to me about it. I was curious and joined on my own, roaming around during the first months, not being a regular on-line. After some time my RL friend introduced me to a Domme friend of him online who got me in the magical shiny world of online Femdom! I was BDSM curious already in RL - but keeping it private, and not yet in a comfy role other than my natural Fetishist nature. SL was at that time the amusement park for BDSM people. There were many playgrounds and meeting areas, and a few big Femdom lands. I found my home in one of them, where I started exploring my Domme side and becoming comfortable in expressing the nature that was in me since my first years of life: leading people.  The natural evolution was holding an own place; I did twice. The first club was a Francophone mixed BDSM land, in partnership with my best SL friend in those years: Taxandria. The adventure lasted a few years, then we decided both to move on in SL, and I started my own Strict Venus, where I spend most of my day on-line”

Kika continued on to say….,” Addiction. That's the first word that comes to my mind! * Laughs! I was very skeptical in the beginning about SL: I was not fully understanding its potential, until - as most of us did experience themselves - I have been taking by my hand by friends and shown the marvels and wonders of this virtual reality, that I take now as an extension of my RL potential, and expression of my creativity in a 3D environment.”

What would an ideal day look like?

“Yawns and stretches in the bed. Opens her eyes and looks at her side. he ran to be kneeling there on a rug as he heard her movements in the bed, ready to serve in a pretty little apron - and nothing else. "Good morning, my Mistress and love!" he smiles, happy to see her awake. "Your caffelatte is about to be ready in a minute, upon your command, just the way you like it! The sun is shining today and being Saturday morning you'll have the whole day at your disposal. And me as well, as per usual, and as it should be, my Mistress!" he laughs with her sleepy smile, happy to have a whole weekend ahead. She moves on the side of the bed, ruffling his hair and softly kissing his lips: "A whole weekend ahead... Is this the prelude of some naughties?" grins and looks in his eyes. "Whatever you'll decide it to be, my Mistress, I am ready!". Her eyes shine and she gets fully awake at the thought: "Shopping!!" she laughs, and stands next to him, to receive his devoted sub-hug. "But first, as we said: coffee! Hurry up in the kitchen, and serve me breakfast!". he does not need one more second to scoot and start her computer on the way to the kitchen.  As she sits lazily to read news and email, the lovely boy would reach up from his knees to offer breakfast with a big smile, and stay there on his cushion on the floor, getting an occasional ruffle on his hair while she plans the day ahead.”

Her wit and imagination became more apparent as the interview went on.

“ I have got ideas. That's my best skill! Of course even better is to try and put them into practice, when possible. A sub or two can help, often... * grins. I enjoy my creative side, and I like the medium SL to express things that often I can't in RL. An example? Moving furniture with no effort! I like decorating places and people, and that's a thing I really enjoy on SL.  I like to take care of the look of the land or our submissives. Speaking of which, "sissy boy: come here for the inspection!" she calls, with a grin on her face. "Let's take a good look at you.. No no no. This is totally wrong for the day. You'll need a new maid uniform for the service today! Let's see what we can get for you... Pink latex would be just... Perfect!" she says, browsing the stores for a good and skimpy uniform. "Try this one on, and add these latex matching stockings and boots. A good sissy must look pretty!" she says with a smile down at the boy, adjusting the pink bow on his hair. As soon as he is ready, she asks him to turn around and show her the creation, with a little walk and a curtsy.  She smiles satisfied and snaps her fingers to request her well deserved glass of champagne: "Now we're talking, pretty thing. You are ready to serve!"

Can you tell the readers how Strict Venus came about?

“How it came about, what sort of place it is...ect:  Strict Venus Femdom SSC was born five years ago, and had its inauguration party on the 19th of June of 2011. The theme of the land - other than Femdom of course - and its flavor was inspired by the Roman Goddess Venus who represented Love and Beauty. The "Strict" part was meant to give her a D/s streak towards Femdom. Beauty is what always inspired all the buildings on the various sim where the Femdom has been wandering through the years, with different styles. The land is not an high-traffic one but we always preferred quality over quantity: for me SL is not a business but a pleasure and an extension for my creativity and the purpose has always been to create a nice environment in the spirit of Mutual Respect above all and SSC. The full spirit of the place can be guessed immediately from the land rules."

“Harmony between all Ladies and subs with no space for abusing - unless it's consensual, of course! - Are the main traits of this welcoming land, where beginners can have an easy start, and experienced people can relax in a comfortable environment.  Come visit on the new location in Amara."

WS Furniture Used :

::WS:: Domination Throne
:::WS:: Mistress Chair
::WS:: Bucket n Rag rag
::WS:: Beach Lounge
::WS:: Objectification Pedestal

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.


By Deavne Resident

Photography by Christee Lutrova

Monday, July 4, 2016

Making Fireworks

It is a beautiful day, it really is. The 4th of July couldn't have been better. The sun was out all day, and it's still warm even though the sun is close to setting now. I wrap my arm around Kim's shoulders, and she smiles contently. I know she normally doesn't like events with a lot of people, but the bands playing in the park just a few blocks down were too good to skip. She looks ravishing, too, in her little blue dress and heels, even when she's making funny faces while she playbacks the last song of the set.
"Let's go and find a place for the fireworks," I suggest as the song ends, and she nods.
"Yes, it'll be dark soon, won't it?"
"Oh, I'm sure it will."
As we walk towards the boulevard, on the old side of town, I take her hand and pull her close to me. I don't think I've ever enjoyed couples stuff, but Kim is different. Wild. Fun.
The people standing at the water's edge are all looking up, hypnotized, as the first fireworks start to explode. Suddenly, I feel Kim pulling on my hand, pulling me back, away from the crowd.
"Come, Jake," she whispers with the naughtiest grin, "Let's make some fireworks, ourselves."

We walk towards the little streets, and she pulls me into a side street. Even the bricks feel warm as she presses me against the wall, just out of the light of a street lamp. There's a condom vendor on the wall, and Kim giggles - it is every sort of wrong, and that makes it all the better to be standing here, in an alley with a big crowd of people just around the corner.
"A day out with you is an adventure," I grin as she leans up against me, kissing me as the sky turns blue with fireworks.
My hands rest on the small of her back, holding her tightly. She knows what she's doing, she always knows, as her tiny little dress rides up ever so slightly. It is no wonder I stuck around, no wonder I never want to let her go.

She moves her hips against me and I feel my cock swelling. I need her, the little tease. Wondering if she'll allow it, I grab her hips and turn us round, pushing her up against the wall. She groans softly and wraps her arms around my neck, kicking one of her heels up to rest against the wall. I lean down to kiss her deeply, greedily, and she melts against me, warm and soft. Grinning, I push my knee between her thighs, and finally, I have pressed too far.

"Down, Jakey," she says lazily, her forearms pressing down on my shoulders. I get on my knees, fingertips trailing along her legs, from thigh to knee to shapely calve as I go. I feel her hands in my hair and look up at her.
"Be a good boy, and I may let you cum," I catch her saying through the noise of the cheering and the fireworks, right before her fingers tighten in my hair and pull my head towards her. I kiss the inside of her thigh, pulling her panties to the side as she rests a leg on my shoulder. She is warm, and wet, and I feel her muscles flexing against my shoulder, urging me on.
"Yesssss," she hisses the moment I kiss her lips, and I slowly continue my exploring. With long, slow licks, I drive her mad. With every press of my flat tongue against her clit, I feel her thighs quivering. One hand leaves my hair and I see her balling it into a tight fist. I know her, I know her responses, I know her better than I know my own body, and I know this means she is close. For a moment, red light from above floods us, and I see her red, parted lips, eyes closed and face strained. So I carefully part her lips and push two fingers inside her, my lips and tongue on her clit, and hope the fireworks will cover her cries.

She is still shivering against me, her breathing strained and irregular, when her hand in my hair starts pulling me up. I look at her, her heated face, her dark eyes, and see her lips moving soundlessly, forming the words I have been dying to hear. "Fuck me."
I gently move her leg away from my shoulder and stand up, placing it around my waist. I fumble with my zipper, my fingers slippery with her juices, and finally manage to get myself free. With one hand, Kim pulls me close to her, and I pin her against the wall with my body, guiding myself into her.
It is divine, there is no feeling like it, and I thrust into her, forgetting that I am only doing this now because she allows it. It is too powerful to fight, and I hold her hips tightly, feeling her dress hitch up more and more as I push her up the wall with each thrust. Her moans tell me it's OK, that she's enjoying it as much as I am. I need her, she's been teasing me for weeks, denying me this, and I greedily take her. She presses her heel against me, pulling me in deeper, and faster.
"Go on Jake," she breathes, and it is all I need. I crash into her, once, twice, three times, and stars explode like the fireworks above.

I lean heavily against her, breathing hard as she caresses my face, my arms. She rests her head on my shoulder and we stand there quietly, both trying to catch our breath, both simply being. Kim and me, just us. 
"My Jake," she whispers in my ear, and I grunt. "You did so well... That was amazing..."
I can't help but smile, and pull her close to me. "Let's go home, Kim. We can see the rest of the show from there."
She slowly entangles herself from me, and I hear her heel ticking on the floor. Her hand slips under the hem of her dress, adjusting her panties, smoothing the fabric over her hips, as I wiggle everything back into place, zipping up. I am glad home is not a long walk.
I lean down to wrap my arms around her, and she sighs contently.
"You are right, Jake. Let's go home. It's time to put your chastity device back on."
I groan, already knowing the feel of the little cage around my cock all too well. But that is us, too, after all.

WS Furniture used:
::WS:: Condom vendor

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WS Creations...We want to fulfill your fantasy.


Styling, photography and erotica: Voice Restless
Models: AnneMarie Somersley & ForeignThoughts Resident