Sunday, September 30, 2018


Bella dragged her nails across the smooth flesh of Ashlynn's plump round cheeks.  A small smile crept to the corners of her lips as Ashlynn sucked in her breath and pressed her head against the cross.  The chains rattled as Ashlynn pulled against the cuffs secured tight around her wrists.  

"Ohhh fuck.  More please, Miss."  Ashlynn whispered.  The flesh of her ass rippled when Bella's hand slapped hard against Ashlynn's wiggling bum.  

"I didn't hear that girl."  Bella's voice was firm as she raked those nails across Ashlynn's ass again.  This time leaving red trails in their wake.  Ashlynn groaned and shifted again, tilting her head back on Bella's shoulder and looking over into the red head's piercing eyes.

"Please Miss, I need more."  Ashlynn's eyes were clouded with lust.  Bella knew that look well.  She crossed to the cabinet and pulled out the large wooden paddle.  The grip was covered for her comfort, but the flat head held no such protection.  

"You are a needy one.  Beg me for it."  Bella ran her tongue across the top of the head before dragging the smooth surface across Ashlynn's flesh.

"Please.  Please make it hurt, Miss.  Please make me your slut."  Ashlynn pressed her ass back against the paddle as if the mere motion of it would for it into action.

With her fingers moving into Ashlynn's hair, Bella pulled her arm back, raising the paddle up high.  She jerked the girl's hair to arch her back before bringing the paddle down in a wide arc.  The crack of it across those waiting cheeks filled the room followed with the yelp of pain from Ashlynn's throat.  Her body jerked and pushed her covered nipples against the rough wood of the cross.  "Ahhhh fuck Miss.."  

The redness was already spreading across the cheek before she pulled back and delivered the second hit on the opposite side.  Ashlynn groaned out loud and worked herself against the cross.  Pulling the chains to lift her body, preparing for the next hit if it came.

Bella set the paddle aside and ran her delicate fingers along the swollen red flesh.  The warmth crossed to her palm as it massaged the sore skin.  Soothing the girl, Bella leaned in close and sucked at Ashlynn's neck.  Her teeth raked the flesh and her tongue teased the length of the vein as the pulse raced.

Bella's fingers dipped lower, teasing between Ashlynn's thighs from behind.  The soft fingertips tracing along the lips through the girl's wet silk panties.  Ashlynn's moans became soft little pants as her body shifted to push herself against the invading digits.

"That is so good, Miss."  The words were hardly a whisper but her body spoke volumes as it trembled.  Ashlynn's legs went weak, thankful for the cuffs around her wrists.  All she knew was the feeling of Bella's fingertips moving through each wave of pleasure.  The more those fingers moved, the faster the waves flowed up her back.  Goosebumps rose across Ashlynn's skin and her breath quickened as those waves broke and flooded out and onto Bella's magical fingers.

Bella pressed her weight against the girl, holding her as she shuddered.  Reaching up to release the cuffs, lowering Ashlynn down to the floor.  Standing, Bella watched the girl pant and rest her head on the floor.  Taking her toe and pushing Ashlynn's head up to look into her eyes.

"Do you think you are done, girl?"  Bella's arms stayed crossed as she waited the response.

"No, Miss."  Ashlynn shook her head weakly as the last of her spasms calmed.

Ashlynn rose to her knees, trying to calm her pulse.   Bella circled the girl as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, holding it and releasing slowly.  Her body jumped again when the toe of Bella's pointed toe pushed up between Ashlynn's swollen cheeks.

Bella slipped down to the floor, wrapping her arms around Ashlynn's chest and nuzzling her nose into the girl's hair.  Her hand moving along the soft skin, her lips teasing your along Ashlynn's neck.  The heat of Ashlynn's body against hers making Bella feel alive, but she needed more than that heat.  

Story by: mystermitch
Photos by: mystermitch
Furniture used: ::WS:: Bondage Cross

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Luther sat at the pool, sipping his drink and waiting for her to come out of the dressing room.  He had waited for this all week.  He looked around the decorated pool room as his fingers traced across the fine fabric of the bench.  It had cost a small fortune to join this club, but he was glad he did.  The service was excellent, the room was rarely crowded, and it always impressed his girl.

He took another sip of his drink as she appeared from the dressing room.  Her skin covered in intricate tattoos that Luther knew he would spend hours tracing with his lips and tongue. The curves she usually hid under her work clothes stood out now.  Her bikini was a pale yellow that contrasted the tan of her skin perfectly.  Everything brought his attention to her flesh, her curves, her ink, her thin clothing.  She crossed the distance and sat next to him without a word.  Her posture as perfect as those eyes of ocean blue.

"Are you cold?"  His hand moved over to hers.  Covering it and wrapping his fingers between her own.

"A little."  She smiled and arched her back, pushing the hard buttons of her nipples against the thin material of her bikini.  "But I don't plan to be for long."

She leaned to him, her breasts swaying as she kissed his shoulder, then his color bone.  Her lips moved across his skin so very gently until they reached his neck.  Sucking at his throat, the teasing of her tongue along his neck, making his heart race and his need grown in the pit of his stomach.  Rolling to lay down on the bench.  Her eyes staring up at his when she lays her head on his thigh.

"I think I can help you with that."  Luther traced his fingers along her stomach, then down her side.  Looping around her hip then across to the other, making a light trail to awaken her nerves.  Moving back up again, he stopped just below her breast.  Looking in those eyes showed him the lust churning inside her gut.  His fingers gripped her breast, digging in through her top as his began to swell.  Her soft moan encouraged him to continue.  Tugging her hardened tip between his thumb and forefinger, Luther stretched her nipple, gripping tight through the thin fabric of her bikini top.

Pulling her up to her feet, Luther wrapped her in his arms and leaned in to bite her neck.  Sucking at her flesh with a dull groan that was muffled by the smooth skin of her body.  His hand gripped her breast again, digging his fingers in and holding her to his chest while grinding his aching cock against her soft round cheeks.  He smiled to himself as she pushed back against that bulge.  Luther groaned and thrust against her ass.  His fingers moving down her stomach, pushing her back, holding her there as his hips roll to work that raging need between her cheeks.  

Turning her to him at last, gripping her hair and kissing her with the hunger fueled passion that she had inspired.  Luther moved his fingers down her back as his tongue invaded her lips.  They groaned together as their tongues played and slid in torrid movements.  Taking his time to play with the string of her bikini, Luther slowly tugged until it released, feeling the thin material fall away.  Her fingers moved into his hair, tangled there as she lifted herself into the kiss.  Lifting her leg around his, pulling them together as her soft mound tingled from the exposure.  

Luther grabbed her ass, digging his fingertips into her cheeks as he lifted her up and set down on the bench again.  His aching bulge now pressing directly against her moistening sex.  She planted her feet on either side of him and reached back to grip his thighs for support.  Rolling her hips to work her lips against his bulge, the contrast of her soft exposed sex and his rigid covered shaft making it all the hotter for her.  They matched each other, grind for grind.  Moans echoing through the room.  Her nectar saturating his shorts from the tip of his bulge to his balls.

"Ohhhh... God yes Sir.. fuck... I need to cum.."

That was all he needed.   Pushing her off his lap and gripping her thighs with his fingers.  He could smell that sweet scent of her juices as he spread her legs and licked where it had spread along her thighs.  The moan that escaped her lips filled the room as she fell onto her back and gripped his hair with her fingers.  Her nails dug into his scalp at the first touch of his tongue along those swollen lips.

Her eyes shot open at the sound of the whistle.  The coach ushered in the swim team from the Ivy college across the street.   She tried to move but Luther held her there.. sucking hard at her clit forcing her over that edge; smiling as her eyes rolled back and she screamed out loud.  The room when silent except for the sounds of her thrashing and moaning out until her body relaxed.

The men roared in their approval and Luther sat up enjoying the blush on his girl's cheeks.  Reaching and ripping her top away with a smile.  "You are far from done."

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Summer Bench

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Sylvie pulled the man closer, raking her nails along the back of his neck as they danced in the luxury of the suite. It was her time away from it all, and he was all she was going to focus on. The stress of the week faded away when his arms held her tight. His eyes never leaving hers, even though she dressed to catch his attention. The outfit was sheer in all the right places, making her feel bold and sexy enough to approach the handsome stranger and bring him up to her room.

 Now here in her opulent room, they danced. Moving together to soft music, lights dimmed in more romance than she was ready for. She hadn't wanted romance. She hadn't dressed in a ball gown. Sylvie stepped closer, letting her thigh brush against his. Through those pants she could feel what she wanted and that made her press that much closer.

The warmth of his body against hers finally took control and she pressed herself against his chest. Flattening her breasts against his firm frame while her fingers ran into his hair, pulling him down into a hungry kiss. His arms wrapped around her, melding their bodies together while their tongues continued the dance.

“God enough already,” She gasped while dragging him by the jacket to the bed.

Sylvie pushed him down, climbing onto the bed and resting beside him. Her fingers playing along the buttons of his suit, down his stomach and back up again. The mischief danced in her eyes as she watched his breathing catch in his chest in response to her tease.

“It isn't often I get the company of such a well dressed man.” Sylvie pulled at his tie and leaned in to nip his lip.

“Maybe you aren't around real men?” he tried to kiss her, but Sylvie pushed him down, her nails raking the smooth, shaven face.

“And you are the real man?” She pulled him by the tie and pushed him over onto his hands and knees. His taught buttocks flexed as she ran her nails over them through his slacks. Sylvie enjoyed the feel of quality in his clothing. She moved her hands down his thighs then up, her delicate fingers slipping across his bulge at last. His groan filled the room as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, biting her lip at the size of it. Stroking that stiff member through his clothes while her other hand squeezed his ass.

“Well, maybe you are a real man.” Sylvie pushed him onto his back again, straddling his waist.

“Real enough fo....” He tried to speak but Sylvie silenced him with a kiss. Her tongue invading his mouth as her hips rolled. The thin fabric of his pants dragged across her soft mound as she moved. The friction between them edging both into an inferno of need. He worked his body beneath her, adding to the grind. Their moans mingled in the kiss, words no longer needed.

Sylvie rose, looking down at him as she slid back enough to begin fumbling with his belt. She could feel him beneath her, feel the throb of his pulse in his cock as she worked his button open. Who needed dim lights and candles? She gripped his rigid shaft and pulled it out at last. This is all she wanted from him tonight.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used:  ::WS::  Hardwood Bed

Friday, September 7, 2018


Ember waited in the dark, tired from working the night shift and frustrated with the extra work from being short handed. The cool night air helped cool his blood, but it didn't settle fire that burned deep within his gut. He leaned against the crates that were the last of the shipment and stared off into the shadows of the vacant streets. This piss ass poor town was dragging him down, leaving him nothing but rage.

 The footsteps caught his attention before she came into the light. A hot little blonde all dressed for a night at the clubs. She must be lost, or drunk. He could see the light shine off the sweat of her body. Probably been dancing her pretty little ass off to some ear splitting crap music over in the harbor district. He scoffed and shook his head. She should know better than to be out this late in this neighborhood.

“Hey you. You should turn around and head back to the club quick. Shit ain't safe out here, ya know?” Ember's voice was rough, even if he did have her best intentions at heart.

“Please Sir,” Her voice was soft, not timid, but soft. “Safety isn't what I need tonight.”

His eyes roamed her body, couldn't really blame him with the outfit she wore. It was made for making men look at her. Hell, men and women probably. She leaned against the crates close to him and reached to drag her fingers across his stomach. His abs flexed at her touch and he swore a little under his breath. Taking her arm in his hand, he pulled her closer, looking into her eyes for any fear or doubt. Those eyes only held need, longing, and lust.

The crates shifted a little when he pushed her back against them, his hand dropping to her hips to hold her steady when their bodies collided. Their lips met in a kiss of exchanged need. His of an outlet to his rage and frustration, hers of things he could only imagine. The blood flowed to his cock, it's shaft becoming stiff and uncomfortable in his jeans. Ember pulled her against his rigid body, noting the soft press of her breasts to his chest when his weight pinned her against the crates.

“Where did you come from?” His hand moved to her breast, cupping it raking his thumb across her covered nipple. It hardened under his touch and he felt her body tremble against him.

“Does it matter? I don't want to think, just make me a slut, your slut, Sir.” her legs parted around Ember's thigh, grinding that soft mound against his jean covered thigh.

“Fuck yes I will you slut.” He pulled her ass back against his throbbing bulge as he sucked at the pulse in her neck. Her breast heaved and pushed against his hand as she moaned. The hard nipple trapped between his fingers, getting pinched and tugged as he abused that soft orb in his strong grip. Ember's other hand moved between her legs, finding no panties when his fingers pressed against her swollen lips.

“You are wet already.” His fingers explored her folds, getting slick in nectar that ran out of her and leaked along her smooth thighs.

“Yes Sir. Your slut is needy tonight.” Her voice sounded hoarse now as she tried to speak between gasps as his fingers penetrated her core. She worked her hips in time with his thrusts to push them further. Ember let out a loud groan as his cock throbbed in it's denim prison. The more he ached the more Ember would thrust into her slick walls. Finally her legs trembled and she began to sink to the ground.

Ember turned her and gripped her wrists in his hand. This way she could grab onto the crates for some support. The control was still his. He slapped her ass hard, seeing it turn faintly pink before rubbing the warm skin with his rough hands. Doing it again, harder than before. Her yelps of pain that turned into a guttural growl of desire from her lips. Ember slid those fingers back across her ass and down between her legs from behind.

“You are a fucking angel.” Ember whispered into the girl's ear as his fingers slid in and out of those tight walls. Her nectar coating his hand as she rocked against the crates trying to push more of them into her needy pussy.

“I don't want to be an angel tonight. Make me yours.”

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture Used: ::WS:: Sex Crates