Sunday, June 30, 2019


She glanced around the room, face a mask of boredom and disgust.  Her eyes occasionally landed on him, his body beginning to struggle to keep the pose.  It was pathetic how he tried so hard for something she never planned to give.  She looked away again, mind thinking of a thousand things she could do to get rid of him, but deep down she knew he would always come back to her.  An exasperated sigh escaped her lips as she looked at him.

"Why do you do this to yourself?"  Her lip curled in a smirk.

"I do it for you, and I do it because I deserve nothing less."  His eyes focused only on her boots.  He hadn't once looked her in the eyes since he arrived.

Tired of this pose, she snapped her fingers and he relaxed.  His arms dropped to his side, exhausted.  His muscles rippled with the release of the tension and for a moment he almost looked appealing.  Well almost.  She traced her fingers along his chest, then up his neck to his chin, tilting his eyes up to meet hers at last.

"And what if I don't want any of it?"  She slapped his face, then raked her nails along his cheek.

He winced but kept his eyes on hers. "Then I will keep giving until you release me or I please you."

"God how pathetic."  Her eyes roamed his body.  It wasn't that he had a bad body, it was that he had a bad everything else.

She took a firm grip of his hair and pulled him down, laying him on the floor before sitting back and resting against the back of the chair.  In the flickering light of the torches she could make out the sheen on his abs.  His body had improved since they met.  Countless hours wasted int he gym trying to make himself pleasing for her.  

She dragged her boot along his skin, the stiletto heal leaving a red line along those washboard abs.  She stopped with the toe of her boot pressed firmly against his raging bulge.  The size was no surprise to her, she's seen it countless times.  He showed it to her or anyone else she wanted him to show it too.  It was obvious what he wanted, which made it so much easier to deny him whenever she wanted.

He groaned as she pressed harder.  The swell of his cock under her boot was so very easy to see now.  Someday she would have to do this in front of an audience.  She was sure his cock would explode if they watched the way she treated him.  The lack of desire being a constant reminder of how unwanted he really is.

He shuddered hard again, she could feel the pulsing of his cock beneath her boot.  She smiled a knowing smile down to him.  His face blushed and his heart raced in his chest as he looked up at the ravishing beauty.  "Please.. please Miss...  I need to please you.. "

The silence was broken by the click of her heel as she rested her feet onto the tiled floor.

"You honestly think you can please me?"  Her eyes showed doubt and her lips curled to a smirk as she rested herself down into the chair.  She watched as he moved to his knees, taking his hands and moving them to caress her leg.  His eyes fixed on her breasts as he leaned forward, kissing the leather of her boot while her toes worked against his covered balls.

"No Miss."  his pelvis rocked forward, working his aching bulge

Friday, June 28, 2019


Hey hey gang.  Yep, it's time for another WS review.  This time I wanted to let you know about a piece I really enjoyed using in my last blog.  The ::WS:: Double Dire Posts.  I didn't know what to expect when I started the shoot, but wow... I gotta say I really love this item.

Let's start with the RP aspect of this item.  WS has given you lots of choices in the menu options, from M/f, F/f, and F/m choices so it is open for a wide audience to use.  The menu is well broken down and the options go from soft and caring to humiliation and torture.  If you can't find something that fits your needs her I would be really shocked.  It is perfect for both Fendom and Maledom.  And the customization of textures will make sure it fits into any home environment.  I didn't try it out, but was told that you can even add a crest or family symbol to make it blend right into any home.

As I said, the menu is really simple to navigate and the animations are smooth and well thought out.  RLV support is enabled for Capture, time locks, and clothing removal, as well as other options.  You should really check it out.  Like most of WS furniture, the Double Dire Posts are Xcite, Sensations, and Aeros compatible and of course work perfectly with the Not Mine Cum system which we all love.  It also supports Vajayjay.. but I am not as familiar with the Vajayjay system.  I mean I love vajayjay.. just.. you know what I mean...

The ::WS:: Double Dire Posts also come with an assortment of props as well as adjustable cuffs.  All in all, I must say that this has been the most fun I've had doing a shoot in a long while, and this item has found a happy home in my dungeon for a long time to cum.

I give this item a whopping 5 cocks up.

See you next time gang, and remember to keep those freak flags flying high.

Review by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch resident
Furniture used: ::WS:: Double Dire Post

Saturday, June 22, 2019


My how the tables had turned. He had admired her fire and passion when they met, the fight he saw in her spirit. It burned bright in every aspect of her, through and through. Now here she was, chained at his feet, barely a shadow of the woman she was. Life had broken that spirit until all she had left was the pain. Pain he was going to help her embrace as something new.

“Are you ready to submit?” He gripped her hair and puller her head up until her eyes met his. There were no tears there, no sign of fear, but no fire or fight either.

“I don't submit to anyone.” Her words were defiant, but her eyes were lost.

“We will see.” He dropped her head and moved behind her, slapping her ass with his hand, feeling the sting on his palm. She bit back the cry. The second strike landed in the same spot, the flesh turning red and warm beneath his palm, though this time she didn't make a sound at all. He admired her determination, it would make it more fun for them both.

“There isn't fight in you, but there isn't hope either. Resignation to your fate is the reason you are here and taking this.” His belt loosened from his pants, the sound of it clearing the loops the only warning she would receive of what was next to come. “Why give up when you could have it all?”

“I don't see anything but hurt and pain.” Her head hung lower and he knew it was her heart that ached more than her flesh.

Doubling the leather in his hand, he bent and let it brush softly along her back and sides. Her body jumped when he passed over her sensitive skin, the nerves awakening to the sensations of the light caress. He watched as the goosebumps rippled across her flesh in response to his teasing. His fingers moved to her hair, pulling sharply to arch her back while the belt crossed slowly across her round, supple ass. “There are many kinds of pain.”

The first crack of the belt across her ass brought a loud shriek to her lips, it echoed through the room then died in the shadows. He took a moment to savor the sight of here there, body fighting to relax and tensing for the next blow at the same time. The next strikes hit her back, thighs, and ass with the same satisfying crack. She cried out now, finally giving the first signs of anything other than despair. Her flesh shown bright red where the belt had hit. Tomorrow those spots would be various shades of black or purple.

“You feeling something now?” His hand grabbed her throat and turned her to look at him. Those dark eyes starting to shine with a flicker that made him smile.

“Fuck you.” She groaned, but he could swear he saw a small smile on her lips.

“Well what a foul mouth.” He pulled her wrists from the chains and connected her cuffs behind her back, pushing her down onto the floor. His hand rose high and came down hard across her covered breasts. Her breath caught in her throat, but with the second strike it released in a low groan. “You are a filthy slut.”

“Fuck you, you don't know me.” her words were growing bolder, but she wasn't looking at him when she spoke. A clear sign she wasn't able to argue with him.

Gripping her ankle and securing it to post by the thick metal cuff. He chain shook and clanked as she halfheartedly protested her situation. She pushed against him as he grabbed her other ankle, but not a full fight of a captured woman. Her protests were more for show than freedom. The final shackle clanked tight around her leg, securing her into his desire. Her eyes locked on him now, watching him as his hands roamed her body. Fingers slipping down her thighs, pushing hard against her panties and smirking. “Wet, slut.”

“Bullshit..” Her teeth bared as she grinned and struggled against the bindings. “You couldn't get me wet.”

He stood and picked up the bucket from the corner. Swishing the cool water around as he circled around her. “Is that so?” He stopped over her, tipping the bucket and pouring part of the contents into her face. The water flowed into her mouth, choking her as she fought to breath in sputtering gasps. Tipping the bucket back, giving her a moment to catch her breath before tipping it again, catching her off guard so she swallowed down too much water and began to cough hard. Tossing the bucket away and pushing the hair from her face as she coughed and cried, trying to calm her fear.

Moving around her, watching her breast rise and fall as she struggled to catch her breath again. Her body trembled softly as she laid before him. The spread of her legs relaxed now, no longer struggling against the bindings. He moved between them and pressed the toe of his foot softly against the barely covered mound of her forbidden treasure. She jumped, head tossed back, releasing an undeniable moan from her quivering lips.

“Fuck.. no... no...” Her head tossed side to side as he pressed more firmly now, his sole grinding down against her covered sex. Grinding his weight against her clit through the thin silk, he knew the fire in her was flaming hot again.

“You feeling now?” He shifted his foot side to side, keeping the pressure constant.

“Yesssss.. yes. I feel it.. God....” Her wet hair matted her face, her eyes closed hard in anguish and need. He couldn't imagine her more beautiful.

“What do you feel?”

“Everything... I feel everything...” She looked at him at last, resolve and desire burning in her eyes.

“Then come here, cause I have everything to give you.” He released her, pulling her to her knees and offering her the reward of need and desire that would keep her passion burning for the rest of the night.

Story by: mystermitch resident
Photos by: mystermitch residnet
Furniture used: ::WS:: Double Dire Posts