Tuesday, December 31, 2019


With the end of the year here again, I take a moment to look a back on the year and wonder where has the time gone.  It's been a packed year, full of hard times and wildly good ones.  Though many things fell apart and friends were lost, many new ones took their place and life has moved on.  

Life always does though, doesn't it?  It's a mixed bag of shit and roses, but the one constant is that life will move on.  It's not always an easy thing to get through.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that life is just fun, or that SL is just for fun.  It is so much more than a simple game.  It's mixed lives, mixed souls.  What could be easy or simple in a place where you are purely feelings and thoughts.

It's living in SL and realizing that all we have to give is a part of our true selves that scares so many into acting like complete ass holes.  How much easier is it to shove that false front in everyone's faces?  It's so much easier than letting yourself shine through, taking the chance of being open and risking pain and hurt.  But ... with risk comes reward as well.

I've loved and I've lost.  Sometimes feeling a lot more loss than love, but when you stay open and keep yourself true.. great things can happen.  Love will find you, it always does.  So in the new year, make it a promise to yourself and others to live open.  Don't hide behind fear, don't run from good and never feel ashamed for wanting something that seems out of your reach.

I will never run again.  

I will believe in myself.

I will go for what I want.

And I will always be there for you.  My Friends, My Love, and My Self.

Happy New Year.

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